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ArtsyHeartsy's Avatar ArtsyHeartsy 08:21 PM 02-01-2010
DSS wants to play baseball, he has been asking us for a while now. We were waiting it out to see if he changed his mind, as he is prone to do, or if sign-ups for a less pricey sport came about. (baseball is expensive and he's never played before, at 11)

Anyway, DH wrote an email to his mom stating that he wants to play and we were planning on signing him up this week, but he wanted her input. They only have one car right now, and as anyone with sport kids's quite a commitment, probably 4x a week. DH did offer to take him to practices if she can't. (he's so nice!)

I'm nervous because every single situation with her has turned into something else. Last time he asked her to bring dss to school early on her week for a dad's n donuts thing, she wouldn't answer him. (this was via text) Instead, made fun of him for mispelling dss's name (easy to do in a text) and then accused me of something dss lied about. Never answering the question.

I'm afraid that dss asking us to sign him up will threaten her, the fact that we have done research on what the baseball season entails, and we know board members...will also threaten her which is never, ever a good thing with her.

She's like a cat who thinks she's backed in a corner trying to scratch our eyes out, when usually we are just trying to be civil.

I think dh is really nice to her, he's not friendly, but civil and respectful in the way we wish she was with us. When she signed him up for soccer, 2 or 3 years in a row, she never told us just sent a paper with him to school that said his practice started that week. So sometimes I don't want to tell her things, but then again, we really do try to take the high road. It's so hard sometimes and any communication with her has me on edge waiting for a response!


MommaKitten21's Avatar MommaKitten21 10:51 PM 02-01-2010
I know how your mind can wander as you wait for that darned e-mail! Ughh. Trust me, we deal with situations like that quite frequently lately.

Hopefully this time things will be different!! Wish you the best of luck!!