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gsmom's Avatar gsmom 05:03 PM 12-19-2005
I may have posted this a while ago, but as this baby is fast approaching this question is reappearing. We are our doula's second birth and want to get her something, but I am not sure what. I have thought of a bookstore gift card, but wanted to do something more personal maybe. Anyone have any fabulous ideas? MamaTara what do you think?

AAK's Avatar AAK 06:42 PM 12-19-2005
Is there anything that may make a good addition to her birth kit. Before I got pg I had been working on my certification too and would have loved something new for my birth kit. What is your budget? I would have like a rebozo or even one of the rolling pins that are hollow so I could fill with something cold or hot. A rice bag with covers that can be cleaned. . . or a cool doula shirt/sweatshirt. I like advocacy shirts.

As far a something more personal. . .how about a journal. I have been so moved by each birth that I have attended that I felt the need to journal it.

Persephone's Avatar Persephone 08:05 PM 12-19-2005
Tara would say to get a gift certificate to a restaurant. It was her favorite gift. I say I like the advocacy shirt idea. I got one that said "Doula" on it for my births, so people knew who I was, and I think that would be a great gift for a new doula. You know, I would have appreciated a card that said "We really appreciated you" more than anything, I think.
MamaTaraX's Avatar MamaTaraX 12:46 AM 12-20-2005
Originally Posted by Persephone
Tara would say to get a gift certificate to a restaurant. It was her favorite gift.
You know me so well
Yes, the restaurant gift certificate was my favorite actual gift. I've received all kinds of things. More valuable to me than the gifts though are the cards I have received. Even the moms that I never did get to do a follow-up with, some sent cards and they all made me cry. The gifts are nice, but, the words are priceless. For actual gifts, I recommend gift certifcates to restaurants and book stores, advocacy items are fantastic (I've received some of those as well). How well do you know your doula? What types of things does she like? If you don't know her really well personally, what kind of vibe does she give off? That will help. If she's really high-strung, maybe some relaxation gifts And remember, its the though that counts. If she's worth her salt, the best gift you can give her is one you wil have already given her: inviting her to your birth. I say that in every card I write to my moms -- I tel them what an honor it was to attend their birth and thank them for the privelage of being there.

Namaste, Tara