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stressedstepmom's Avatar stressedstepmom 01:42 AM 11-16-2005
He asked me questions about my childhood & my relationship with my husband. I babbled on.

I got 1 hour to tell my whole life story and then I was given 5 minutes to discuss my concerns about the conflict.

He told me he would like to see me again but it would be $300/hour on top of the $2,250 I've already spent.

He did offer to let me write down anything else I need to tell him.

I was so nervous. Darn it!!

flapjack's Avatar flapjack 07:37 AM 11-16-2005
Don't WORRY!!!!!!!! This is NOTHING he hasn't seen before. You went, you talked, you survived: plus you only got to spend 5 minutes on the conflict situation, which sounds about right. Unless you spent your childhood years pulling the legs off ants and mutilating kittens (don't tell me, I don't want to know) then he'll have built up a good picture of who you are, how you got to be like that and all that jazz. The fact that you're married to a man with a sociopathic ex really isn't your problem, kwim?

You need to stay calm, to support those guys of yours, because you're that important one step removed from the situation and so you can be the rock they lean on. Vent all you need to here, but you need to find your mama bear strength for them. It's not time for stressedstepmom any more: be strongstepmom.