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kofduke's Avatar kofduke 05:01 PM 04-11-2006

i love it - what do you think?

edited- I removed the link b/c it had our addy & phone number - DDC friends, PM me if you really wanna see...sorry.

aisraeltax's Avatar aisraeltax 06:51 PM 04-11-2006
IncaMama's Avatar IncaMama 10:03 AM 04-12-2006
well i saw it before you deleted it (and now i'm gonna stalk you LOL) and it's beautiful!! is that your enormous teddy bear?? LOL i love it!! i love the color you chose for the background (behind the text). Love it!!!
kofduke's Avatar kofduke 01:25 PM 04-12-2006
Yeah but Michelle you know my info. anyway! It's Aaron's big teddy bear chair, but he doesn't use it anymore. I didn't actually pick anything - I just told 'em to do it any way they thought best - but I love how the blue looks with the sepia!
mariposita's Avatar mariposita 01:53 PM 04-12-2006
I also caught it before you deleted it (and I promise I'm no stalker! LOL) I really like the contrast between the blue and the sepia pictures. Great job!