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wendygrace's Avatar wendygrace 05:41 PM 04-30-2006
Originally Posted by Greenie
My DP works for Home Depot. He's also a musician, though.
Hey Carrie! What does your dh do for HD? Dh, ok, I have considered him working there. Dh is management. No matter what we talk about, he ends up talking about going into management/supervision of some sort. However he has lost all his confidence in his ability to manage others. Anyways, what is HD like?

DuckyTate's Avatar DuckyTate 06:07 PM 04-30-2006
Originally Posted by momto l&a
My dh is a :cop:

We have friends who own a carpeting cleaning business and they must do very well as they have a huge home, nice cars, lots of kids and nicely dressed.
Same here my husband is a :cop: Law Eforcement Professional with nearly 15 years on the job. He loves his work as much as he loves our family!
swimswamswum's Avatar swimswamswum 06:09 PM 04-30-2006
Originally Posted by vamp127
DH sells drugs.


He's a pharmaceutical sales rep for Boehringer Ingleheim. Pretty funny for a family that shuns docs ftmp.

This goes over really well when the DC tell it to someone.
My cousin's husband pushes drugs for Astra Zeneca and his political views are um, out of step with the rest of the family so we all say he's a drug dealer.
vermonttaylors's Avatar vermonttaylors 11:26 PM 04-30-2006
DH is a violinmaker. He makes the most beautiful violins, cellos and the occasional viola. Plus he does it from home which I LOOOOOOOVE!
CharlieBrown's Avatar CharlieBrown 05:01 AM 05-02-2006
DP has a MS in computer science, hardware engineer, upper management
MotheringHeart's Avatar MotheringHeart 01:18 PM 05-02-2006
Another military DH here. DH has a masters in operations research and does super secret satelite stuff. Most days he can't even tell me what he did at work and I've never seen his office during this assignment.....it's lovely. NOT
tyedyedeyes's Avatar tyedyedeyes 08:45 PM 05-02-2006
DH is a rough carpenter, and will be starting school this fall for mechanical engineering. Right now he makes about $30k. I feel really lucky, because just three years ago, DH was making $6.25/hr and getting sent home every other day because there was no work. That was really rough. I was working at the time, but we had no health insurance, and barely any money for food. We are extremely lucky to be where we're at now..

Oh yeah, and his employer is paying 90% of his tuition as well for him to go to school.

3 Little Monkeys's Avatar 3 Little Monkeys 08:57 PM 05-02-2006
computer geek He takes care of the computer system for a company that makes irrigation supplies
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