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danigrl's Avatar danigrl 07:54 PM 06-06-2006
Ok, this is going to sound strange, and I will try my best to describe what's going on here. We have a few different size balls at home for baby to play with. When I roll a small baby ball to him (while he's sitting up, about a couple feet away) he flenches, closes his eyes, almost like he's scared of the ball. And it's everytime we do this that he blinks his eyes, opens & closes them kinda like if a fast baseball was darting towards our faces.....not sure what this is, or if any of you ladies have had this experience with your little one? He just turned 5 months.....I'm hoping it's nothing to do with his vision, and that maybe he's just scared of the rolling ball?? Any advice? THanks in advance

darkpear's Avatar darkpear 08:15 PM 06-06-2006
Sounds like a normal, reflexive reaction to me
birthjunkie27's Avatar birthjunkie27 09:30 PM 06-06-2006
Samara flinches at everything. My mom jokes (although, I know it's not funny at all) that I must be spanking her or something because every time anyone goes near her she starts flinching.
danigrl's Avatar danigrl 09:49 PM 06-06-2006
Originally Posted by darkpear
Sounds like a normal, reflexive reaction to me
Yeah, that's what I thought but wasn't sure. I"m taking him into see the ped on Friday just to make sure. Thanks for your help!