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Hi Feb Mamas--

I am just figuring out (on my own, but will run my theory by my midwife next week) that my baby is breech at 27 weeks (early, still, i know).

I feel a definite head under my ribs and virtually ALL kicking way low at my bikini line.

Where do you all feel your movements?

Do you know, or have suspicions as to what position your baby is in?

mama to : my spirited star 2/06, my sweet love 5/08, my little lovey 5/12, and a zinnia 3/15
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I'm pretty sure the babe is head down and hanging out on my left side. I feel a lot of punching movements down low --a lot more than kicking or knee movements on most days. Up top I swear I can feel the butt moving side to side and occasionally a knee to the middle or a leg stretching out to my right. DD was in this same position so it feels very familiar.

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Today I would guess the babe is transverse or close to it. I'm feeling big thumps on both of my sides and my belly is stretching in weird ways. I can also feel bigger lumps on the right side under my ribs, just don't know what part of him it is.

Very different from dd who loved to be breech and kick me in the cervix!

Mama to and
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28 weeks here...she still flips around every once in a while, but she did a HUGE flip last week and has been head-down since. Her feet push up and kick me in the ribs. She definitely favors my right side. I'm beginning to think I'm going to only have stretchmarks on the right!
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My little one seems to keep moving around every which way as far as I can tell. Some days kicking up top, sometimes at my sides and also down low. I'm going to have my Midwife help me feel/identify the baby's position tomorrow at my 28wk. appt.

Mama to two kiddos on the go!
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I could never tell with my first two, had no clue what position they were in or what parts I was feeling. With this one, however, since about 24/25 weeks I've been able to tell most of the time - which I find REALLY cool!! He's been mostly head down, which I can tell because I feel tickling movements (hands)and hiccups in the bottom half of my belly and kicks/pushes (feet) in the top half, add every time I find his heartbeat with the stethescope it's in the lower half, where his heart should be if he is head down. He spent a lot of time transverse a few weeks ago, but hasn't been in a week or two now (I'm 28 1/2 weeks). On Monday the midwife also thought he was head down (thought she could feel his head), so that was nice to have some confirmation of what I was feeling.

Although it's much easier to feel this baby than the others, I'm still a little nervous about position because Noah was surprise breech - a midwife, a student midwife and I were all convinced he was head down and WELL engaged (like 0 station) the morning of my last appt. He was born that night frank breech and stunned us all! Don't know if he had us fooled or flipped - kind of hard to imagine him flipping after being engaged SO low, though. I had an anterior placenta that pg so it was harder to feel him, but the midwife had done an internal and believed she was feeling his head through my 3-4 cm dilated cervix...perhaps he just had a boney butt!
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I have no clue how this little one is lying - I only feel movements way down low, very rarely do I feel anything up high. I've got an anterior placenta though so that is why I'm not feeling much. My last three were much more active than this little one but I wasn't able to feel/decipher baby parts until much later
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I have been feeling kicks up high near my ribs and a bony little knee that seems to want to stay right under my belly button. Mine also seems to prefer my right side. I don't mind because ds was the opposite and streched out my left side so bad- maybe now I'll be even .

At my 28 week appointment on Monday my midwife confirmed that the head was down. She showed my how to feel the head the showed me how to feel for the bottom. It was so cool!
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I'm earlier, only 25 weeks. Baby is head down and man is s/he wiggly.
He's lower than my son was and bigger feeling too. Both of the other children were 7lbs and change, I wonder if this one will break 8. He's measured LONG (especially his femur) at the u/s and even the ob commented he was likely going to be a tall baby. Again interesting, cause the other two were 20 inch babies.

Funny, I think we've still got a lot of room for him to move (I kinda think he's a boy that's why I'm saying 'him' a lot) and when we were at the mw yesterday he kept scooting out of the way of the doppler. It was pretty funny, she'd touch my belly and you'd get the heart beat for a second, then I'd get a nice big wiggle and we'd lose it again and he did this like three times. I got a good laugh out of it. He just wasn't in the mood to be poked i guess
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I can't figure out how the baby is situated. I thought baby had his/her head up under my right ribs, but at my last m/w appt. she said the baby was head down, way down in the uterus. I told her that was weird b/c I had a lot of those flurry-type kicks or punches or whatever right on my cervix. She said it could be the hand by the head. But I wonder if the baby is changing positions a lot still and just happened to be head down that day.

Most of the kicks (or whatever they are!) are under my right rib these past couple weeks, with corresponding jabs down low on the left side. Lots of rolls and flips it feels like, too. With my first I could tell when she was lying transverse for a couple weeks, that was obvious, but other than that I wasn't able to distinguish where head/bottom were.

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Until today she was transverse--definitely according to my MW and that's what I suspected too. All the bulge was horizontal, I had terrible pressure on my ribcage, and all the movements were, like, diagonal??

But then last night she went crazy and now it's different, I think maybe she is breech again as all the kicks are way way down and I feel tickles up around my belly button (hands?) and there is much less pressure on my ribcage. I hope she is head down though but I don't think so, yet. Maybe though, the thumps down in my cervix could be hands. But I can see the bulge of her back when I tighten my abdomen and I remember that from when DS was head down, so maybe??

I'm 27 weeks too.

Sleepy mom of two (DS-11, DD-8). 5 lost: 9/2004, 3/2005, 4/2013, 8/2014, ectopic- rupture @7w, lost right tube 11/14
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At my 28 week appointment, the baby was head down - posterior. It was awesome to watch my midwife feel for the position and listen with the fetascope to tell position. (She said when she was feeling low for the head, that it wasn't hard like the back of the head, but soft like the face. At first she thought the baby was breech because of that, but the heartbeat was really low. So, she now thinks that it was the face that she felt and the baby is head down. She also said that if it were head up I wouldn't be feeling kicks in my ribs - duh! Why didn't I think of that!!) I've never had a midwife do that before.

I'm getting most of my kicks in the ribs now - mostly on the right side. Every now and then he/she gets hiccups and I can feel the head (I'm assuming) bouncing on my cervix. Every so often I'll feel what must be hands down lower. I rarely feel the baby's back, but my placenta is anterior, so maybe that's why.
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I'm 25 weeks now and I can't wait till next week to hear what the MW has to say.

I feel most of the kicks on my left side or in my pelvic region. I'm starting to get some where I think the baby's kicking and pushing his/her head against the other side at the same time. I'm pretty sure this means transverse. However, some days, the kicks are all over the place one second to the next.

I really enjoyed reading the posts on this thread!

It turns out that moderation is the key to good parenting.  Too bad we aren't allowed to talk about that here.

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Can we say everywhere? The little girl is head down and the boy is breech( at least as of last week) so I feel movement all over as they kick the heck out of each other's heads.

I'm 25w too.
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I think my little sweet pea is head down. She get the hiccups a lot and I feel them down by my pelvic bone and she likes to punch me in the cervix! That really hurts!! The bigger movements are probably her feet up top. I am not certin of the postion though because she is pretty wiggly and could be flippng around still!! But she has always prefered my right side!!
I am 28 weeks 5 days today.
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Originally Posted by CajunMama
Can we say everywhere? The little girl is head down and the boy is breech( at least as of last week) so I feel movement all over as they kick the heck out of each other's heads.

I'm 25w too.

Aww bless your heart! I can't even imagine having 2 in there! 1 takes up all the space available!

I feel LOTS of punching down low (like SUUUUPER low) and a little foot in my ribs. Every now and then her rear moves over to the other side...I can't tell where she's at right now, but as far as I know she's head down.
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I have no idea. I feel most kicks above my belly button on the left side tho...
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Mine had been all on the right side. I figured it was head up since I felt pressure in my ribcage and was getting kicked in the trap door. Yesterday my mw confirmed my thoughts. However last night it shifted after a month of being in the same possition. I think it's transverse now, but it's hard to say. It's definitly much lower now.

Mama to dd 2/06 and ds 12/09
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