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Now I love a good whine-fest as much as the next gal, but I figured we ought to have a thread of good things to balance it out! Despite all the aches and pains I was able to think of some wonderful things about being pregnant:

*My skin, hair, and nails are looking better than usual
*I never have to be separated from my baby and travelling with him is very convenient
*Gaining 5-10 pounds over the holiday season is a good thing this year
*My husband is willing to go to the grocery store at 10 pm to get food if I'm craving something special
*My sexual appetite has increased, which has been fun for all!
*I'm saving money by keeping the house cooler than usual since I'm hot all the time!
*Having a living human being inside of me is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced

Well, it's a little shorter than my whine list but at least it's something! What has been making you happy for the past 8 or 9 months?
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My favorite thing is getting bigger and not having to care about it. Not worrying what the scale says is one of my favorite things!!
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< sound of crickets >

Just kidding!
I love that when pregnant you are undeniably very "womanly" and full of life.
I love the roundness of my belly and how it feels under my hands.
I love how my children wrap themselves around me to hug me, and rest their chins on my belly.
I love knowing that very soon I'll be holding a sweet little baby in my arms.
I love knowing when my little girl wakes up by her movements, and when she falls asleep.
I love any excuse to fold and refold baby clothes!
I love thinking about the fact that soon I'll be a mama to 3 GIRLS!
I love thinking of baby names, and knowing that soon we'll be able to use one of the million we've picked out! (judging from my calculations, if we want to use all the names we've picked out... we have to have at least 7 more children. )
I love being able to gain weight and know that to my dh, I'm just getting sexier every day.
And believe it or not, I love that with each pregnancy I get just a tiny bit more stretch marks. For every child, there are different ones. I can look at myself in the mirror, and see the love I have for them. And they also point to them and say, "Those are the ones I made while I was in your belly right? And those are the ones my sister made!"

treehugger.gifAutistic pagan mama with five kiddos on the spectrum, learning through living life. autismribbon.gif  computergeek2.gif

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I love my big round belly. And I love feeling my baby move inside of me. And I love the fact that I'm actually showing now, and my pregnant status is impossible to hide. I love sharing the baby's movements with dh. I do love not having to worry about my weight, it seems like I can't eat enough! Basically, I just really like being pregnant, and I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks because it's going to be a long time (2-3 years) before I'm pg again. It's funny, I've spent at least 5 years wanting to be pg, and 9 months actually being pg, and soon, I'll have a child to take care of (which is why I wanted to be pg in the first place ), and I won't have to want to be pg so badly again. I can enjoy what I have. At least for a few years.
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I love the excitement at the end of wondering when labor will begin
I love the sweet smiles random strangers give me when they see my belly
I love watching my belly expand even if it is very uncomfortable at the end!
I actually like the maternity clothes this time around ~ very funky!
I like being able to whine and get away with it!
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I feel so priviledged to be able to be concieve and have healthy pregnancies. Rarely do I take that for granted.

I love feeling the baby move around inside me. I am especially appreciating that this time, since this is our last planned pregnancy.

I love having an excuse to not push hard during my workouts. I often enjoy walking or other gentler forms of exercise while pg, and then afterwards, I am really happy to get back to my running and more intense exercise.

I love the miracle of how incredible and capable our bodies are....from conception to labor to birth. If we just back off and don't interfere too much, they "know" just what to do. Pregnancy has been transformative for me in that it's given me such respect for my body. I rarely consider my flaws any longer and instead think of how well my body has done growing and birthing babies.

I like the fact that I have to surrender control, particularly during the birthing process. This doesn't come naturally to me and is very good for me.

good idea for a thread, Hollin!
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**getting HUGE!
**people talking about how huge I am
**growing another life
**feeling the baby kick, roll, move, swim, and play
**having special time with the baby that no one else can have
**even all the aches and things are good to me -- they remind me that I am helping a new little one into the world!
**listening to my baby with my fetoscope
**waddling...because it's cute
**watching myself outgrow clothes at a hysterical rate
**hearing random women stop and share their births with me just because I'm pregnant
**guessing what sex my baby is
**well, pretty much everything

Namaste, Tara
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I love seeing my toddler talk to the baby in my belly (lately he says "come out, baby!" but baby isn't listening!).
My hair looks great.
I am really appreciating my last few days alone with my son.
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*Like Emily, I too really appreciate my body's ability to get pregnant (very easily) and carry a babe to term. With 3 miscarriages and 1 preterm birth it is easy to doubt yourself
*I love feeling the baby wiggle all around. This one moves differently than the others did
*I do love it when my other children take time out and come give my belly a hug and "talk" to him or her. So cute
*My dh finds me very hot when pregnant - might sound odd to some, but makes me feel good. I have body issues so this helps tons!
*This is our last planned pg, so I too am trying to enjoy these last few weeks and savor every bit. I know I will miss being pregnant.
*I can't wait for labor. My dh and I make such a great team during labor and I love how close we feel during that special time.
* I cannot wait to see my children with their new baby. They are so excited and they love babies.

I think that covers it! Great idea!

momma to 4!
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I love how this pregnancy has cleared up my skin and made it glow!

I love how my DS will rest his head on my belly and give the baby hugs and kisses.

I love how my DH and I will both get the giggles when the baby starts practicing ti-bo during church, and we're both sitting there watching my belly jump around.

I love how strangers treat you - opening doors, giving up their seats, just basically being nicer to you because you're carrying a child.

I love how I have a "shelf" to help hold my DS when I'm carrying him around. People tell me that's why I'm carrying lower this time around!

There's just something about being pregnant at Christmastime that brings the Christmas story closer to my heart. This is my 2nd time being pregnant at Chrsitmas, and knowing Mary was feeling the same way about the baby growing in her belly just makes me see things in a different way.
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HICCUPS!!! (Baby's)

*I enjoy the baby movements, and the roller coaster sensation without the nausea
*I like wearing tight shirts so I can see my belly!
*Waddling makes DH laugh
*My kitty sleeping on my lap and looking at me when baby moves and pokes around
*An excuse to walk slow and not rush around
*An excuse to not have to carry things up the stairs all the time
*The ability to eat all day and STILL be hungry
*The fact that I've done so well with weight gain and not resorted to old eating habits and I'm still under my highest weight ever (2 yrs pre-pregnancy) by about
25 lbs
*I got a close parking spot 'cause it's icy out (everyone else has to park in the 'south 40' and walk forever)
*Being a mom is what I feel I was made to do, SO cool to be getting there.
*Maternity pants have no buttons or zippers (I hate both)
*I love my bella band to keep my pants up

Oh, there's so much more...Gotta stop there, though.

Messianic mama to 3 boys, C (4 yrs), E (22 mths), B (newborn)
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I love everything about being pregnant!! Well, except the acid reflux I get some evenings and lately i've had some swollen 'sausage' feet! haha.. but seriously other than that, it's the absolute most wonderful experience I've ever had! I feel so lucky to be a woman and know what it feels like to have a life inside of me. My poor DH is jealous that he doesn't get to do it (maybe in his next life!?! hehe)
I love feeling like I know her personality already,
the way my niece (4 yrs old) kisses my belly everytime she sees me,
having her all to myself - selfish I know!!
the strange dreams that accompany pregnancy,
everyone caring about how we're doing,
belly rubbers.. I know some people hate when everyone wants to fondle the belly, but I LOVE It! Any attention someone wants to give my baby can have at it!
The list could go on for days... Usually I'm the most impatient person in the world, but as far as pregnancy goes... I'm unbelieveably patient. I feel like she'll come out when she wants, and while I can't wait to meet her... I think I'll be kind of sad to not be preggers anymore! boohoo!! haha OR I imagine there won't be time to think about things like that, when you have a baby to feed, diaper, and LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon Shaun - DH (and boyfriend since I was 16). my sweet Gwen 1/1/06 missing Dresden born sleeping 39 weeks 9/9/08 :, Delaney is scheduled to arrive 8/31/09 Odin&Loki :
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*I love feeling my baby move, and watching it is even better!

*I love it when dd's kiss my belly and say, "Hi Baby!"

*I love having the baby all to myself for 9 whole months.

*I love wondering what the baby's sex is going to be and making my family crazy by not sharing the names we've picked out, LOL!

*I love not feeling a bit of guilt about taking a nap every day!

*I love how protective dh gets when I am pg.

*I love pregnancy cravings! Lately it's pasta with pesto and hot pepper flakes!
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It's so touching to hear everyones loving sentiments on being pregnant. There is so much to be thankful for in this world. Ditto to much of what everyoone has shared.

** discovering how amazing and self sufficient my body is.
** parking in the Stork spot at the groccery store
** hearing DH say that he didn't think he could love me more than he already does but learning that he does indeed love me more each day. Vice versa
** knowing that motherhood will bring all sorts of new challenges and rewards
** Putting my hands on my belly and feeling baby respond.
** Looking inward and learning lots about myself, baby and my relationship with DH
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OOOO ~~~ I want to add the "Stork Parking Spot" to my list too!
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I love being told "you're tiny!" for the first time. I'm by no means tiny, but my belly isn't very big, which seems to freak people out.

And some of the clothes are kinda fun.
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  • I love feeling her move and kick
  • I love how my belly looks - all round and full of life
  • I love how people are just friendlier and strike up conversations now - strangers ask me when I'm due, etc.
  • I love being able to eat what I want without worrying about it
  • I love that I'm supposed to load up on carbs right now - I adore carbs!
  • I love not having to work - and not going back to work for a year!
  • I love how nurturing it's making me feel

Weary SuperMama superhero.gifto my  amazing neurodiverse 6 y.o. DD hearts.gif and to my on-the-go neurotypical 3 y.o. DS wild.gif

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