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sahmama's Avatar sahmama 10:46 AM 10-18-2005
My list:

- cook, all meals
- clean - wash floors, scrub bathroom, toilet, sinks, pick up after him and kids, dust, vaccuum, sweep, clean stove & counters, clean fridge, etc.
- dishes, wash, dry and put away
- any small repairs around the house, assembling anything that comes into the house - I'm better at that than he is
- laundry, wash, dry and fold
- washing, drying and stuffing diapers
- put away groceries, organize cabinets, keep track of what we need
- do any online banking
- medical appointments (make them and find a ride to drag myself or kids there)
- unpack (still working on one room from our last move)
- planning our wedding
- mail, pick up and send whatever needs to be sent
- sewing, mending

His list:

- work - wake up at 5:30 a.m., get home 5-6 p.m.
- kitty litter, hamster cage, cleaning up cat puke if it happens while he's at home, feeding animals
- garbage & recycling
- put DS to bed (he'll only go to sleep these days if Daddy's laying down with him)
- any banking/bill payments that can't be done online

Both of us:

- bathe kids at night
- play with kids once he gets home
- grocery shopping

He doesn't do much around the house - aside from stuff that requires me to clean up after him :LOL - but it is fairly even, considering he work he does during the day, although he admits he'd die if he had MY full-time job. :LOL

btlsmum's Avatar btlsmum 11:19 AM 10-18-2005
We have 4 kids, DH works anywhere from 45-60 hours a week depending on the time of year. For example, I'll be kissing him goodbye from Nov 1st through Jan 2nd as he'll be slammed at work.

I do the AM stuff which is basically, getting everyone up and moving for school, pakcing lunch, starting a load of laundry...

I do all housecleaning, bill paying, medical stuff, laundry and most of the cooking.

I do the bulk of the food shopping but DH will take the kids and go to the grocery whenever I ask him to. He does all outside work and deals with the maintenance of the cars. He also deals with the dog (poop, trips to vet, etc).

We split evening stuff, such as alternating who does baths with the kids. And once he comes home, the kids pretty much belong to him, he's Mr. Entertainment. He does fun project with them, takes them places etc. while I'm studying for school, cooking dinner, etc. (I take 2 evening classes). He cookes once a week since he manages a restaurant and doesn't really want to deal with the kitchen at home.

We are both involved with school. I do the PTA and he drives for field trips.
tink79's Avatar tink79 11:43 AM 10-18-2005
-All of the cleaning (dishes, washing floors, scrubbing tubs, all the fun stuff : )
-Taking care of DD
-All of the laundry
-Take the trash to the can
-Put groceries away (we grocery shop together unless he's having a super busy week)
-General house upkeep

-Brings home the bacon
-Yardwork (usually in the spring I plant the pretty stuff, he does the maintenance)
-Takes the trash to the curb on trash day
-Pays the bills
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 12:34 PM 10-18-2005
My DH does NOTHING. When we were both working, he did some dishes on the weekends, but that was about it.

Our kids are older and they do some work *for money*...mowing, tending the baby while I bathe :LOL ...but I usually do most of it.
beansavi's Avatar beansavi 12:37 PM 10-18-2005
I do whatever needs to be done-and I never get to all of it.

My hubby is the dinner cooker, though. Very nice. He also cleans compulsively, so that is handy, unless he's in a bad mood.....or I am.
taosmom's Avatar taosmom 01:50 PM 10-18-2005
We clean once a week : -I know, I know, but I've got a toddler!
He works from 2-midnight, so most mornings he's available to hang with our son, but here's a breakdown:
-Handle the finances
-Do the grocery shopping (we do this together on his days off)
-Laundry (sometimes he handles this when he wants some time to himself-laundromat) we CD, so it's every other day...our washing machine saga is deep, so I'll spare you the details!
-Cook 3 meals a day
-Do the dishes (he's happy to do them when he's home, though)
-Play with the boy
-Do the park/playgroup/activities thing
-Take care of the cat
-Plan the wedding
-Bathe the boy (he also does this 1x a week)
-Put the boy to sleep (he never does this since we're CLW)
-Do the nighttime parenting (again, CLW)
-Take all the pictures (he's really bad at this, I have like 5 with me it them!)
-Trash & Recycling (he does the composting though, thank GOD!)
All in all, the older our son gets, the more he's taken on...so I think I have a pretty deal at the moment. In the past I had to do everything because he was gone from 10 a.m.-1 or 2 a.m....it was hell. Now, things are WAY more balanced.
PadmaMorgana's Avatar PadmaMorgana 06:57 PM 10-18-2005
Hmmmm This could be funny...


*do the grocery shopping and meal making
*change diapers/help potty/get kids dressed during the day
*take the dog to the vet
*take the kids to preschool/tot time
*deal with preschool teachers/therapists/doctors
*clean....when I want to Vaccume, wash floors, dust, clean bathrooms, clean kitchen, wash clothes and diapers.
*entertain and mediate the kids all freaking day long
*run errands when I have the car (alas today was get gas and 3 -40 pound bags of dog food and go to the post office as DH forgot yesterday )


*works 9-10 hours a day with a 10 minute commute
*deals with work via cell phone and computer during his off time
*empties the dishwasher
*puts dinner away
*gets up with DS in the morning, getting him pottied and fed
*entertains and mediates the twirps...I mean...darling children in the evening.
*helps with diapers and potty in the evening
*helps with diaper and jammy time, including snuggling with DS while I put DD to bed
*Deals with the garbage, recycling and composting
*does the 'handy' things
*does the yardwork (we 'help' him)
*pays all the bills
*runs errands when he has the car...and he remembers. I need to start text messaging him :LOL
CerridwenLorelei's Avatar CerridwenLorelei 04:33 PM 10-19-2005
with housework


Alternate dishes with dd ( closet thing to a dishwasher we have)
laundry-excepty for dd and oldest ds. They are on their own. :LOL
all of the cleaning and day to day maintainance
ALL of the bill paying
grocery shopping
Making dr/vet/etc appts including most of his
Take the cars to have the oil changed/be inspected ( a very sore spot with me and one we have discussed with the therapist)
Read to the kids
play with the kids


Goes to work so we can pay bills and eat

Will clean up sheets if we have a puker _ i can do blood not puke or poop
Will order pizza to feed kids if I am down due to the IC/Surgery/migraines/fibro
Drives me to and from surgeries
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