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DreamsInDigital 06-13-2006 06:09 PM

Today is my 25th birthday.

Here is the universe's present to me:


IncaMama 06-13-2006 06:10 PM



and happy birthday!!

how do you feel about it? :

eta: my BIL and SIL have twin boys who will turn one on 6/23. they just found out they're pg too. due in january. !!!!

DreamsInDigital 06-13-2006 06:13 PM

Uh. Mostly sick to my stomach and sweaty.
Kind of scared. DP is ecstatic (I called him at work.)
I'm...not. But not unhappy. Just not ecstatic. I don't know.

xkoliex 06-13-2006 06:17 PM

Happy Birthday!

I hope you get everything sorted out soon. I'm sure it was a big surprise for you. I don't know how I would feel in your situation....

Geofizz 06-13-2006 06:32 PM


Congrats on the pregnancy! Here's hopin' for smooth sailing.

DesireeH 06-13-2006 06:54 PM

oh wow! Congratulations!! I'm sure its a big shock right now though, huh? Hugs mama!

darkpear 06-13-2006 07:06 PM

Oh my! Happy birthday, and congratulations!

(I would be completely, through-the-roof freaking out )

IfMamaAintHappy 06-13-2006 07:08 PM

Congratulations, and I think I'd feel just about the way you feel if I saw that. I'm fairly overwhelmed with 3 right now, and I think Id cry first and then get excited. Not to mention start looking for a mother's helper and planning for being unable to do much for the first tri (since that's how mine go).

Happy Birthday!

aisraeltax 06-13-2006 07:09 PM

wow! Happy BDay and congrats!!! wow!!!

IncaMama 06-13-2006 07:47 PM

aww...that must feel good that DP is ecstatic. :

Jeanne_L 06-13-2006 08:13 PM

Happy 25th!!!



How are you feeling (physically, I mean)?

Thursday Girl 06-13-2006 08:18 PM

CONGRATULATIONS, HOW FUNNY THAT JUST TODAY I WAS WONDERING WHO THE NEXT dddc MOM TO BE PREGNANT AGAIN WOULD BE. opps DD must have been playing on the computer. Happy 25th!!!! and cool dp is excited, if i was pregnant i would be afraid to tell DH. He wasn't thrilled the seconde time if i was again he would probably swear.


DreamsInDigital 06-13-2006 08:25 PM

Physically I feel okay. A little yucky towards food, tired and sweaty cuz the humidity is death here. Nothing really abnormal for me. I worked through my first tri with baby Winter, so I'm sure I'll be fine this time.
I called the midwife that caught baby Winter and I'll be getting a dildo cam (I mean vaginal ultrasound) to date the pregnancy cuz I haven't had regular cycles yet. My EDD could be anywhere between 1/29 and 2/20
Holy crap. My kids are going to be 15-16 months apart.
I'm a little worried.

blissful_maia 06-13-2006 08:32 PM

Not from you DDC, but...

Congrats and happy birthday mama.

I hope you can work through the initial shock and feelings and really enjoy the gift you've been given. You can work it out, you already have three gorgeous babes.

Minnow_ 06-13-2006 08:47 PM

Wow!! Congratulations!

littlemama06 06-13-2006 08:50 PM

: 15 months apart, congrats. I think it will be GREAT!!

LillyGrace'sMommy 06-13-2006 08:52 PM

Not from your DDC, but just wanted to say Happy Birthday, and Congrats!
I got mine as a Christmas present! My little babies will be just about 14 months apart, so I feel yeah...and yeah, my dh wasn't too ecstatic about that early Christmas present either.....In fact, I still don't think he gets it!

Earthy~Mama 06-13-2006 08:57 PM

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and Congrats!!

cfiddlinmama 06-13-2006 08:58 PM

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

I know how overwhelming it can be. My first 2 are 15 months a part. As hard as it was there were a lot of things that were easier than with them being farther apart. My first two are completely inseparable - best friends. There was never a spot of jealousy. My oldest was away today at her grandma's and all my second did was ask for her all day!!

I hope that all goes well for you & I am really glad that your dp is happy!

Minoh 06-13-2006 09:11 PM

Wow, what a birthday gift!!

I hope everything works out wonderfully for you. My sister and I are about 15 months apart and we've been best friends as long as I can remember. It really is a special thing!

anonymous4_20 06-13-2006 09:32 PM


Congratulations! What a birthday present!

Surprises can be difficult--DS was a definite surprise, and it took me a long time to get comfortable with the timing of the whole thing. Just try to relax and take care of yourself--it'll all work out fine, I'm sure. You've got a lot of experience to fall back on!

DreamsInDigital 06-13-2006 09:38 PM

Ugh you guys I'm totally bawling at all of your overwhelming support. You guys are the best! I'm so scared but I know I can always come and talk to you guys.
I wish you all could be pregnant again with me. Not really, cuz you know it's gonna be tough, but still...
I joined the February DDC. OMG.

kofduke 06-13-2006 09:50 PM

Congrats mama!

mamanurse 06-13-2006 09:52 PM

Congrats DID!!! I hope to see you at the cloth diaper circle this saturday!

aisraeltax 06-13-2006 09:55 PM

I'll be getting a dildo cam

judybean 06-13-2006 11:20 PM

I was totally cracking up at the 'dildo cam' comment as well!!!!!

Honestly, I'm SO DARN EXCITED for you!!! Really! A tinge of jealousy, but that's always easy to say when you're not in the same boat (but.. hm... last time I said I was jealous of a friend being preggo, I ended up in the same boat a month later with Lucy here )

We will *always* be here for you!!! I can't wait to ride the pregnancy wave (vicariously, of course) with you!

amygoforth 06-13-2006 11:26 PM

holy cow!! happy birthday and congratulations!

hottmama 06-13-2006 11:38 PM

That means the chances of me being pregnant just went down, right? RIGHT? I am so freaked out by my erratic cycles since Luka was born.
Congratulations, I could never do it (I can barely handle 2, 3 yrs. apart!) but I think it's cute having two kids close in age. Hopefully they'll be best friends!

hottmama 06-13-2006 11:39 PM


amis2girls 06-14-2006 12:48 AM

Congrats Lydia!

: :

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