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Devaya's Avatar Devaya 03:06 PM 12-02-2010

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yes!! our little one is almost 2 and in the past 5 or 6 months I have started teaching yoga again part time and am also working on some yoga therapy training. I've loved having some time. I will say that I am struggling with still finding time for ME. I thought working part time would be it. And it is a much needed break on the days I work, but I'm finding I still long for alone time.....when I leave to work, that's not alone time for me. As much as I love my daughter, and my work, I'm still finding a way to balance time for myself as well. 

I agree. I thought working part time or even studying part time (I've been studying for the past 1 1/2 years and DS is 3) would be 'me time' but it's not...I seem to need hours and hours of reading and relaxing by MYSELF to truly feel I'm having a break - o therwise work/study just becomes yet ANOTHER 'thing'! It's such a catch 2.. When I tried working part time (out of financial necessity when I first left DS's dad over a year ago), b/c the work wasn't very fulfilling and ended up being stressful, it made me a WORSE mama and really I was so relieved when after 6 months I decided to go on welfare and pack it in. The effect of the relief has now worn off, six months later, and I am longing to do something else as I am SO frustrated looking after my 3 year old, I just feel like my  brain is totally underutilised yet my emotional energy is completely drained. Sigh. It's so hard to find a solution that works but I guess it's finding something 'good enough' and not necessarily perfect! So I am also thinking of doing some yoga teaching myself again, as it's the most time efficient way to earn money and is really rewarding and quite flexible.

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