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I'm so upset. I've been 1 cm for a week and a half. OB says it's normal, but I want things to happen. I am so impatient! I really want to be able to labor a little at home, since I wasn't able to with ds. Before I got induced without any dilation, so it's nice to have some, but OB says she'll induce me in 2 weeks if nothing happens. :

Is anyone else as impatient as I am, or was at 1 for a while. I know a few people that were stuck at 3-4, but 1!!!!! LOL

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Are you having contractions? You've still got a couple weeks yet. I think it's common with a second (or more) baby to not fully close up, as the cervix is never as tightly closed as the first time. Why do they want to induce you in 2 weeks? You could have been at 1cm for longer than that, and that's just your body's normal state in a 2nd pregnancy. If you're not having regular contractions then nothing is really going to happen I think. I know it's hard to be patient when we are so uncomfortable!

Sleepy mom of two (DS-11, DD-8). 5 lost: 9/2004, 3/2005, 4/2013, 8/2014, ectopic- rupture @7w, lost right tube 11/14
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In our Bradley childbirth classes, our instructor really emphasized that we shouldn't get caught up in how dilated we are at ANY stage of the pregnancy/labor waiting game. It is less likely, but possible to go from 1 to 10 in a couple of hours (now those would be some heavy-duty contractions, though!) Our instructor even encouraged us not to get checked the last few weeks of pregnancy because it just introduces more bacteria into your vagina/cervix and even if you were 3 or 4 cm right now, you could stay there for a month.

The only thing the exam tells you is where you're at RIGHT NOW - not where you'll be in a day or a week or two weeks. The odds are very high that you will go into labour before the OB's deadline date, and even then, you can push to have a non-stress test done and wait another day or two. In the mean time, have lots of sex, go walking at the mall, visualize your body opening up, try not to stress out about it - that can slow things down - and if you get a little closer to the deadline and start feeling desperate, you can try nipple stimulation either by yourself, with your partner, or using a breast pump.

Okay, and wait a minute - I just noticed your sig line. Your due date isn't for more than another two weeks! Mine is on 2/8, and although I'm with hospital midwives, they'll easily let me go two weeks over the estimated due date. If you're having a normal, healthy pregnancy, it is insane to want to induce BEFORE your due date. Are there other medical issues involved?

And, all that said, I was just saying to my husband last night that I wish I were in labor right now. I'm tired of being huge and uncomfortable and the constant reflux and my fingers are swollen and I can't sleep blah blah blah. And I really want to meet my new baby, and I'm excited, though a little nervous, about experiencing labour for the first time (DD was scheduled c-section for breech). So I know how you feel about wanting to see some progress. I let my midwife do a vaginal exam a couple of weeks ago because she had to do a swab for the Group B Strep and I was a little curious. She said my cervix was nice and soft, but still so high up she couldn't reach it to tell if there was any dilation. I'm going back tomorrow, and I don't think we'll do a vaginal exam then - partly because I'll have my toddler with me, and partly for the reasons I stated above.

Sorry if I've missed something important about your story in another thread, but if you're willing to share additional information about why they want to induce so soon, it might help us support you better!
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I'm one centemeter as well. After the last check I got, I'm refusing anymore because holy sh!t are they painful for me.
No matter who does it they can never reach it and I want to punch them because it feels like I'm being stabbed with a knife.
My OB stopped trying because he didn't want to hurt me. Too late but he's cool with no more checking.

I'm curious to know why your doc would induce if your cervix hasn't dilated much. I discussed inductions with my OB yesterday and he said that he won't induce anyone unless they are 3-4 cm because the induction will be less likely to fail and result in a c-section.

I agree with the PP's suggestion. Lots of sex (get sperm on cervix), nipple stimulation, lots of walking.
I'm really impatient as well and my back is suddenly KILLING me. Hauling a toddler around town is also a feat in an of itself so getting anything accomplished beyond general house straightening is quite the feat.
Hang in there.

DS 6 DD 8
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My midwife hasn't even suggested looking to see 'where I'm at' yet. Because she understands that you can get hung up on a number. You body will do it's job when it time
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I was a little disappointed I wasnt checked today, but really, I know its best not too, otherwise I'd be disppointed too.
Hang in there!
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At my last appt, I asked my Dr. about cervical checks, and she doesn't do them at all. (before labour, that is) She doesn't think it really tells us anything, and isn't worth introducing bacteria into the area just because we're curious! So I'm a little disappointed that I won't know where "I'm at" in these next few weeks, but it likely is a good thing to just not know. The days are going slow enough as it is.


Mama to DS 02/15/06, and DD born 08/31/09!
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I think cervical dilation prior to labor is not very indicative of anything. I got curious and had one exam last time - I was 1 cm. DD was born 2.5 days later. And then some people walk around at 3-4 cm for weeks and nothing happens. I'm not planning to get checked this time around.

I am curious about the reasons for the induction...but if it's personal never mind, I'm not meaning to pry.

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Have you heard of the Bishop's score? Here's a link . It indicates how likely and induction will work.
And here's some natural ways to induce
That being said, I really think inductions are dangerous for mommy and baby. One intervention has a nasty habit of leading to another, so unless it's not safe for baby to stay in the womb, it should be really scrutinized. It's also theorized that the baby is the one who starts labor, so forcing the kid out can be hard on the baby too (and if you believe in astrology, then forcing the kid out before the sky is ready can be really damaging).
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Thanks so much for the responses! The pregnancy is going great. OB said she can induce at 39 weeks if I get too anxious or uncomfortable. I don't like that idea. I was induced with ds at 37 weeks, because he wasn't growing. My biggest thing this pregnancy was to not have to be induced. If I did, I wanted it to be AFTER I had contractions and dilated, etc. I never knew what it felt like to have contractions and go into labor.

I'm having a ton of BH, and I actually like them. It's cool to me. If it was my first baby, I don't think I'd think they were cool.

After reading all of your replies, I don't even think I'm going to let her check me next week. I get too caught up, and it's consuming my day wondering what number I am.

Thanks again ladies!
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My midwives aren't doing checks until I'm actually in labor, which is good...I'd get all excited if I knew I was dialating at all and then get even more ridiculously impatient then I already am!
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I went two and a half weeks like that with DD. I got smart with DS and never had them check me. It is just not worth the frustration. I hope all goes well for you.
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