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amyhulen's Avatar amyhulen 01:15 AM 11-07-2010
Ok ladies, Feeling a bit stir crazy today. DH has been working 4 days on (doesn't come home) and 3 days off for the last month. Today (this was planned) he has been gone since about 9 am, it's 7pm now and I am feeling completely stir crazy. I have no problem with hubby hanging out with his friends but holy cow I have been stuck in the house with my kids ALL DAY and they are just as stir crazy as I am. The only time I get to myself is a couple hours in the morning when DD #2 is in school. Or if I manage to schedule an OB apt while he is off work so I don't have to take her with me.

I need some idea's for things I can do when I get a chance to get out of the house without kids? I am thinking I am going to take a day to myself next weekend just because. Heres the catch though, I don't have alot of friends. 2 be exact, don't do spa like stuff and don't like hanging out at malls.

Any idea's? short of driving to a deserted parking lot and reading an adult level book while listening to grown up music.

zinemama's Avatar zinemama 01:28 AM 11-07-2010
Go to a cafe with a book. Drink frivolous, frothy drinks. Stay all day.
treeoflife3's Avatar treeoflife3 01:40 AM 11-07-2010
well... in a dream world, I'd spend a day at the spa getting the works... but in the REAL world that would require getting a credit card because I certainly don't have the cash!

I like the read all day in a cafe idea. I'd also like to just go for a drive. alone. with no screaming and yelling. oooh! I'd love to go to a movie! I haven't been in AGES. I'd even settle for ONE little thing at a spa... like a simple pedicure. Can I have everyone leave the house so I have it to myself rather than go out? I'd love to just take a nap...
Daffodil's Avatar Daffodil 01:49 AM 11-07-2010
I'd go hiking, rollerblading, or (in winter) cross-country skiing. Or maybe see a movie, browse in a bookstore, shop for things I need at places that bore the kids, or shop for Christmas/birthday presents for the kids. Hanging out at a cafe for a while with a book would be nice, too.
velcromom's Avatar velcromom 01:38 AM 11-07-2010
If either of your friends would be willing, going on a walk, bike ride etc. at a local park is fun. We've been doing short fun 1mi. bike rides and it's just right to get out and clear your head. Also, I've been able to get out a couple times a month and go horseback riding with a friend and that has been a lot of fun.

One thing I like too is going out to a restaurant and ordering a ridiculously decadent dessert, which I normally skip when I have the kids with me.
liberal_chick's Avatar liberal_chick 12:45 PM 11-07-2010
ITA with the book idea. We don't have a cafe like there where I live, so I remember once I went and bought a book and sat in my car in the parking lot and read for 2 hours.

I also like the movie idea. I LOVE going to movies alone. I don't have to share my popcorn or listen to my dh's snarky comments (especially if we go to a "chick flick").
pumpkin's Avatar pumpkin 01:02 PM 11-07-2010
If I had a whole day
I'd do a little shopping
Then take myself to lunch
Then a movie (haven't been in years)
And then I would go to a Coffee shop and sit and knit
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pianojazzgirl's Avatar pianojazzgirl 01:03 PM 11-07-2010
I'd enjoy a meal at a restaurant that my kids would hate (invite a friend or bring a book), or I'd go to a movie.
dayiscoming2006's Avatar dayiscoming2006 01:09 PM 11-07-2010
I'd clean my entire house from top to bottom. It's hard to really get done with 2 little guys roaming around and feeling icky and pregnant.
Norasmomma's Avatar Norasmomma 01:11 PM 11-07-2010
I'd go shopping for some new jeans, after buying them I'd go to a bakery and have coffee and a big piece of chocolate cake or something else indulgent. Then I'd get a mani-pedi.

Then I'd take a long nap.
dawncayden's Avatar dawncayden 01:20 PM 11-07-2010
I need to schedule in 'me time' or it just won't happen.

What I do is go to the theatre and watch a movie (I love watching them by myself)
Then head over to the local large thrift store (I love thrift store shopping but find it impossible to find anything when kids are in tow, so this way I can actually enjoy myself)
Go to the beach (for a walk or just sit down and read or write) Or bring some music too.
citymagnolia's Avatar citymagnolia 01:27 PM 11-07-2010
I love this thread! It just so happens that today I DO get an afternoon to myself! My kids' dad is taking them for 6 hours today. They see him often, but we are good friends so usually we do things together with the kids, like go to breakfast and take them to play while we drink coffee and talk.

SO when he takes them today, I'm going to take a book to the coffee shop for a few hours or maybe go to the bookstore and sit in their cafe surrounded by a pile of wonderful books. Then I'm going to eat Vietnamese food and go to the movies with my fiance.

I can't wait to unload the kids today. :P They've been bickering and hanging on me all morning and I'm so ready to have my own space. It's the perfect day to send them off!
crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 02:52 PM 11-07-2010
I'm never quite sure what to do either!!

Last week I took my laptop to Panera & just relaxed for an hour... but it's funny how I can spend all day on the laptop at home & never finish even writing an email, but when I'm out alone uninterrupted, I'm bored with the computer after 40 minutes!

I would love to go to the library alone, just read & browse books...

Go for a walk...

If you can send the kids out, have a day at home to yourself -- take a hot bath, do some crafts, order in your favorite food...
Kelly1101's Avatar Kelly1101 12:04 AM 11-08-2010
Drink heavily.

I actually couldn't because I have two little babies, one nursing, and can't let myself get to the point of not being aware / able to drive...

But after spending the past two hours trying to get said two babies to sleep while they are waking each other up...

man. wish I could.
nola79's Avatar nola79 12:16 AM 11-08-2010
Sleep. Or just lay in bed. I have a 9 month old that does not STTN and it's killing me!
Out of the house, I'd go to a nice lunch and get a pedicure.
OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 12:19 AM 11-08-2010
Umm can I kick them out of the house and sew all day? That would be a great thing, I am so backlogged with things I need to get done before the baby comes..

If I had to go out then:
Go to a restruant and actually enjoy my meal. Eat the whole thing as slow as possible while maybe reading a book at the same time. I haven't eaten at a restruant without rushing it in years.
Go to the beach and just read or knit.. I use to love sitting watching the waves and writing but now when I go Im chasing the kids around.
Go to a museum and enjoy the art work/exhibits without constantly reminding the girls not to touch/climb/yell/run etc.
Go to the library and look at the adult books, bypassing the kid's section.
Get a pedicure.

Of course after 3-4 hours I would feel bad about being away and end up going home.
AllyRae's Avatar AllyRae 12:21 AM 11-08-2010
-Hit the gym for a yoga class and some working out
-Hit the stores for some retail therapy
-Sit by the lake reading
-And then, I'm not sure what else...I never get that far. :

I do get 2 hours a day twice a week to attend martial arts classes kid free though.
MrsBone's Avatar MrsBone 07:01 AM 11-10-2010

Do you have a barnes and noble near your house? I could spend all day there. I would love to just go, hang out, read and drink coffee all day. I'd love to do a spa day, but that would require money, which we don't have much of right now smile.gif That or do you have a craft you like to do? I make jewelry, but that's hard to take with you somewhere. Knitting on the otherhand is super easy to take with you and craft while you're out.

pearl2's Avatar pearl2 08:47 AM 11-10-2010

Yesterday I went to the bagel shop and read the silly ritzy local women's magazine and guffawed at the holiday monogramming etiquette guide! HAHAHAH!! Then I went to the fabric store and fondled, and I do mean straight up fondled the bolts of fabric, flipped through pattern books, and wrote a few quilt how-tos on the backs of receipts, knowing I'll probably never make them. GREAT day!

lookatreestar's Avatar lookatreestar 09:17 AM 11-10-2010

i also would so spa day if i had the funds and the time to be gone for more than a few hours.


today i would probably say, get rid of them for a day so i could deep clean/sort stuff. stuff that is hard to do with little ones around!

*Katherine*'s Avatar *Katherine* 09:44 AM 11-14-2010

I would go for a long run, then take a long shower, then read a good book!

CherryBombMama's Avatar CherryBombMama 10:17 PM 11-15-2010

i like the barnes and noble idea ..


im in CA so this doesnt work for you, but if i had the day to myself, i would spend a few hours at disneyland window shopping on main st, then check into one of the nearby hotels, knit, go on the internet, attempt to do some yoga, drink coffee without worrying about spilling it on a child lol, i would finally go get a pedicure ...

tjlucca's Avatar tjlucca 06:03 PM 11-28-2010

Originally Posted by zinemama View Post

Go to a cafe with a book. Drink frivolous, frothy drinks. Stay all day.

This is what I do. Aaaahhhhhh, it's wonderful. Sometimes I go buy myself a little something to celebrate a day off. A book or a scarf or something, usually a book. It hasn't happened since I went back to work, but I plan to cut my hours to about 10 a month in January. And will definitely get in a Mama day bouncy.gif