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Mods, don't know if this is the right forum for this. Feel free to move it if it isn't.

I'm wondering if there are SAHMs out there who babysit other children while their own child is still an infant. I'm currently on mat leave and will be until next April, at which point, I'll probably have to go back to work unless I can find a way to bring in some income while staying at home. At that point, DD will be about 10 months old. I'm wondering if it would be do-able to babysit another child (of the same age or younger) in our small 2 bedroom apartment, to help bring in extra $$$.

I'm really loving staying at home with my DD, and the idea of putting her in daycare, even at 10 months, totally breaks my heart. The sad thing is, I can bring in twice as much money as DH can, because of my prior work experience, university degree and bilingualism. We're doing ok now with his full-time salary and my mat leave, but we couldn't survive on his salary alone...

Input anyone?
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My youngest will be 17 months this weekend and I have been watching my oldest's dd bf this summer for extra cash. That wasn't so bad. Once the school year starts, I will be watching a 3 month old and I can not imagine doing that if my own were an infant. I don't think 10 months is too bad, but much younger might be difficult. You could always give it a go and see how it works out. Be prepared to give that family at least a couple of weeks notice to find someone else if it doesn't work out for you though. I think as far as the apartment goes, 2 small children in a small apartment isn't a huge deal. Are you on the 4th floor with no elevator and a bad back though? Think about other stuff that could make it difficult and weigh all the pros and cons Good luck!
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I stay home to pay full attention to MY children, and by taking care of others that would mean I would not have my full attention to my own children. However, luckily I do not need to extra cash, but babysitting others has never ever appealed to me, not one bit. Just another child to look after and I want to spend my time with my kids only.
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I did it for six weeks when my first was four months old. The other baby was two months at the time. I had just stopped working, money was tight, and a collegue from work was transitioning to a sahm. She asked if I would watch her daughter because the daycare they had chosen was awful. She paid me what she had been paying the daycare. It gave us enough money to make it through the holidays . I've thought since that if we ever really needed an income from me, I would babysit before I ever considered working away from my kids.

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I did it when my youngest was around 6 months and the child I watched was a newborn. Honestly, it took way too much time and attention away from my son and I didn't feel the money was worth it. Older kids might be easier, maybe doing after school care or something.

Good luck!
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I am a "write at home mom" and am also in school full time (online) while being a single mama so instead of putting my dd is daycare I recently asked one of the mom from our parent and baby swim class if she would be interested in some baby sitting...

She will be watching my dd 17 hours a week T,W,TH from 8:30 - 2:10 and I am paying her $10 per hour but she will get a 1099 (tax form) from us. To me it seems worth it on her end as well as on mine.

As a fyi - for the amount I am paying her my dd could be in a home daycare full time, so I think the SAHM is well compensated even w/ taxes taken out.

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I have been taking care of a friend's dd during the school year since she was 6 months old(she is now 2 1/2). She is 4 days older than my younger dd and comes to my house 2 mornings a week. It has gone really well. There were really just a few times when it seemed overwhelming. When she first started coming to me her mother was still nursing her so there were times in the morning that she was hungry and not thrilled about taking a bottle. That passed quickly and was really the hardest part.
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My DS just turned 1, and I will be taking a 3mo old into my home beginning Monday. It will be interesting to see how this goes. The extra $ was the motivation for us. I had $3k of unexpected dental work come up, which we do not want to go into debt for. So I am doing this and my hubby is increasing the amount of hours he puts in at work. If I like it and DS does okay, we may consider doing this on a long-term basis (I'll only be watching this kiddo until Dec.).
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I am. I have watched several children over the last few months. I currently watch a 26 month old 2-3 times a week. I was working M-F but it became too stressful and so I let a client go. It is not easy and I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to. However, I also was having a hard time with the idea of putting my little one in daycare at 6 months so I just didin't. My son is now 18 months. I have had 4 clients over the last 12 months, including the one I am currently working with. I had one little guy that was having a really hard time adjusting to daycare and would cry for hours. It was a really long month and I had to tell the parents it wasn't working out.

Good luck.

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i b-sit from time to time for my dear friend who works FT. i used to watch her DD 3-4 mornings a week for 3 hrs. it was manageable but not my ideal. now i only do it occasionally.
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I did for awhile, when my dd was about 13 months. The girl was a few months younger than my dd.

It was pretty bad. My dd needs me to nurse her down to sleep, and sometimes this took 20 minutes. I stuggled with what to do with my childcare girl - I'd use a pack and play, and she'd scream. It was horrible to have her crying, or my daughter crying.

The girl was also quite clingy, and I'd wear her all the time, but dd got jealous. My childcare girl would not sleep for me, but cried and whined.

Most of the money I made I easily spent on take-out food because I was so exhausted from caring for her I couldn't cook for my own family. If it was a choice between staying home with dd or sending her to daycare, I'd do it. But for us it was a way to earn a little extra cash, and I would not do it again for that reason.
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When my son was born I had been a nanny for 5 years for two different families. I also baby sat on occassion for other friends. I continued until DS was 3 and needed to go to preschool in our town. I did baby sit sporadicly. Most often going to the children's home. Now that my kids are in school. I'm a nanny part time. I just love holding babies. I do school age care in my home on snow days, and other odd no school days.
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I've recently started keeping a 10 week old son of a co-worker of my husband's. I couldn't keep just anyone's kid, but I like her and she's a good mom and she really likes my parenting style, etc. and really wanted me to watch him.

We're using the extra money to help with groceries and debt.

DS will be 3 in Dec. and it's trying at times because he can really be high needs, but I do think it's worth it to get our debt paid off that much faster and I'd hate to see the baby go to a daycare.

At any rate it's great practice for if we have another. And I'm learning even more patience which I sorely need. LOL

I've had to let a few things go, but I find that I focus even more on DS now and when the baby is here and everyone's awake it's definitely "kid time" whereas before I did a lot of other things while DS was awake from chores to working at my own business. I'm letting the business go a bit...really toning it down since it's not bringing in the money that babysitting would.

We're getting really good quality "kid time" because it's taught me to really focus on them instead of always thinking about the huge "to do" list that never goes away. I'm also getting better at getting things done with them instead of 'around' them....DS is learning to really help and learning some big kid skills which he's enjoying.

Also, since DS is the only young kid in the family and we don't have any friends with little ones, it'll be great when the baby is old enough that they can both play together, I'm looking forward to that.

So for us I think it's worth it.

loving a small homestead with DH and DS (12/2005) keeping it natural, frugal and back to basics :
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I am doing it right now, I started when baby was 2 weeks old because we really NEED the $$$$.

I watch an almost 3 yr old girl and I also pick her 6 year old brother up from school in the afternoons. I have them 3 days a week and the boy is one day older than my son so it works out great. I make $460 a month.

I do not have a childcare license and I do not plan on getting one, I am happy just watching one family at a time.

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I just started doing after-school are for a 7 year old girl. My dd is 17 months old. It has been really great so far-we needed some income coming in from me, but I didn't want to interrupt dd's nap schedule etc., b/c she doesn't sleep alone. I only work 15 hours per week though.

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my friend and i had our girls about 2 weeks apart. I started watching her daughter when the girls were about 8 months old, and they couldn't find a suitable nanny after she had to go back to work.

it has been AWESOME! i only have my friend's daughter about 20 hours a week, but the girls have become such good friend's. they learn from each other, and it makes everything a lot less boring during the long, rainy season here in oregon

now i'm pregnant with #2, and even though my friend is going through a hard financial time right now, i'm continuing to watch her daughter for free.

i have been pretty tired, and it is so much easier for my daughter to have someone to play with when my energy is too low to chase and tickle her as much as she wants!

for nap times, we have a tandem-like arrangement. my daughter nurses, sitting on one half of my lap, and my friends daughter takes a bottle (of breastmilk-- her mom pumped exclusively through a more-than-six-month nursing strike... can you believe it?! i just had to throw that in there!) while sitting on the other half of my lap. when the girls fall asleep, i either hold them and doze myself, or read, depending on how tired i am!

this situation is wonderful for us.

it has gotten easier as the girls have gotten older (they are almost 17 months old now.)

during the hard times (when both girls are melting down) i put my daughter in the ergo carrier on my back (which she loves) and hold my friend's daughter until everything settles down.

i couldn't imagine doing this with someone who didn't have a very VERY close parenting style to mine, and i'm pretty sure that having a situation work out this well isn't the norm.
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I am on the other side - several of the sitters I HIRE are moms. One of my sitters sits while her kids are in school. Another is a SAHM who sits on Friday & Saturday nights when her husband is home with their children. Both of these sitters are sitters I've hired through a local sitter placement service, which might be an option for SAHMs wishing to work evenings or weekends. The sitters email their schedule to the service on a weekly basis, and the service owner places sitters with clients needing sitters that week. I pay $13per hour to my sitters (the service bills me separately) - no benefits, but you do get the occasional meal included.

Mom to John (age 11), James (age 9) & Katherine (age 5)
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I started sitting for a 10 month old when my own daughter was 10 months old. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it wasn't -- it did tend to get easier as they got old enough to play together. They're 3 now (!) and adore each other, though I don't sit anymore.

I made $12/hour (pretty standard for our area) and it helped a lot. What also helped was that the other mom and I had pretty similar parenting styles in a lot of ways, so she'd pop in to nurse her daughter periodically, and we did the whole thing without TV. You really don't need a lot of room! When they started walking I'd take them to the park.

It really depends on who you're sitting and who your kid is, I think. If you get a good compatibility (in terms of personality and developmental stages) it can be awesome.
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I am now. I have a little girl here 2x a week the same age as my baby (one month younger). There are challenges, but overall I'd say it's very worth it, and he loves having another baby around. I have to keep protecting her because he's kind of mobile and she's not *at all*

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