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I am sure this has been done before, but what is your day like? Here is mine for today. Pretty typical except for 4 year old poop issue.

woke up at 8:45 to fussy baby
nursed her instead of peeing so she would not cry
realized dog was crying to go out
realized 4 year old was crying in bed
after nursing, ran to let dog out and check on 4 year old
4 year old had pooped in her pants in her sleep and gone back to sleep
Had her follow me to bathroom
Checked her while I peed and baby fussed
Realized 4 year old had to have shower
Changed baby's poopy dipe and put her in bouncy
Let dog back in
Took shower with 4 year old. Underwear crusty so tossed it. 4 year old cries. Promised new My Little Pony undies next trip to Target
After shower, changed another poopy baby dipe
Got 4 year old and I dressed and hair brushed
Put baby in swing in kitchen
Fed dog
Turned on Noggin for 4 year old and got her breakfast to watch in tv room. Don't normally do this but we are all sick with a cold and I really needed her to just calm down so I could get breakfast for us all.
Nursed baby, again
Made breakfast for 4 year old
Washed out humidifier and put it to dry
Put baby back in swing and started my tea
Called dh to let him know what I've been doing and elicit some sympathy.
Made my breakfast
While tea brewing, put dirty clothes in washer
Cleaned out closet so pest guy can enter attic when he comes to see what has been crawling around up there
Put baby sling
Took breakfast downstairs to play on computer while 4 year old watches Noggin
Ate breakfast while chatting online with baby sleeping in sling. Drank tea when it was cool.
Baby woke up. Put her on floor for wiggle time.
Stripped 4 year old's bed and put bedding in washer
Pest guy came. Showed him where to look for mice
Nursed baby
Put baby back on floor
Talked to pest guy. No Mice!! Weird sounds on roof not in attic.
Shifted laundry to dryer. Put more laundry in washer.
Baby needed another nap. Back in sling.
Did bookkeeping on computer while baby slept.
Baby woke up. Back on floor for wiggle time.
Play with both girls on floor.
Nurse baby then put her in bouncy
Make lunch for us all
Shift more laundry between hamper, washer and dryer
Put closet back together
Put outgoing mail in mailbox
Shredded a month's worth of credit card offers
Picked up incoming mail
Ate lunch
Clean up after lunch
Baby back in sling for nap while I am surfing internet and chatting

It is now 1:30pm

For the rest of the day, I will fold laundry and put it away, make 4 year old's bed, maybe clean bathrooms, nurse baby and play with both girls some more, and possibly throw the frisbie for my poor, neglected doggy.

Luckily, dh will make dinner because I will be very tired by then!

I plan to go to sleep early tonite!
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You've made me tired!

Sounds like a good day though

Single Mom to 2 amazing little men. T(7) and B(5)
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Woke up at 7:00ish to nurse ds3
Got dressed
Fed the three big kids breakfast
Did a load of dishes
Started a load of laundry in the washer
Changed ds3's diaper
Ate a Luna bar
Cleared off and wiped down the dining room table
Cleared off and wiped down the kitchen counter and stove
15 month old I watch arrived at 9:30ish
Got food ready for playgroup brunch/ made banana bread
Helped ds1 with his math
10:30-1 Hosted playgroup brunch, nursed ds3

Changed ds2, ds3 and babysitting kid's diapers
Took a 45 minute walk with the kids to get babysitting baby to fall asleep in the stroller
Watched the kids play in the backyard
2:00 Mother's helper arrived
Nursed ds3
Changed ds3's diaper
2:30 Two kids I watch Tues/Thurs afternoon arrived
Flipped laundry from washer to dryer
Changed babysitting girl's diaper
3:30 The 15 month old I watch got picked up
Changed ds3's diaper
Helped ds1 with his homeschool stuff (math, Explode the Code, Bible reading) while mother's helper played with other kids
Two kids that live behind us and the boy next door came over
Nursed ds3

It's 4:47 now and most of the kids are watching The Land Before Time 3. Dh should be home soon. Two of the kids I'm watching leave at 5:30, then we'll make dinner, bathe all the kids, read stories, play outside some more, then put them to bed.

Midwife (CPM, LDM) and homeschooling mama to:
14yo ds   11yo dd  9yo ds and 7yo ds and 2yo ds  
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My days vary, I tend to be out and about quite a bit, I usually only have one free day where we don't have much going on and we can stay home.

Tuesday is a busy day for me.

pry myself out of bed
run downstairs to start the coffee
get half way ready
DD2 wakes up, so she sits and watches me finish
we pack up our basket of stuff we'll need for the day
get DD2 ready
make breakfast
wake DD1 up, and get her ready
we dash out of the house with eating breakfast on the way
gymnastics for DD1 is at 9am
next we head to the park for a HS group, we stay 5 hours :
3:30pm DD1 has tap/ballet class
5pm arrive back at the house

We had to eat dinner with the IL's tonight, so we dashed back to town later on. I'm enjoying sitting down right now. Tomorrow I'll be home until 10am until we leave for Waldolf storytime followed by another park day.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.
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Well, today, woke up early to the baby fussing. Laid there and willed her back to sleep. DIdn't work. Got up, fed her, took a shower, the older two got ready, got the baby changed, did breakfast and my computer stuff. Fought Autumn all day on school work and didn't get half of it done. Played Phase 10 Dice with Aiden. Oh, did laundry off and on today. Finally got out my winter clothes (been missing my sweaters this last week) and got out some kids' clothes to see if anything worth listing for sale right now. Decided we all needed to get out of the house (it's been cold and rainy for the last week), so packed everyone up and headed to Carl's Jr (LOVE their playground) and ate dinner. Hubby stopped by there on his way home from the airport (he was gone for the last week) and then we came home, worked on AWANA verses, played Clue, Jr, got the kids ready for bed. Kids all went down and Andrew and I have been playing the Nintendo 64. I think he's heading to bed, though, and I am going to go read.

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I have no idea what I did today, I can never remember :

I think that we spent about 4 hours at the grocery store, putting things in and out of the cart. I have taught him that you "buy it first, then open it later at home", but of course all anyone else in the grocery store understands is that DS is sitting in the cart yelling "Buy it, Buy it". Then DS announced that he had to go "caca on the potty" so then we paid and left, but he didn't really have to go. Apparently the car potty is really a monster in a red disguise.

We also went to the park, and I yawned about 50 gazillion times.

Then I pretended to be asleep for an hour until he finally fell asleep for the night.

Somewhere in there we ate some food and read a book about cats.
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Going to do chores in the morning. Then I'm taking my four kids and the 15 month old I watch to the Science Center. We have to be home by 2:30 to babysit a 5 year old and 3 year old for three hours.

Somewhere in there, I need to do a load of dishes, put away some laundry, feed ds3 8 times, change him just as many times, change ds2 and babysitting girl a bunch of times.

At leat I don't have to make dinner tonight, as on Wednesdays the lady who's borrowing a car from us drops dinner off.

Midwife (CPM, LDM) and homeschooling mama to:
14yo ds   11yo dd  9yo ds and 7yo ds and 2yo ds  
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My day started at 5:30. I was hoping that I didn't really hear the baby, and it was a dream, but no dice.
We get up, I nurse the baby, beg dh to make coffee.
Go get coffee, let the dog out.
Baby screams cause I went outside, and he wants to go "out, out, out."
Get breakfast for baby.
Let him eat cereal in front of the Wiggles while I drink coffee.
Tell daddy bye-bye. Another screaming fit, "out, out, out." Reassure him we'll go out soon.
Get dressed. Baby plays in bathroom.
Nurse baby down for nap. It's now 6:45.
Think about cleaning. Land on MDC instead. Have some more coffee
When the baby wakes up, we'll go over to Grandma's house, where she has an enormous back yard to play around in. And, she'll make us lunch. :

We'll head back at afternoon nap time, nad he'll sleep in the car, while I listen to books on tape (she lives an hour away).
Play some in our living room and on our back deck. Watch the baby torment the poor dog. Encourage the dog to "run away if you don't like the baby". Watch the dog stand still and shake in fear instead of running. :
Fold clothes while I watch Rachael Ray.
Daddy's home!
Cook supper while Daddy plays in the front yard.
Strip the baby down, we eat.
Bathe the baby, nighttime routine, and ah, it's 7:15, and all is quiet.
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Thanks for sharing, y'all!

Betsy, your day is right up my alley!
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