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LizFischer's Avatar LizFischer 10:11 PM 02-05-2012

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I do stay home most of the time (volunteer a couple of times a week), so maybe you have some ideas? Anyway, I absolutely hit a wall right in the middle of dinnertime, with baths and bedtime still to go. I'm just done. My girls are 6 and 3 with another sister due in May and lately the whole evening routine has been a practice in getting through the steps as quickly as possible so I can sit down. It's not the relaxing, loving atmosphere I'd like to have, and I feel bad for the kiddos that they have to end their day with their mom so obviously being ready to get out of the room.


Due to DH's job, he's not home during this time of day, and sometimes takes extended business trips which I know are a factor in my exhaustion levels...but I also know there are lots of mamas that manage to make it through Piranha Hour(s) alone ALL the time without the stress.


Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance.

CherryBombMama's Avatar CherryBombMama 02:52 PM 02-06-2012

This is the new thing we are trying, it worked really well last night: Keep the WHOLE house dimly light an hour before bedtime.  I am not even joking, that made everyone just a little bit calmer, especially me, which made the bed time routine a whole lot easier.  


Other than that, I have no ideas :) I am working on this, too. You are definitely not alone! Coffee right after dinner is giving me that extra boost of energy,  but I know not everyone can handle caffeine so late. 


GL, I hope someone here has some good ideas!

FrugalGranolaMom's Avatar FrugalGranolaMom 03:40 PM 02-06-2012

hug2.gif That is a hard time of day for me too and I just have one to worry about. One thing that helps is I will make myself a cup of tea right before bath time. I will quickly wash DS and then let him play for in the tub while I sit there and take a few deep breaths and enjoy my tea. After bath time we listen to classical music and that helps to calm down the whole atmosphere of the house.

Plarka's Avatar Plarka 07:52 AM 02-10-2012

Maybe don't do baths every night?  My girls only have baths on Saturday mornings, dh does it!  I don't know if that's an option for you.  My kids are just never dirty or smelly. 


I totally know what you mean about feeling bad that your kids have to end the day with their mom desperate to get away from them!

Masel's Avatar Masel 04:54 PM 02-17-2012

How is your 6 year old at helping the 3 year old out. I have almost the exact same age spread including being due in May. My 6 year old can sometimes be convinced to help my 2.5 year old with brushing her teeth and getting pajamas on.


I totally agree about not having baths everyday. Since DD1 is in afternoon kindergarten we sometimes have baths in the morning. Their hair turns out a lot better if it has a chance to get throughly dry.


Thanks Cherrybombmama for the tips about the lights. I've used lighting as a herding technique with DD1 but I've not thought about turning them down earlier.


Good luck Liz!


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