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mandymom3's Avatar mandymom3 02:24 PM 06-06-2008
Anyone like to share their best fathers day ideas?
I haven't got anything new. LOL
Would love to hear others best Father's Day meals/plans for the day.
Thank you!

Einen's Avatar Einen 04:56 PM 06-06-2008
My dad's going to be here too so we might all head out to a local park and have a cookout. There's a lake with paddle boats and a playground for the kids.

I really need to get my act together though, I still need to think of and buy gifts for both him and hubby.

DD's into making books so I'll help her do a nice one for dh.

Family Fun has a link with tons of ideas for Father's Days recipes, gifts, and cards.
crazyeight's Avatar crazyeight 06:14 PM 06-06-2008
not much thought going on here! my mom has decided to do one gift for dh and fil...they both have camaro's (one black, one white) and we had the kids wash the cars (which they love to do) and made a collage type photo with 2 photos of each car). we'll be making an 8X10 framed phot to hang on the wall/garage.

i WANT to do something else but dh is very hard to buy for and when asked what he wants he'll say "nothing". there are things he wants but its car related and COSTLY so not for a fathers day gift....not sure if we'll do anything else since i havne't even gotten a mothers day gift!
SugarAndSun's Avatar SugarAndSun 12:00 AM 06-07-2008
I just checked DH's schedule and he has a six hour bike that day, so that will be a lot of the day. I'm mountain biking two hours that day too... so maybe we'll grab some dinner.

He didn't give up his workout on Mother's Day so I don't plan to give up mine.

I don't think it was an accident that Mother's Day is placed a month before Father's Day!

I do usually do some cool thing with pictures for him though. This is the first year he won't be away on four years though.
Violet2's Avatar Violet2 02:20 PM 06-07-2008
I want to take DD and DH to a pottery place and make DH a coffee mug with her hand/foot print.

liss524's Avatar liss524 02:52 AM 06-11-2008
I'm getting him a couple of DVD's he requested, but I'm also surprising him with a framed photo of him and K right after she was born. Also, my dad wore the same shirt for all three of his kids births, and I asked DH to carry on the tradition. So I got his t-shirt that he wore at K's birth monogrammed with her initials and birthdate, with room for more. I think he'll like it. It's our first Father's Day, so I did more than I usually will, I think.