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greenmama's Avatar greenmama 04:36 PM 12-29-2010

I've always been the primary caregiver to dd-11.  I've had dgd for at least half of her 5 years (although not for the last 6 months). Last month we brought my mother-in-law to live with us, and I realize I have a short fuse for her very specific requirements.  She expects everything to be exactly as she wants them to be to the point that I feel like an employee not a family member and thus I don't enjoy her presence so I avoid it. I speak with her at meal times, but rarely go into her room to just visit/talk.  I know she notices that I've stopped coming in there but there is nothing I could say to explain why I don't want to be with her.


I had spoken to her about involving her in dd's homeschooling, She was involved 2 years ago, and is looking forward to it after the new year,  but right now I feel like I just want to keep my dd to myself.  I even sometimes feel like if I can't just do things my way I might as well send her to public school where at least she will be with peers (another thread for another forum, but I'm ranting.)


don't even get me started about time for myself.