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MuhajibahMama 01-22-2006 07:21 PM

Sometimes it's funny how things just sort of fall into place...

I called the midwives and my doula on Thursday as I was feeling crampy and had some pretty painful contractions. Unfortunately nothing seemed to materialize from them and by evening time things were pretty much normal. I was so bummed. Thursday would have been perfect for everyone.

That evening my impending house guests called to say the would be coming until Friday evening. Which was fine. I reminded them again that I could go into labour while they were visiting, but somehow it just didn't seem to register for them how "due" I was. Imagine their suprise when they arrived on baby Saira's birthday! Once they arrived, they opted not to stay with us afterall and stayed in a motel on the other side of the city closer to the funeral. They stopped by today on their way home to see the baby again and say good-bye.

Baby Saira was born at home at 10:49am on Friday January, 20, 2006. She weighed in at 8lbs 13oz and is 22.5" long. She started rooting right away and is nursing constantly. I can't wait until my milk comes in so she can have something more satisfying!

Baby Saira

--------BIRTH STORY--------

I got up at about 7:10 Friday morning and had a few contractions much like I had had the day before. I proceeded to ignore them and get breakfast for the kids and myself (DH has been in the doghouse, so he can fend for himself!). By 7:45 I had to concentrate through them, so I decided to call the midwives and doula. I was still able to talk through them...but it was getting harder. Actually, I think I only talked to the midwife...made DH call the doula. After than I went on upstairs to my birthing ball. At some point the midwife called back and said she'd be on her way shortly...she was debating if she had enough time to have breakfast first! I asked her if it would be okay for me to get into the tub...and she said it was fine...that it might slow things down, but that was okay.

I spent maybe one more contraction on the ball before I started running the water. The water felt soooo good! I stayed in the tub without the jets for about 30min. until my contractions picked up a regular pattern again...and then turned on the jets. DH was getting the girls ready to go to school and over to our friend's house. He left while I was in the I had a bit of alone time before Marg (my friend/RMT/Doula) showed up. Contractions were getting strong and only about 3min apart. I was really suprised at myself. I answered two phone calls while I was in the tub...I had to take breaks for the contractions...but I was able to do it...though I misunderstood the back up midwife...I thought she had told me that she was on her way, but apparently wasn't! So my midwifed ended up being without back up and they had to call in the ambulence for back up!

Anyway, Marg was absolutely fantastic. She applied fantastic counter pressure that really made many of the strongest contractions bearable. She got in around 9:00 and the midwife showed up at about 9:20. It wasn't long after they arrived that my contractions changed and my waters broke. That was a first for me...never had spontaneous rupture of membranes before.

Apparently, I was a less than accomodating patient. I was really relying on the white noise and motion of the jets to keep my focus through contractions. They weren't able to get good reading for fetal hearttones with the jets on and kept having to turn them off which was annoying! And as I'd feel the next contraction building I would just demand, "Jets!" They also wanted me to change positions in the tub...but I couldn't...I told them I would think about it and decided against it...when I finally did move, it wasn't as bad as I had thought.

We pushed for 48 minutes and then things got a little unnverving at the end. I had some nasty tearing with DD#2 and I could feel a burn as she descended in that same area. I KNEW I was going to tear again. We also had difficulty getting fetal hearttones for the last in the end we went for a really strong push at the end to birth her head...she was really blue...we quickly changed to a stork/crane(?) position and birthed the shoulders and body in the next contraction...

The next few seconds that passed were scary...she was so quiet as she lay against my chest...I'm sure it was much shorter than it felt, but she did have good body tension and finally let out a cry as we rubbed her down a bit. She was having trouble breathing and had passed meconium and it appeared the she may have aspirated some. So they took her to the paramedics (who were only called because the back-up midwife wasn't there yet) for suctioning and oxygen while I got cleaned up and birthed the was not the tidiests of births that's for sure!

After a quick clean up, we crawled into bed and nursed and ate while the midwives patched me is doing well and mama is healing....I can tell already that my recovery will be easier than last time, but it may be a week or two until I'm ready to sit at the machines again!

Big sisters are completely in love with their little sister. My 2yr old has really suprised me with how affectionate and loving she is.

All in all, I am thrilled. I couldn't have asked for a better support team. I am so grateful to have had the chance to birth my baby at home...even DH agrees that this is the best way to have a baby...and that's a lot coming from a pretty mainstream sorta guy. We have a lot of explaining to do to friends and family...many had no idea that we were staying home.

Okay, off to grab a nap before the next nursing marathon begins.

because 01-22-2006 07:30 PM


I'm so glad that everything worked out with your guests, etc.!

SaraMama 01-22-2006 08:00 PM


Happy Babymoon!

AAK 01-22-2006 08:07 PM

She's beautiful. How do you pronounce her name? I love the spelling.


gsmom 01-22-2006 09:36 PM

Congratulations and welcome baby Saira! What a beautiful name!

MuhajibahMama 01-22-2006 09:39 PM

Thanks, mamas!

Originally Posted by AAK
She's beautiful. How do you pronounce her name? I love the spelling.

Amy, her name is pronounced *Sigh-ra Ee-maan* It means "one who journeys (towards) Faith"

kathik 01-22-2006 10:10 PM

she's beautiful. congrats!

ozzyemm 01-23-2006 02:22 AM

Congrats! Welcome Baby Saira!

LoveMyLil'B 01-23-2006 05:14 AM

Congrats on your new little girl!

AAK 01-23-2006 06:18 PM

Love it! Thanks for the pronounciation guide!

MamaTaraX 01-23-2006 09:03 PM

Great birth story! The people we rented our birht tub from have one with jets. My DH thought that sounded amazing. I thought it would annoy the heck out me so I was glad we didn't get it Glad they worked for youthough! Sounds like a wonderful birth and a wonderful little girl too!HAPPY BABYMOON!

Namaste, Tara

Yummymummy74 02-11-2006 05:35 AM


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