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mothragirl's Avatar mothragirl 11:45 PM 12-12-2005
i stay at home with our daughter and don't make any money. xmas is important to my boyfriend (i could care less) so i want to do something nice for him. i'm not very creative when it comes to things like this. there are things he wants that cost money but i don't have a way to make some at the moment. what do yall do?

*andiflipping*'s Avatar *andiflipping* 12:47 AM 12-13-2005
Check in the frugality and finances forum....There are a couple of threads in there that should help you
HeavenLeighGrace's Avatar HeavenLeighGrace 04:55 AM 12-20-2005
Try making him a special dinner.....usually the best gists are the ones from the heart!!