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sostinkinhappy's Avatar sostinkinhappy 09:16 PM 01-01-2010
My shiny new year wouldn't have started off with an angry email from my ex, asking why I hadn't signed, scanned, and sent him back the paperwork re: Extended Parental Visitation for the summer time. *sigh* I actually did, back at the beginning of October when he originally filled it out & sent it to me. I even did it within three hours of him sending me the email. Turns out he forgot to check his email to see if I had responded. All I can say is God bless gmail. It made it very easy to search for the original email correspondence and forward it to him & the ORS case officer, original dates & times intact.

Also, in my perfect world he would actually read the emails I send him on a regular basis regarding our son prior to calling me and telling me that I "never" update him about what is going on. (Granted, I don't talk to him on the phone about stuff much because being yelled at and hung up on is no fun...I figured email was a much more peaceful way to communicate). Once again, God bless gmail and it's search function. It's nice to have the ability to simply search & forward the relevant emails.

Also, in my perfect world, I would be a size 6 and have finished my PhD already. Those two things are attainable with a bit of time and some work. I don't think I can make him read emails though...

morgainesmama's Avatar morgainesmama 12:30 AM 01-21-2010
I see that you posted a few weeks ago -- but I wanted to send *hugs.*

xH served me custody paperwork right before Christmas; I was wrapping the kids' Solstice gifts and getting ready to make Yule dinner when the sheriff's dept. arrived to serve me.

We have similar phone/email issues.

I hope the year's gotten better since New Year's Day ....