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Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 08:47 PM 09-07-2005
I am due in late Nov.

This is our first.

I am home now, and will be -- till the end. Neither DH or I see any reason for me to be professional again, welllllllllll i do plan to get certified as a Bradley instructor........when the kids hit school (if we don't Homeschool) there will be PTA and church to keep my "busy" .

Just wondering if any one else was home, waiting on the baby...........


rozzie'sma's Avatar rozzie'sma 04:19 PM 09-08-2005
I'm not anymore, but I did stay home the last three months of my pregnancy. It was kind of boring, staring at that perfect nursey, and counting the days. But after DD was born, all heck broke loose. The nursery was never even used. I'm a SAHM to a nine month old now. Good for you. SAHM'ing is a great opportunity. Good luck on your impending birth
Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 04:23 PM 09-08-2005
glad to know i am not alone, though i can say i am not bored -- nusery is not done, house is not done, all our stuff is in storage........


i am getting really excited and anxious

celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 08:24 PM 09-08-2005
I quit work when I was 5 1/2 months pg with my dd and have been home ever since. I was really busy setting up the nursery (which has never been used by dd :LOL ) and working on making our half remodeled house feel like a home. Oh and I took a much needed nap everyday :LOL I somehow don't see that happening for me this time since my dd hates sleeping. I did get a bit impatient towards the end, but I think everyone does. Good luck with your little one!
Sharlla's Avatar Sharlla 05:41 PM 09-09-2005
I didn't work at all during either pregnancy.
phathui5's Avatar phathui5 05:15 PM 09-10-2005
Well, I just had my third, so I'm not in the same situation as you now. But when I was pregnant with #1, I was home for the last month of my pregnancy (quit working at 8 months pg). I spent a lot of time at the library or sitting around the bookstore.
onlyzombiecat's Avatar onlyzombiecat 10:10 PM 09-10-2005
I lost my job when I was about 5 months pregnant. I never got another one and then dd was born.
I'm kind of glad about the time I had pre-baby not working outside the home but might have liked to have had the cheaper insurance that I used to have when I was working. It seemed like there was always a lot to do.
chersolly's Avatar chersolly 12:37 AM 09-11-2005
For the last three months of my pregnancy I was on bedrest and unable to return to work. Does that count?
MamaMia*'s Avatar MamaMia* 03:30 AM 09-11-2005
I haven't worked during my pregnancy at all and will be staying home with Mia when she's here. I was so sick up until my sixth month, that I was really happy to be home. It amazes me that so many pregnant women are able to work through awful days like I had.
mom2owen1's Avatar mom2owen1 01:53 AM 09-12-2005
i was home too. i planned on working until around 6 months or so, but was so so sick i quit at 11 weeks. it was heaven!

i occassionaly miss doing nothing

owen, 10m
grypx831's Avatar grypx831 06:23 AM 09-12-2005
I'm not anymore, but I was due to medical problems and I am currently a SAHM. I love it, except it gets lonely sometimes.
Llyra's Avatar Llyra 10:01 AM 09-12-2005
I stayed at home for almost my entire pregnancy. I had a 90 minute commute, and the morning sickness was too much to handle while riding on a train, so I quit in the second month. I worked a few hours a week part-time just to get out of the house, until I went on bedrest at 31 weeks.
RubyWild's Avatar RubyWild 04:43 PM 09-12-2005
I was a SAHW for 2 years before we decided to have a baby, and then throughout the pregnancy. I loved it. After 4 years of college, 4 years of graduate school, and several years of work, I loved being what my friends called a "leisure wife." It made it much easier to enjoy my pregnancy. I slept when I wanted, exercised when I wanted, went to movies, read, sewed, painted...

april77's Avatar april77 11:40 PM 09-13-2005
I quit working when I was almost 6 months pregnant. I'd been commuting 1.5 hours each way for almost two years and just couldn't do it anymore. I loved staying home for the rest of my pregnancy. I finally had time to work on the house, finish the nursery (which ended up being a lovely closet and toy room), and just enjoy being pregnant. It also gave us time to adjust to living without my salary. We knew I wasn't going back to work, so this gave us time to work out a budget and all.

I agree with the previous posters - enjoy this time! Read, nap, go see movies, do all the things that it will be harder to do once the baby comes. I'm pregnant with baby #2 now and desperately missing the free time I had when pregnant with dd, it's just not the same at all.
~Quse~'s Avatar ~Quse~ 12:46 AM 09-14-2005
I've been out of the "work force" since I was 3 months pregnant with my first. During that first pregnancy I made a quilt, knit a scarf, practiced pre-natal yoga, read a lot, went to coffee/book shops...it was the life!!!

I absolutely would have LOVED to have been a leisure wife like Saudades. Too bad I didn't figure that out until I was already preggo (not that I would give up dd for anything )
counterGOPI's Avatar counterGOPI 01:31 PM 09-16-2005
i am!! i am!!!! im due this month but i have been a sah since last december. we were living in Korea and i couldnt work there so i had no choice but then we decided to have a baby and we knew that i would be staying at home to take care of her and homeschool anyways so i just never went 'back to work'. we just moved into this home so my projects have been mostly just making this house a home and trust me,its a lot of work the last ppl never ever cleaned in here and didnt know how to paint. ughh!!! but the baby's room is done at least the only thing that stinks is that my DH loves to live beyond our means so we have money issues a lot now but im trying to get that under control...
eleven's Avatar eleven 12:07 AM 09-19-2005
I was a teacher and was due in November. I finished up the year in June and didn't go back in September. (I did take classes over the summer and fall, but no full time work.)

Enjoy your pregnancy!
My Tiny Dancer's Avatar My Tiny Dancer 12:27 AM 09-19-2005
I was home my entire pregnancy! While it was very relaxing, it was VERY boring. We only had one car at the time, so I almost never left the house. The was the worst part of it for me. Consider yourself lucky though. Take the time to relax and enjoy yourself.
Nora'sMama's Avatar Nora'sMama 04:36 AM 09-19-2005
In the first three months of my pregnancy, I was working *two* jobs - the main one 12-14 hour days! (I took that job, which was a temp one, before I knew I was pregnant.) So after that craziness I kinda figured it was OK to not work full-time for the rest of the pregnancy. I kept my teaching job which was only three weekends every other month, and did some tutoring and freelance work...but I did *very little* paid work for the last half of my pregnancy (after a big freelance job ended in December).

Absolutely no regrets here. I think I would have found it very hard physically to work FT while in the 3rd trimester - I don't know how people do it. I had to have my naps. My feet swelled so bad. I'm really grateful that I didn't have to work for most of my pregnancy. We had the "extra" money from my crazy temp job and my nice freelance job, plus we are used to living on what is considered quite a low wage for this area of the country. We got a lot of hand-me-downs (for instance, the car seat and a bassinette) and so we were able to get absolutely everything we wanted for the baby even without a lot of $$ coming in.

The only problem w/ me not working while pg was that I spent too much time in my slightly reclining rocker in front of the computer, which may have contributed to DD not being in an optimal position...oh, the back labor... :

I really, really enjoyed my pregnancy (well, the last 6 months of it...I was working too much the first 3 months to even think about how I felt) and I hope you do too. I think SAH contributed a lot to my enjoyable pregnancy...I am also generally a disorganized (slightly ADD?) person and if I had been WOH full-time I don't know how I would have prepared mentally and physically for the baby and the birth.

KyleAnn's Avatar KyleAnn 05:54 PM 09-20-2005
I was a sahw during my entire pregnancy as well.....we had recently moved to another state, dh was working out of the house and it was a wonderful 9 months!! I got to spend everyday with my husband, whom I , and it was almost like we were spending that time together, just the two of us, while we still could! :LOL
There was a short period, where two nights a week I finished my pharmacy schooling, but other than that I was home.
timneh_mom's Avatar timneh_mom 12:12 AM 09-21-2005
Originally Posted by Aimee21972
I am due in late Nov.

This is our first.

I am home now, and will be -- till the end. Neither DH or I see any reason for me to be professional again, welllllllllll i do plan to get certified as a Bradley instructor........when the kids hit school (if we don't Homeschool) there will be PTA and church to keep my "busy" .

Just wondering if any one else was home, waiting on the baby...........

I was last year! I was due November 5th. I'd actually stopped working for a while before I got pg.
judejude's Avatar judejude 02:15 AM 09-23-2005
I didn't work the whole time I was pregnant and it was so nice. I could sleep whenever I needed to and I spent a great deal of time reading up on EVERYTHING
I really can't imagine working when you're pregnant, depending on the type of job (although I'm not one that's in to the whole working thing anyway

I figure you might as well do it the first time since if there's a #2 you'll be lucky to catch a nap(unless your kids are spaced 10 years apart :LOL

I think it's great.........and I say, do everything you can that you know you won't be able to do once the baby comes.
JenJMP's Avatar JenJMP 02:07 AM 09-27-2005
I work very PT, teaching 2 half days per week at a college.
I'm due at the end of Oct. and plan to be a SAHM (with the exception of 1 online class) after baby's born.

I can't imagine working FT plus managing a household while PG!
I am almost 100% responsible cooking, cleaning, etc; which isn't a full-time job, but definitely isn't doing "nothing" either! If I was working more hours, DH and I would have to renegotiate. (Which is what we'll be doing when baby's born!)

I also believe that it is no coincidence that I have stayed in very good shape (bike 50 miles/wk + lots of walking), have very few physical complaints, and virtually no mood swings! Rest is a powerful thing!

There are many ways to contribute other than a paycheck!
bri276's Avatar bri276 02:17 AM 09-27-2005
I was home from 4 months before pregnancy and still am and love it. I'm not a worky-type person and bored isn't in my vocabulary. Okay watching Monster Garage is boring. But I was very, very happy to be home esp. on those days w/ morning sickness, or achy backs, or taking naps, and eating 17 watermelons....lol. Couldn't imagine working full time through all that- lots of respect to those who did!