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kofduke's Avatar kofduke 04:10 PM 03-23-2006
Just updating that I need picks from Judybean, Mkoontz, and Michelle. Meg, you've been picked, so you'll get a match!

amis2girls's Avatar amis2girls 06:48 PM 03-23-2006
Don't know if this will get seen, but after looking at everyone's list you can add kid's music CDs (not religious) to mine as well.
judybean's Avatar judybean 07:08 PM 03-23-2006
doh... i just sent in my pics (sorry about that... got caught up organizing the homemade diaper swap : )
Spark's Avatar Spark 05:26 PM 03-24-2006

i'm getting excited!
allnaturalmama's Avatar allnaturalmama 07:10 PM 03-24-2006
Me too! Me too! I've been hovering around this thread all day.
kofduke's Avatar kofduke 07:39 PM 03-24-2006
I'm still waiting for picks from mkoontz & michelle...I wouldn't get too excited about matches 'till Monday!
IncaMama's Avatar IncaMama 01:23 AM 03-25-2006
i'm sorry. maybe i should back out. i'm not doing very well right now. sometimes it's hard for me to breathe...i miss wellington so much it's making me ill. the house feels empty and cold.
kofduke's Avatar kofduke 09:56 AM 03-25-2006
Originally Posted by michelemiller
i'm sorry. maybe i should back out. i'm not doing very well right now. sometimes it's hard for me to breathe...i miss wellington so much it's making me ill. the house feels empty and cold.
Oh, mama, I'm so sorry it's been so rough...I'm not trying to make you feel bad, just updating.....honestly take your time I won't get to it until Monday....I'll give you a call Mon. too....
spiralmg's Avatar spiralmg 08:46 PM 03-25-2006
for Michelle. It's hard to lose a family member...
Spark's Avatar Spark 10:28 AM 03-27-2006
MM - I'm sorry this is so difficult for you. It sounds like you made the best decision for your family. Hopefully that gives you comfort.


it's Monday! Can I be the jumpers again? Huh? Huh? Huh? :
aisraeltax's Avatar aisraeltax 10:54 AM 03-27-2006
Sorry to hear you are having a rough time Michelle.
IncaMama's Avatar IncaMama 04:57 PM 03-27-2006
ok i'm emerging from my funk slowly. dave is even more devastated about it than i am...but anyway...I'VE DONE MY PICKS AND I'M ABOUT TO SEND 'EM TO KRISTIN!!!
kofduke's Avatar kofduke 07:12 PM 03-27-2006
Sorry for the delay...HERE ARE THE MATCHES! I wasn't able to get everyone's "first choice" for someone to send to...but I hope all are happy anyway! Any errors, please LMK. Please PM your addy to your swap partners!

To: MKoontz, DesireeH
From: Spiralmg, Aisrealtax

To: AtoZMama, Geofizz, Panthira
From: Persephone, DesireeH, Aisrealtax

To: Geofizz, Panthira
From: Desiree H, Geofizz

To: Mkoontz
From: Mama2My2

To: Persephone3
From: Kofdule

To: Amis2girls, kofduke
From: Judybean, Panthira

To: MichelleMiller, Persephone3
From: Iris, Amis2Girls

To: Panthira Spark
From: Spark, Kofduke

To: Mama2My2, Aisrealtax
From: Allnaturalmama, spiralmg

To: Judybean, Spiralmg
From: Panthira, mama2my2

To: kofduke, Spark
From: Amis2girls, Panthira

To: Allnaturalmama, DesireeH, Aisrealtax
From: Kofduke, Geofizz, Spark

To: Iris, Allnaturalmama
From: Persephone3, Judybean

To: Mama2my2, kofduke
From: Mkoontz, AtoZmama

To: SpiralMg
From: Mkoontz

To: Judybean, Amis2girls
From: MichelleMiller, Allnaturalmama
Panthira's Avatar Panthira 07:50 PM 03-27-2006
Oooh exciting!
judybean's Avatar judybean 08:45 PM 03-27-2006
wow!! i can't wait!!!
IncaMama's Avatar IncaMama 08:57 PM 03-27-2006
ok so i should just pm spiralmg for her address?
allnaturalmama's Avatar allnaturalmama 09:04 PM 03-27-2006
Yep, MM.

Nice work, Kristin! Thanks so much for your time and effort. I'm THRILLED with my matches, and sending PMs now for address info.

Yay, this is so much fun!
spiralmg's Avatar spiralmg 09:29 PM 03-27-2006
Originally Posted by michelemiller
ok so i should just pm spiralmg for her address?
pm-ing you!
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 10:38 PM 03-27-2006
Given that it's already the 28th, can we have longer for shipping? 4/3 maybe?
kofduke's Avatar kofduke 11:23 PM 03-27-2006
I think that taking more time for shipping is a great idea...sorry it took me so long to get matches up!
IncaMama's Avatar IncaMama 11:33 PM 03-27-2006
amis2girls's Avatar amis2girls 12:07 AM 03-28-2006
adding a
judybean's Avatar judybean 02:43 AM 03-28-2006
Hooray!! Thank you *so much* for the shipping extension as well... I really must get to work!!
Panthira's Avatar Panthira 01:31 AM 03-30-2006
I packaged my swap stuff today and will mail them tomorrow because I'm having my gall bladder surgery on Friday and wanted to make sure it got done. Only one person has my address so should I be proactive and just send my address to my swap buddies? I'm not sure how well I'll be after the surgery to be around here much...
allnaturalmama's Avatar allnaturalmama 02:55 AM 03-30-2006
I'm one of the lucky recipients of a Panthira package - yay!

Note to my swapees: I should have all of your items assembled by Friday, and hopefully get your packages out that day. I'm really excited for you to get them!

PS Panthira, we'll be thinking of you as you go into surgery. Here's hoping for a terrific recovery! And yes, I'd go ahead and PM my info if I were you.
IncaMama's Avatar IncaMama 10:25 AM 03-30-2006
i think mine won't go out until monday. craziness around here until then.
Panthira's Avatar Panthira 08:56 PM 03-30-2006
I mailed off my swap packages today. I Sent DC #'s to the recipients. I'm sending my address to my swap buddies. Business taken care of.
judybean's Avatar judybean 09:07 PM 03-30-2006
Originally Posted by michelemiller
i think mine won't go out until monday. craziness around here until then.

same here... well... just the usual stuff (I call it crazy!)
IncaMama's Avatar IncaMama 03:32 AM 03-31-2006
LOL yeah
allnaturalmama's Avatar allnaturalmama 07:38 PM 03-31-2006
Judybean and spiralmg, your packages are on their way. Hope you them!


Judybean: 9102150134711423857536

spiralmg: 9101150134711423862562

spiralmg is a little closer to me: you should have yours Monday, and judybean, you should have yours Wednesday.

Happy swapping, everyone!
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