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My peace of mind is rather tied to an orderly environment and sense of accomplishment. I'm a virgo and may be an aspie if that explains anything. My successful days include:

My bed made (bonus: clean sheets)
Make DH coffee before work
Most laundry clean and folded
Kids' homeschooling done
Chickens and Rabbits fed and watered
Toys returned to kids' rooms
Vacuumed floors
Groceries and errands taken care of if needed
We all get outside
End the day with clean kitchen (dishes done, counters wiped)
Showed up to any scheduled things (church, 4h, etc, we don't have much)

Showers are non negotiable for me I vowed not to miss them when I had my first child, remembering my mom being a martyr about missing showers when my brother was little. Feeding everyone is a given too, I can't buy convenience meals due to price and dietary restrictions and there's no delivery out here in the country and not much chance for takeout either. And the kids would pitch a fit if we skipped reading before bed we don't skip that often.
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I think what contitutes a successful day reflects the age of your children. With toddlers and babies, you might be driven up the wall if you needed a tidy environment. With older children, i find mere presence is enough, because children do their own thing.
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I agree with contactmaya. With two very young children at home, I can't keep up with messes, or I just wipe myself out trying too hard to keep the home clean all day long. But I do find I feel my day is successful if I have a chance to tidy up in the evening when they are sound asleep. It also gets my day off to a good start if I'm not confronted with a messy home first thing in the morning. I need to keep the basics done in order to feel OK.
However, there are many evenings when one or the other child is not sleeping soundly (esp baby girl who is teething) and my evening cleanup does not go so smoothly. Sometimes it takes me until midnight just to get the dishes done. Then I feel like my day has been less of a success, even if things had gone well for us all day long.
The way things feel for you at the moment, and the way things actually are, don't always match up. I think that quite often I feel less successful than I actually am. Just that, when I'm looking at a messy home, I'm not seeing the big picture, which is a family that is thriving, despite the untidiness!
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when I dont burn the food because I was too busy running around after the kids
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Too often it's how many worksheet pages get done, but in my heart of hearts, it's how often we laughed together.
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I feel successful when I am finally in bed and can take some rest! It feels so good that you can just relax now
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I feel successful when we get outside regardless of the weather. It doesn't have to be for long, but I aim for an hour even if its raining. My children can be so high energy, and it's hard inside. Plus, the house gets messy when we're inside in a way that it doesn't if we're outside. But it's also hard to get outside. It takes such a long time to get all the gear on for wet/cold weather, only to have to return inside moments later for any number of reasons (diaper, bleeding etc).
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Getting something done

Mostly, my day feels successful, if I got something done. The something is kind of variable. It could be getting a part of the house clean, that had not seen much attention in a while, it could be hosting a guest or going out on a special trip, it could be spinning or dying some wool (I'm a wool addict), or doing something in my garden.
I spend a lot of time with my children, that's what for I'm a SAHM. And because I spend so much time with my children, there is an awful lot of things that don't get done. Basically, my house is a mess and we live in creative chaos - so if I get done something to reduce the mess or get along with a project of some kind, I feel like I'm still in charge of my life rather than surrendering to complete chaos.
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When something positive - even something small - helps distinguish the day from others, in my memory; and the day did not seem to simply fly by in a sea of humdrum chores that all need to be done again, the next day.

Often it's our busiest days that feel successful because I look back and remember sports games; volunteering at school; a trip to a museum; a holiday; the start of the school year (shopping and sorting everyone's supplies, figuring out schedules and feeling pleased when they work smoothly); or a special meal I slaved over, which everyone enjoyed together around the table. In retrospect, those days always seem longer because they were so packed with different activities.

But arguably I like it even better when a calm day stands out in my mind and therefore feels successful. Snow days. Boxing Day, when all my pre-Christmas work already paid off; all the entertaining is done and we hang out in our PJs all day. The day my youngest son and I planned to spend at a museum, but it was closed, so we drove around aimlessly and discovered an old-fashioned ice cream shop, a covered bridge and a cool hiking path through the forest. The day in the middle of a fun-packed vacation when my sons and I had to spend hours at a laundromat, but we entertained ourselves with a Frisbee, bubbles and an ancient shuffleboard lane out back and I was pleased to see my teens and my kindergartener able to enjoy each other without some big plan, on my part. Mondays, when school starts an hour later than usual and I take my older sons out for breakfast.
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Originally Posted by wanderer_sitting_still View Post
I've been a SAHM for 2.5 years, but done 2 major moves, a new baby with 9 week NICU stay and 6 month stint as home daycare provider in that time. I don't feel like I have really gotten into a routine because of all the disruptions. I am in a rough spot right now, questioning my decisions to stay home, homeschool my almost 4 year old, etc.

So my question is, what things do you do to feel successful in your day? How do you gauge a "good day" ? What makes it seem a little easier?
Managing to work and get all meals done - that is succesfull
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I count my day as successful if I get at least two items on my To Do list checked off. I'm one of those crazy list-making types who has to have a legal pad on tap at all times. I feel like it helps me focus even on those days when my kids decide to stay up until midnight (really) and then wake up at 6am sharp.

If I don't get two items done, I try to consider if my kids learned anything that day. If they helped make dinner or didn't do some naughty thing they had been doing all week, I call it good anyway. Sometimes it's okay to not get everything cleaned, folded, and tidied. It just resets itself every day anyway.
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