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January 2006 > Uggh we were soo sick over the weekend
ScotiaSky's Avatar ScotiaSky 01:43 PM 11-14-2005
DF and I were all excited to go out finally to celebrate our belated anniversary on Saturday(of our first date)
Il's were looking after DS at our place so that meant he would be in bed by the time we got home(yeah no bedtime duties for me!!!)
We went to the movies and then for supper..Ds was already alseep..we stayed up a bit to watch some TV and I started feeling really crappy.

By midnight both of us were sick as dogs but I was little worse then DF so he got the lucky job of putting DS back to sleep the three times he woke that night. The idea of food poisoning from the restarant has been thrown around but i guess we will never know for sure.
Daylight comes and still no sleep and not feeling any better..sleeping on the bathroom floor when 32 weeks pregnant is not something I would recommend
Baby had been awake with me all night poor thing.
When it was a decent hour we called the Il's to come pick up DS so we could try and recover.
We called the Info Sante health line as I still have not been able to keep anything down...
They gave us the receipe for the salty drink and I drank that and was able to keep that down and later some fruit.
But by suppertime I noticed the baby was not moving and we could not encourage s/he to move so to be safe headed off to the hospital where they found the right away..thank goodness but noticed I was dyhatrated duh!! so started a IV to hydrate me.
They also listened to my nagging cough I have had for 3 weeks but there is nothing in the lungs so nothing can be done but wait it out, sure they are not the ones who pee every time they cough :
After a 2 hour stay there I felt much better and we came home where I slept for 12 hours straight for the first time in 3 weeks(IL's kept DS all night and for today as well)So I am off to try and pull my house back together and rest.

coloradoalice's Avatar coloradoalice 03:00 PM 11-14-2005
So sorry you were so sick!! My dd has been sick for a week now, finally broke her fever and then broke out in a big rash. It's finally going away this morning, but it has been a long week. I guess it's just that time of year! I am now just hoping dh and I don't catch whatever she had!!