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Blogger 19 61.29%
Typepad 2 6.45%
Wordpress 5 16.13%
Other 5 16.13%
Voters: 31. You may not vote on this poll

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CarenSwan's Avatar CarenSwan 11:28 AM 01-14-2008
Tell me about the pros and cons of blogspot, typepad, wordpress, etc. I'm attracted to the look of typepad, but I've seen nice looking blogspot and wordpress blogs, too. TIA! :

MeniacleBrat's Avatar MeniacleBrat 11:41 AM 01-14-2008
I said "other" because *where* I blog is my own site... but I use wordpress. Its not as customizable as I would like... but Im also still learning all of its features, etc. I would ahve to say though... for the most part, I really do like it (better than website based bloggers that I have tried in the past).
ErikaLeigh's Avatar ErikaLeigh 06:31 PM 01-14-2008
I have three blogs with blogger, so I guess you can see how much I like it!
ashesofyou's Avatar ashesofyou 07:32 PM 01-14-2008
I have wordpress on my own .com

The software is much easier to use than anything else DH has tried to set me up with.
JackieR's Avatar JackieR 12:21 AM 01-15-2008
I have a blog that I post to intermittently at mamasmind.blogspot.com - I really like blogger but I know some have reasons for choosing others.
Rockies5's Avatar Rockies5 01:26 AM 01-15-2008
I have wordpress @ wordpress and a negleted blog.com
lisarussell's Avatar lisarussell 12:33 PM 01-15-2008
I have a few at blogspot but I have never really tried anything else. I am interested in reading the pros and cons also. I used to have my own domain but I lost it and they're trying to sell it back to me for a very stupid amount because it's still getting hits. It's been like 7 years. I'm really kicking myself for letting it go.
chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 01:42 PM 01-15-2008
I use WordPress.com. I like it because I think it is easy to use and looks and feels more professional than Blogger. My biggest complaint about WordPress.com is that I can't use Javascript on my blog.

I liked Blogger because it was really easy to customize and I could make it look exactly the way I wanted - the code was probably a mess, but I didn't care. There were a lot of plug-ins/add-ons for Blogger, too. I got more detailed traffic statistics using an add-on.

I switched for two reasons. First, I wanted to be able to post under a password sometimes. Second, when Google scooped up Blogger, it made it nearly impossible for me to be logged into Blogger AND to my personal (non-blog) Gmail account at the same time.

I never bothered with Typepad because it wasn't free. This may not be true now, but when I looked at it, even after you'd paid you had to have ".typepad" in your URL. If I'm paying, I want the ".SERVICE" part to go away.
wordmommy's Avatar wordmommy 03:26 PM 01-15-2008
I like Blogger. I have a site at wordpress that was going to be my online Pagan journal, but I have a hard time with the format and getting widgets to do what I want them to do. Blogger is MUCH more user friendly, imo. Just as an example, the moon phases widget on my blogger account--I couldn't figure out how to get it on wordpress. I did everything I could think of, but it just wouldn't "go." I guess I could have dithered around with it some more, but I'm busy and I need something I can deal with quickly, kwim?
lauradbg's Avatar lauradbg 08:18 PM 01-15-2008
I just started blogging this year. I like Blogspot so far. Although when I see other people's blogs they look so much better than mine--I'm not sure where people are getting art for their headers or different colors that don't seem to be in the color/font area.
wordmommy's Avatar wordmommy 08:52 PM 01-15-2008
They're probably going into the area where you can edit the HTML code and changing it there. There's a place in the template area where you can add a picture, but I haven't messed with it yet.
mamabebe's Avatar mamabebe 07:08 PM 01-21-2008
I use wordpress. I used to use blogger, but I didn't like that I had to register different usernames and email addresses to keep my blogs from being linked together. As far as I know, wordpress doesn't link your blogs together, but I may be wrong about that.
girlmama28's Avatar girlmama28 07:40 PM 01-21-2008
I use blogger because it is super easy. I am not fully functional on the computer and haven't done much more than research and reading online (and a little bit of shopping). But blogger has been very easy to get started on for a newbie.
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 01:54 AM 01-22-2008
I also voted other. I use Wordpress as well but on my own domains. I really like Wordpress, its easy to use, has great features, and is a simple install on your own domain.
marisa's Avatar marisa 03:03 PM 01-31-2008
I'm perfectly happy with Blogger. :-) I like free.
Turkish Kate's Avatar Turkish Kate 05:20 PM 01-31-2008
I was using Yahoo 360 until the end of the year and then switched over to Multiply. Free, customizable, allows pics and video, privacy settings, easy to use, and I like it. My daughter likes it, too, and now is keeping a blog of her own. See sig for links.