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hypechick's Avatar hypechick 10:13 PM 08-23-2005
Just had my midwife visit and she encouraged me to get signed up for a childbirth class ASAP since they do fill up. We are planning a homebirth and am wondering if anyone had specific opinion about childbirth classes.

I am reading both a Bradley Method book and Birthing from Within and I am wondering if you just take one or are they differant enough that you can take both? The Bradley classes in 12 wks long which leads me to think that it's pretty indepth with it info and discussion. The BFW class is 7 wks long but I love the introspective approach.

I also have a choice to take a 6 wk class with Penny Simkin with a specific focus on homebirths.

I know I'm blessed with great choices but some guidance at this point would be greatly appreciated.


Wilhemina's Avatar Wilhemina 10:26 PM 08-23-2005
I wouldn't pass up a chance to take a class from Penny Simkin herself - how cool!
Slightlycrunchymama's Avatar Slightlycrunchymama 12:11 AM 08-24-2005
WOW! Those are great choices! I honestly dont know what Id pick. We did a birthing from within weekend last pg and it was excellent. Id love to go again. Can you do more than 1?
MamaTaraX's Avatar MamaTaraX 12:33 AM 08-24-2005
Wow, I'd take the class with Penny Simkin and ditch the rest Of the other two, I'd go with BFW sinceyou've already mentioned liking the introspective aspects. I think Bradley isall right. I've worked with Bradley parents and itseems to really workfor some and for others, not so much. I personally prefer methods like BFW where you have to search yourself and learnabout you rather than be taught about birth. Some Bradley classes are designed to scare you with imformation too andthey are definately Daddy/Father/Partner oriented so if your partner's not wanting a huge role in t he birth, BFW isgoing to be a better option anyway.

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (6), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
runes's Avatar runes 12:55 AM 08-24-2005
We just started a BFW class last weekend (it also has some hypnobirthing thrown in there ) and we love it. I can't speak for Bradley. I was really drawn to BFW myself because I've done all of the technical research and know all of the 'facts' about labor and birth. I really needed something to help me get out of my head and into my body and heart, and the BFW is perfect!

That said...I would LOOOVE the opportunity to take a class with Penny Simkin. I am a physical therapist also and she is at the top of the field when it comes to pregnancy, birthing and women's health. How cool!

If you can swing it, take BFW and Penny's class (and tell us all about it!)
Persephone's Avatar Persephone 03:19 AM 08-24-2005
Between Bradley and BFW, I'd totally go with BFW. I've read books on both, and I wish there was a BFW class around here, because I'd take it in a heartbeat. But a homebirth class with Penny... gosh, I'd want to take it just to meet her.
GreenMommy's Avatar GreenMommy 01:22 PM 08-24-2005
I am taking Bradley and I like it a lot. The only thing is it wiill be hard for my dh to attend every class since we have a 3 year old and no baby sitter. The teachers husband watched ethan last time...but I feel horrible imposing on people...

I also think that you have to really practice the relaxation and that is hard to fit in...but I am -- and I like the focus on exercise and nurition. Being a veggie I really was not getting enough and taking the class has made me search out for more veggie-based protein. I am only in week 3 with the class but I do like it so far.
beachcomber's Avatar beachcomber 09:16 PM 08-24-2005
I'd totally jump at the chance to take the class from Penny Simkin herself. That'd be absolutely amazing.
AAK's Avatar AAK 07:24 PM 08-25-2005
I would take the class from Penny Simkin!!!! I also read both the bradley and BFW books. I think if I were you I would have dh read the bradley one. You focus on the BFW one. The BFW really helped me let go of the emotional baggage I carried from my last birth. I am a true believer in using what works for you and I think that the Bradley method is sometimes too tight in that regard. However, it is the best at helping the daddies out. It gives them a real role.

Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 07:28 PM 08-25-2005
WOW and I had to search for ANY independant classes in my area -- boo hooo.

I am doing Bredly, which would have been my choise anyway.

But I'd do Penny Simkin TOO. (I am a junkie, i know). as if is more HB focused, and I am sure it would add to either B or BFWI.

I would skip BFWI -- but the art stuff is a turn off to me (I did read it and copy some pages for my cheat sheet binder).

So I'd take Bradely and Penny if it was me.

Course, you should talk to the Bredly or BFWI teacher, you might really like or dislkike one of them too and that would effect you.

hypechick's Avatar hypechick 04:00 PM 08-27-2005
Wow, you guys are all so great. I love reading this board. It turns out that Penny's teaching partner is teaching the class that works for us in terms of timing. So, in the end I am going to do the BFW weekend immersion class and the regular 10 wk Bradley class. I'm kinda a resaerch hound so nothing is ever too much for me.

I have to say that while I am an introspective person, i've never been overly or outwardly expressive so I know that BFW will be a bit of a challenge but I'm looking forward to tapping into those creative roots.

THanks everyone!