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brookie514's Avatar brookie514 06:42 PM 05-06-2010
Anyone dealing with this? I have a case worker in NC telling me I need to keep the case there, since he lives there. the VA case worker says I need to close it so they can pick it up. NC says VA will have to be the one to enforce it anyway. VA says that they will be guiding NC in enforcement. NC has let him get 2 years behind without so much as one court date. Not one. Oh, except the one he has in a few days to lower his order (not that he's paying anything), only he didn't file it correctly so no one got word until last week. So what is the right thing to do? Should I transfer it, or leave it?? TIA, mamas.

sirkka wirkki's Avatar sirkka wirkki 06:48 PM 05-06-2010
I went through interstate through Vermont and California. Inara was born in vermont, but her father lives in CA. VT handled it in terms of getting CA to process the order. My understanding is that if he lives in VA, they are responsible for enforcing it, but NC is responsible for helping you file the order. Don't know if that helps.
Katsmamajama's Avatar Katsmamajama 02:03 AM 05-11-2010
With my husband's child support file, his caseworker is in OR, DSS lived in AZ, and we lived in OH (and now HI). His ex had filed in OR before moving to AZ, and didn't have to move it.