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VocalMinority's Avatar VocalMinority 04:46 PM 09-10-2010
Here, for simply walking into the City-County Bldg. and forking over less than a dollar, you may have copies of every police incident report ever associated with any address in the city. For slightly more effort, you may have a cassette copy of any 9-1-1 call associated with any address you name. (At least, a few years ago that was true. I suppose things could've changed since then.)

Evidently, to get similar records from CA, you're supposed to know the exact date and approximate time of the incident and be a "concerned party". Do any of you know if they're unbending about that? Specifically:

* Might an out-of-state ex-husband be considered a "concerned party", if his minor child has extended visits with his ex-wife in CA; she's fighting for the child to move back there with her; and she recently had some alarming bruising and is living with a BF with a history of domestic battery accusations from other women? (In other words, if there have been police runs to her place, over DB, he'd like to see copies of the reports and know what his child could potentially be exposed to, during visits...)

* If he WERE considered a "concerned party", would police work with him on determining the dates of police runs (or reassure him that there haven't been any... maybe someone just grabbed his ex-wife's arm hard, to keep her from falling in front of a trolley or something...)?

* If CA would definitely NOT consider DH eligible to know about police runs to his ex-wife's address, is that "public information" (i.e., could he insist he's entitled to it)? What IS the dividing line between what is and isn't "public info."?