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rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 04:49 PM 05-25-2009

Anyone still writing for AC? Any newbies out there?


From Heather's Original Thread for AC:
In accordance with the UA, please adhere to the following rules: Please do not post links to your Content Producer page or your articles, in your posts or signature. Please do not spam users in private with these links unless they have asked. If someone asks you for a link, send it to them in a private message. Swap links only in private and when solicited.

You may tell us when you have a new article posted and what it is about, but again, do not link it. There is no need to say "See my CP page for it" or "PM me for a link" and so on to self-promote, because we all know that we can check your CP page or PM you. Keep self-promotion to a minimum. All we need to know is that you wrote something new and what it's about, and if people want to, they will take the initiative to find the peice and read it. Telling us the exact name of the piece is not recommended, because that's about the same as posting the link.

Welcome to the Writing At Associated Content Thread! We love to have newbies, just join in!

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


fullofgrace's Avatar fullofgrace 02:52 PM 05-31-2009
Moving to the Writing for the Web Forum.

Please take a look at the updated guidelines for MDC's rules for these threads. Thanks!