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momfirst's Avatar momfirst 05:12 PM 10-12-2009
Hello! I've been on/off this board for a few years...but I am totally new to the blended family/step parenting thing.

I have a 21 year old DD, and have been divorced forever. I met Honey 2 years ago. He has 2 DS's. One is 20, in college and working we don't see him as often as we'd like, and the other one is 16 and Honey has him 1/2 time.

Honey and I have decided to move in together! We are together all the time and while our children have only really been together on Holidays, we each have a great relationship with each other's kids.

Things are really great...and I'd like advice on how to keep it that way! I treat Honey's boys as I would want someone to treat my DD. Honey is fantastic with my DD. The "kids" get along fine...but they aren't close and I really don't expect them to be. They rarely see each other and it's not like they are 'growing up' together.

DD wants to move in with her boyfriend, who lives in our same town. I'll be moving about 45 minutes away. Since my DD is going on 22, I thought letting her make her own decision on where she wants to live is fine.

So, any tips on keeping things running smoothly? Any books I should read or websites I should look at? Oh, as for ex's...mine hasn't had a relationship with our DD in quite a few years, Honey's ex and I get along fine...we're not friends, but we have no bad history or feelings toward each other.