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kilamonster 12-08-2010 07:20 PM

I have a 3 year old and I'm due with our 2nd in March.  My son is currently in full time care at a wonderful Montessori School which he loves and is doing great in.  I've always wanted to stay home but we haven't been able to afford it until this coming year.  I'm an elementary teacher and I'm always concerned about being on top of his education and what he is doing so that he has less of a chance of struggling in school. (I see children who are struggling everyday and it scares me).  Anyways, I worry that if I stay home I won't be challenging enough for him or that I won't be enough for him.  I can't afford to stay home and put him in the program (even half a day).  So I guess my question would be:  What would you do?  Do you stay home and take him out of the school?  I feel like this is a silly concern but it is what I keep thinking about.

Smidge 12-08-2010 07:25 PM

For me, staying at home is the most important.  I know how to challenge my children best because I know them best.  I know their weaknesses and strengths and use those to teach them :)

Reebekah 12-08-2010 08:25 PM

i left my job at the beginning of this year.....i had so many doubts.....but i took the risk and did it, and it is working out great.  i plan on homeschooling my children, so we have done pre-k and started k, and they are learning SOOOOO much because i'm able to teach to their individual interests and abilities.  they went to a good preschool before, but i feel that being home with mom is what they really need....and they tell me all the time how happy they are to get to spend their day with mom.....we read lots of books, play games, do crafts, go the park, it's wonderful!  i'm not saying that it's easy, because it's not......i am SO busy and sometimes we have bad days or bad moments, but the good far outweighs the bad.   i had to make MAJOR lifestyle changes to go without my income, but somehow it's all working out.

Perdita_in_Ontario 12-09-2010 01:03 PM

I just left my job to stay home with my 5yo and baby. Granted she's in school half days, but I would have done it anyway. I think that being around a parent beats preschool any time, personally. Not that a good preschool or daycare is harmful (DD was mad when I told her she wouldn't be going back to daycare - she enjoyed it!) but optimally, parent time is so important.


You're a teacher - you're in a great position to ensure that your child is doing well; heck he might even end up ahead of his peers. There are lots of great resources out there if you want to ensure that he's getting some schooling anyway. But at his age, honestly, I don't think he needs much.

cyclamen 12-09-2010 08:32 PM

I agree with the PP - you are a teacher!  And you're his mother.  And you're concerned about his educational future.  That's a wonderful combination... you sound perfectly equipped to help your son.  If you really want to stay home, I'd stay home.


FWIW, my mom (who was a SAHP most of my life) is not a teacher and was not even college educated when she taught me to read before I began kindergarten.  She must have done it right too, because I've never had a problem.  Then while she was in college, she home schooled me for middle school by giving me her college textbooks after she finished her classes.  I moved a lot so I have a bit of a checkered educational history, and I've struggled with organization... but I learned how to learn from my mom, and I love doing it.  I credit her for that.


There are also some great books on "montessori at home" that I've been reading lately that are full of ideas you can implement with a preschool aged child.

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