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Flor's Avatar Flor 07:10 PM 05-15-2007
Originally Posted by moondiapers View Post
Your income doesn't count in the child support equation....but it will count when the judge looks at the bills. They want to know if your dh is paying all of those bills by himeself or if he's only responsible for a portion of the bills. This only comes into play if someone claims a hardship as (I think).
Ok. . . I think the lawyer said we'd each claim hardship because both biological parents have other children now. I'm so interested to know the numbers. I get the impression that the biomom thinks we make wayyyy more money than we do.

John Phillips's Avatar John Phillips 08:07 AM 10-07-2013
I have my kids every Wednesday night overnight and drop them off the following mornings at school. I have them every other weekend Sat-Sun, but sometimes I also pick them up Friday nights which I would estimate about 10 Fridays a year. How can I determine that?
autumngrey's Avatar autumngrey 11:13 PM 10-08-2013
Are you looking for the % of the year you have your kids? Assuming your state counts overnights, the time you describe would be 52 (Wednesdays) + 26 (1/2 of the 52 Saturdays) + 10 (Fridays) = 88 overnights.
This is 88/365 = about 24% of the year.

That's also assuming the Fridays (or all the days, really) are Court ordered since those are generally the only ones to count toward any reduction of child support, even if the ordered amount or days are more than what is actually spent with the children. If the ordered amount of days is not correct, that should be addressed with the Court.
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