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Twocoolboys's Avatar Twocoolboys 11:32 PM 12-13-2007
I don't do too much networking at AC anymore because of that (and the fact that I've been so busy trying to get ready for Christmas and get ready for the baby due next month). I'm at least partly convinced that page views really do seem to come mostly from keywording. I also haven't been promoting at Suite, other than my first few articles. I don't promote at AC right now either. I may get back into that after the baby is born though because I am not entirely convinced that it doesn't matter.

My preschoolers and Christmas article at Suite has 541 page views and it's been up since 11/29. My toddlers and Christmas trees article at AC has 102 page views and it's been up since 12/3 (though I submitted it on 11/27). I just don't think the articles are all that different in style and keywording or in number of days being live. I find it interesting that the Suite article has 5 times the page views. This has happened with other articles too.

MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 11:42 PM 12-13-2007
I looked up the google page ranks for the two sites - is a 7/10 and is a 6/10 so it is likely that the search engine placing is because of the difference in sites.

Just for comparison is a 9/10, is a 9/10, is a 10/10 - so getting a 10 on their ranking isn't easy by any measure.
Twocoolboys's Avatar Twocoolboys 12:02 AM 12-14-2007
Hmm... Interesting. Any idea what affects the page ranks for a particular site?

So, maybe promoting and social networking is more important at AC to make up for the lower page rank? Any thoughts? I don't know that it is even possible to do much social networking at Suite and they really don't seem to push promoting too much.
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 12:14 AM 12-14-2007
And your Christmas tree article was featured in holidays too... That is noteworthy.

I am actually getting exhaused with the social networking end of AC. I just can't keep up and it takes up to much time.

I think Suite really tries to educate and guide you more to create articles that are search engine friendly and it sort of eliminates the need for inner networking.
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 12:50 AM 12-14-2007
I think Jenny hit the nail on the head with this one. Suite helps you tailor your article towards SEO (search engine optimization) whereas AC just seems to be going for the bulk numbers. I have a friend who has helped me understand SEO and has worked with me for several months on it (I write for his various projects). SEO is an ever-changing animal though.

I don't do so much promotion via AC, even though I've just started. I Digg the item and that's about it. I am trying to incorporate keywords and other SEO tools in order to make the stories come up in the searches.

There are a ton of great websites and books out there on SEO. is a good one - they have a lot of information about marketing, etc but their "content is king" section is one that I have found useful while writing for my friend.
Twocoolboys's Avatar Twocoolboys 01:06 AM 12-14-2007
Originally Posted by evies_mom View Post
I am actually getting exhaused with the social networking end of AC. I just can't keep up and it takes up to much time.
I agree. I was tired of it too. And, when I think about it, it was a lot of time and effort for pennies. I think it did increase page views some, but not enough to pay me for my time.

Originally Posted by MyTwoAs View Post
There are a ton of great websites and books out there on SEO. is a good one - they have a lot of information about marketing, etc but their "content is king" section is one that I have found useful while writing for my friend.

Thanks! I definitely need to learn more about this. I'm going to check out that site.
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 01:12 AM 12-14-2007
Originally Posted by Twocoolboys View Post
I agree. I was tired of it too. And, when I think about it, it was a lot of time and effort for pennies. I think it did increase page views some, but not enough to pay me for my time.

I also appreciate the tip on SEO, will check it out.

Published another article this evening. If anyone reads it and has anything jump out at them that needs improvement, please feel free to let me know. No matter how minor (or major) of a detail.
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 01:53 AM 12-14-2007
Jenny - I don't see an article dated today on your articles page. I published one about an hour ago and I already saw it go through the main page but it isn't on my articles page either - maybe there's a bit of lag there. I'll check for your article in the am.
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 10:06 AM 12-14-2007
It's up there now. I read yours, great job. I caught 1 booboo- hope you dn't mind me mentioning.

Children awaiting a visit from Dun Che Lao Ren decorate their -> Children, awaiting a visit from Dun Che Lao Ren, decorate their
Twocoolboys's Avatar Twocoolboys 12:27 PM 12-14-2007
MyTwoA's - What a neat idea for an article! I love the picture of the traditional Santa that you included with it. Did you notice that your article summary in green at the top got cut off? That is another one of those limited fields that Suite has.

ETA - I just read your article too, Jenny. It reminds me that I need to get some lansinoh before the baby is born. I swear by it. Even though this is my third and I've got the latch thing pretty well down by now, I'm sure there will still be some soreness. Are you a lacatation consultant? You have a lot of knowledge.

Just a quick tip for both of you - If you hold your new articles to post first thing in the morning, then they will be on the "today's articles" page for the whole day, rather than just for an hour or two at night. I'm sure that it doesn't get you too many more page views overall. But I think it takes a couple of days for articles to be indexed by google, so in the meantime, you can squeeze out a few more views. You can even submit your article at night, just check the "draft" box and then check the publish today box in the morning.

I have one more holiday article up today. That is it for Christmas articles for me. I'm so tired of that topic - lol. I really want to do a few Valentine's Day articles and a few parenting articles. I've got 9 articles to go to meet my December goal.
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 01:54 PM 12-14-2007
Thank you both for your feedback, I've got those two errors fixed. It's funny with commas I'm either feast or famine - either I have too many or not enough. My first essay in my English course this semester the professor suggested more comma usage, the second essay he suggested I lay off a bit. LOL

TCB - Thanks for the tip on publishing in the morning, great idea! Love your latest article, that's something I've never thought of but I know the kids would love it. I'm going to have to remember to do that for next year.

Jenny - Great article on the Lansinoh, that stuff really is a lifesaver. Your ideas were presented very clearly and you have great sources.
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 03:55 PM 12-14-2007
You ladies are awesome. I am appreciating the tips.

2A's - I know what you mean about the commas. I also worry that I overuse/underuse them.

TCB- Nope, not an LC though I have paperwork from the IBLC on how to become certified. Luckily, I have many of the preliminary classes already under my belt (things like nutrition, child development, etc). It's one of those dreams I have but I don't know if it will go anywhere. Right now I don't have the finances/resources to take the classes. I had some unique problems nursing dd1. I managed to nurse through them and in the process learned a good deal about bfing. I've become passionate about bfing education, though I try not to be too judgemental for women who make different choices. Anyway, I am one of those people who absorbs facts and statistics pretty well- but ask me my phone number or where my house keys are.... Oy. Thanks for the compliments!
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 01:01 AM 12-15-2007
Jenny - I think when you write about something you have a passion for the writing is that much more compelling. For my writing course that just finished we had to do a final reflection looking back over the semester. Three of my four papers were on parenting topics and I aced all three of those papers. In my reflection I wrote specifically about writing for something that you have experienced and have a passion for really bumps your writing up to a higher level. Does that make sense?

So I've been reading a bit more about SEO today. I googled international christmas traditions and am at #11 out of 235,000, not bad. My goal is to be on the 1st page of google but hey, I'll take what I can get. I wanted to share a link from the SEO book I'm reading that has some links to SEO sites/blogs.

Since suite uses the google ads SEO is what is going to draw people in and get them to click. So for Suite, your revenue is all about SEO. Being featured in one of their sections is a big help as well but SEO is likely going to bring in the most traffic.

My friend has really helped me along with the concepts - he is the webmaster for a major travel company and then has his personal projects that he uses my writing. At one point he received a check from google ads for over $10k in a single month. It's crazy.
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 06:41 AM 12-15-2007
Insomnia -yuck. I was able to get my latest story published right at midnight Pacific though. I looked at my page views and I received hits from ten different search topics on my International Christmas Traditions article. I really like that you can see what is bringing in the traffic. The revenue section wasn't updated yet so I'm unsure if anyone clicked.

I spent some time reading on the forum and I think I am going to try to stick to a few topics for self-referring links. Special needs parenting and holiday-specific pieces is what I will likely focus on for the time being. I am also going to go ahead and put up a blog for self-promotion if for nothing else than to get my articles indexed by google more quickly. I'm not sure if I'll use one of the domains I already own, start a new domain, or just use blogger. Right now I am leaning towards blogger since it is a google product.

Pardon any typos as I am posting from my iPhone. Oh I also got both of your rss feeds added to my google reader so I won't miss any articles.
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 09:55 AM 12-15-2007
I can't figure out hw to get the rss feeds to work.

You are full of tips, Melissa.

I am doing the same for now, focusing on bfing primarily. I have a few other topics I may touch upon though. We'll see what inspires me.

I would agree I write best about the topics that I am most passionate about.
Twocoolboys's Avatar Twocoolboys 10:51 AM 12-15-2007
Hey girls. I definitely need help with SEO. I applied to be a feature writer in the parenting methods section and heard back from Mikala yesterday. She is undecided and is getting Irene Taylor's opinion. Irene is the editor for the parents and partners section. But, she did tell me that my SEO still needs more work. I know it does, but I didn't think it was that bad.

So, would you both pick an aritcle of mine and give me some SEO tips? One of the more recent parenting articles, like organizing toys, attachment parenting or toothbrushing troubles. Maybe if I can show that I worked on some of these over the weekend, it will influence their decision. Thanks in advance!
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 12:34 PM 12-15-2007
TCB - I sent you a PM with my seo feedback on the organizing toys article - I don't want to vioalte any UA rules here with links etc. Jenny, if you want to see what I said to her I can PM it to you as well if TCB doesn't mind - I'm not trying to keep it private just wanting to respect MDC's rules.
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 12:55 PM 12-15-2007
Sounds good to me girls!

I have a busy weekend slated, TCB. Sunday night I will take a look and PM you.

I really, really am appreciating the constructive feedback too. PLEASE keep it coming.

Have a good weekend!
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 01:41 PM 12-15-2007
Enjoy your weekend Jenny!

Here's a program I ran across that looks useful: - it does a bunch of things but also let's you see your keyword density.

I've got my blog up at blogger, if either of you start a blog please let me know so I can add it to my blogroll. I also wanted to know if it was OK for me to add both of your Suite profiles to my blog. I am envisioning a section with links to some favorite writers for purposes of networking. If you'd like a link to my blog just let me know and I'll PM it so you can see it first. I can't post it here because it has links to my works on it.
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 02:11 PM 12-15-2007
I use textalyser as well. Very helpful link.

I *hope* to get my blog set up this week. I will link you both as well. Feel free to link to my stuff.

Have a great weekend! (We are setting up bunk beds for our girls- exciting, but aggravating all at the same time!)
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 02:17 PM 12-15-2007
Oh bunk beds - sounds fun but like you said aggravating as well. I hope it goes smoothly.
Twocoolboys's Avatar Twocoolboys 02:35 PM 12-15-2007
Thanks, MytwoA's! That feedback was exactly what I was looking for. Feel free to pm it to Jenny. I also don't mind if you link my Suite page to your blog.

I should really do a blog. I actually started one last spring and never got too far with it. I focused on environmental articles, but I didn't like it and ended up deleting the whole thing - lol. I'm not really writing environmental articles anymore, but maybe I should do a general parenting blog. That's a project for after the baby though - lol!

Please pm your blog links. I would love to see them!

Have fun with the bunk beds!
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 11:33 PM 12-15-2007
Bunk beds are up and it didn't go to badly!

I set up my writing blog. I went with I have a private livejournal account, but like 2As thought blogger would get higher traffic. I'll PM my link to you both.

Also, can we put a link to our blog in our siggie? I know I have seen others who have links to their craft blogs and from their the link to their online stores, so can we do that with writing or not?
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 11:36 PM 12-15-2007
Oh an I am new to blogger- so please let me know if you have any suggestions.
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 08:14 AM 12-16-2007
you can view the blog now = had it set to private by accident.
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 08:24 AM 12-16-2007
I am really psyched, my lanolin article is doing really well and getting tons of hits from google. It's helping to see what people are googling to get me. It's kind of interesting that in some instances, I am the first hit based upon what they typed, though what they typed had additional words in it with my keywords that I may not have expected.

Though yesterday when I tried it out, when I googled breastfeeding and lanolin, I was the fourth hit. Today, I am the 16th. Arg...
evies_mom's Avatar evies_mom 09:58 AM 12-16-2007
Talking to myself this morning, lol. Published another article. It's not showing up yet, but should soon.
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 05:05 PM 12-16-2007
LOL Jenny - good morning!

Glad the bunkbeds went up well.

On the link to your blog, I had a link to my mommy blog in my sig for a while but took it out because it was in violation. I had the google ads on my blog and evidently that made it a "business" so I'd have to pay for the business membership in order to keep the link in. Well the ads don't pull in even enough to cover the membership so I took the link out. I would think that the same would apply if we linked to a blog that in turn had links to something that creates revenue. I'd guess those with links to their personal store in their blog are in violation as well - a store very likely brings in more than adwords ($15/8 months for my adwords hehe).

It sounds like you're getting a lot of solid traffic from google - crazy how you bounce around like that - it doesn't make much sense, does it? LOL
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 11:52 PM 12-16-2007
TCB - Your story on grocery shopping with kids is great! The last paragraph suggests readers look at two stories but neither are hyperlinked thought; that caught my eye and I thought you'd want to know.

Jenny - I'm not seeing your most recent article yet. I read somewhere that they are updating the site so it's kind of hokey right now. Can you PM me the link?

I looked at the "today's article" for yesterday and the day before and neither article that I wrote shows up - they are on my artciles page through my profile but don't show up on the "today's article" link. I'm wondering if it is like AC and they only listen certain articles.

In going through the site it's not laid out really well for a person landing on the homepage and travelling from there. The landing pages don't have all the stories and then the stories that are linked in the left-hand column don't stand out. Not that that many people start from the homepage so it's no big deal really, just something that kind of annoys me. Thankfully most hits come in via searches.

I put up my 5th article today, this was about "heavy work activities" for kiddos with sensory processing disorder. These were all things I learned through my kids' occupational therapy so no sources to cite. The only thing is I couldn't find any suite stories to link to.
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 11:56 PM 12-16-2007
Hmm okay I think I may have found an answer to my problem.

Lately when I fill it all out it would mess up and erase a lot of my data so I've been saving as I go and then at the end I hit publish. Well I just went back in and edited my story from today to add a hyperlink in and *poof* there it is on the today's articles. I'd read about that being a bug but the symptoms were a bit different than what I was experiencing. O'well, fixed it.
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