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she's been straining a lot today, and finally pooped out some rather solid i think i'm gonna hold off for a while on the solids, back up a bit. she clearly loves to *eat* them, but they're affecting her poop so i'm gonna back away for a few weeks and let her body mature some more.

anybody else experiencing this?
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There's been a lot of talk about solids and poops lately that has me wondering...

Is there something going on developmentally at 6 months (that's unrelated to eating solids) that might cause a change in pooping patterns?

I ask because Cailan used to be a dependable, once-a-day, pooper. Right when he turned 6 months, he starting stockpiling and skipping a poop for several days, then letting loose with a poopslosion (thanks for the word, Mandy) of monstrous proportions, with some kind of chunky bits in it.
Funny thing was, we hadn't really started giving him solids yet. If we had been giving him food, I would have thought it was the poop causing it.

Since a lot of our December babies are having poops of note, I wondered if it was some kind of intestinal development thing.

By the way, Cailan's been eating solids for several days and has resumed the once a day dirty diaper.
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Samara too! She's just had tiny tastes here and there of solids, but she has been having chunks in her poop. I don't think it's from the solids she's eaten because they've been such tiny amounts. Like, literally a finger tip sized portion. Maybe it can be attributed to the maturing of their tummies. It's a good theory anyways.

But Michele, yeah, I can see why you'd want to hold of if she's straining to poop.

Bethany, mama to M (9), J (7), S (4), and baby BOY 9/13/10!!
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thats a good point...she's been having solids for about 5 days and her first few poops were peanut-buttery thick (lol tmi) and i expected that...but these were literally little still may be right about just generally changing over...i think i'll hold off on solids for a week and see if her poops change...if not, then it really might be just developmental. i'm gonna check my texts to see what they say about poops at this age.
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Yeah, I'd probably hold off a bit if Simon was pooping little pellets. That might be a sign of constipation, I'm not sure. His poops since starting solids have definitely been more solid, but still on the softer side - denser if anything. The kind of poop you can "peel" off the diaper (gosh - who'd thought I'd be describing poop in as much detail as I can).

Anyway, he'll go a few days, then have 2-3 poops in a row. I'll think he's done, then a little while later, he's gone again!

I have to add - cloth diapering was a lot more simple before having to try to peel off poop!
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Daph isnt on solids yet and hers are still the bf runny yellow BUT she is holding it more now. Instead of going 8 times a day she goes one poopsplosion a day (but its still all runny.) LOL

Mama to a teen and tween
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Wow. This is so interesting that a lot the babies seem to be going through this. I'd given Elliot a little bit of banana (less than a teaspoon) and he didn't poop for 5 days (he used to be a regular once a day kind of guy). When he finally did poop it was SUPER stinky and thick, ("peel off the diaper" kind of poop). I'd been wondering if it was related to the banana or if (like Minnow_ suggested) it was going to happen anyway. Since then we haven't given him any more solids but he's still only going every 4 days or so. I have started letting him drink a little water out of my glass which he loves so much. Every time I have a drink he opens his mouth and starts smacking his lips and reaching for the glass. It's pretty cute! I have noticed though, that if he drinks water he'll usually poop the next morning.

Michele - let us know what you come up with in your developmental research!!
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Hi All! I've been a frequent contributor on the poop threads as of late I've been doing some research on intestinal development in babies and it seems that six months is a milestone. At six months, they have more digestive enzymes that change the consistency of their poop whether they're on solids or not. Livi doesn't strain when she poops her solid poop.

For those of you with babes that are having a hard time passing their poopies, I would look at what solids they're eating. Applesauce, bananas, and food fortified with iron are big time constipators. We avoid the iron-fortified foods altogether, as the iron in them are poorly absorbed anyway (hence the dark sticky poops). When we do give Livi apples or bananas, we also give her something that keeps her moving like nectarine, peach, or pears.
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Stuart's been having some issues, but they are more of a gassy/upset stomach thing. He did poop twice this week, which is really rare. He's usually a once-a-week guy. But he also usually screams through the day before and the day of and strains very badly. So badly that we've been giving him apple juice for two months now. : Since we've started the solids, though, he hasn't screamed as much. Weird, huh?
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