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ambotchka's Avatar ambotchka 06:24 PM 09-22-2007
I don't post on here very often because, well, I don't post very often anywhere. But I have to post this:

I got an email from an editor at Scholastic who congratulated me on being runner-up in the SCBWI work-in-progress grant. I was shocked! Then, he went on to say he liked my manuscript and would I please consider letting him see the rest! He said my story would probably be a good fit in his imprint.

Now, I have to hurry up and finish my book so I can send it to him! (Ah, the pressure... I love it!)

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TypingMJ's Avatar TypingMJ 07:35 PM 09-22-2007
Wow, congratulations!
miss_nikki's Avatar miss_nikki 03:37 PM 09-23-2007
Congratulations! That's awesome!
madskye's Avatar madskye 08:01 PM 09-23-2007
Wow! Arthur Levine (I went to your blog)!!! He is US editor for Harry Potter and the original US editor of THE GOLDEN COMPASS/Philip Pullman. You're in great company.

rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 12:41 AM 09-24-2007
oh wow, how exciting for you! Thanks for sharing your news!
danaan's Avatar danaan 07:20 PM 09-25-2007
Super super cool! Nice work.