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My first baby was posterior and I had back labour with her. I ended up taking an epidural because of horrible back pain. The pushing stage however was normal and the doctor turned dd the "correct way" at the very end with his hand. DD was 5.15 lb at birth.

I just found out that this baby is posterior too and lies in the exact same position as my dd. I was REALLY hoping for the baby to be in a proper position this time around so that it would improve my chances of delivering without any pain medication. However, the doctor said that this baby is likely to be around 7.5 pounds already (at 36.5 weeks) which means that it is likely to be more difficult for me to labour and push this baby out as compared to my dd. (It does not mean that it will be so, but just a higher probability of me asking for epidural again and for a longer pushing stage...which hopefully will go without any forcepts or other interventions).

I know someone recommended spinning babies web site, but I want to know if doing those exercises really helped anyone to change the baby's position.

Also, if you can recommend any in-labour positions to ease back pain, it would be much appreciated as well.

I'd like to hear some positive experiences from moms who had posterior babies and delivered without pain medication. How did you 2nd labour go as opposed to first if both babies were posterior?

Just need some positive info so that I could be more optimistic of delivering this time without epi and medical interventions.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. decided to also post on the general 'I am pregnant' site.
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I've had two posterior babies. My first, delivered that way. My second, turned (on his own) after labour started and was delivered in the more common anterior position. Labour with my first was 18 hours. Really solid kicking my butt labour for at least seven of that including just over an hour of pushing. Labour the second time around was a long early phase (defininte timeable contractions 60-120 seconds long 2-5 minutes appart) for about 10 hours followed by an all hell breaking lose hour in which the contractions got a lot more intense, not a lot closer together and a very very sudden birth. (Active labour, was pretty much clocked as about 15-20 minutes)
Both labours were back labour (when my son turned, which i did not really register, it became normal abdominal labour, my first time experiencing that.)
Neither of them were medicated births (though I was would have chosen meds the first time without incredibly solid and unflinching support from dh). Ds ended up being an unexpected home birth which the midwives just barely attended so I really had no meds access.

Now, as for managing the discomfort and positions and spinning babies... I haven't seen teh web site but did recently read a book (can't remember the title) about posterior positioning and what you should do to turn the baby.... I was very surprised to see how much of it I had done instinctually.
For me, bending over a chair and being on my hands and knees over a rocking ottoman had helped a lot. For me, constant pressure on my tailbone helped a lot as did HEAT on my lower back..... (I spent like three or four HOURS in the shower with dd. It was terrific)....

good luck.

this time through, the baby turned this weekend into an anterior position. I'm overjoyed about this and hope he/she will stay that way.
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Hi M_of_M I delivered my first posterior without pain medication. What got me through was a birth tub we rented. I needed the water pretty hot and as long as I was in the tub pain was manageable. I was in the tub for most of labor.

I got out to push and fortunately pushing did not take long compared to the other.

Good luck with your birth. I know on another thread awhile back many moms had posterior babies without pain meds and hopefully will chime in with some ideas.

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Chiropractic care can help pre-labor.
I found this link interesting too.
Leaning forward in labor, or being on your side is recommended to help baby turn. Asymetrical positions can help too (one leg up on a chair or something, one leg down). My li'l beans facing my belly too... I so want this changed before labor!
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Sit Up and Take Notice--which you can buy at ican's website ( I think is more comprehensive than spinningbabies and discusses labor and prelabor exercises. Chiro also may help, as mentioned.
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I've had 2 posterior labors/births. The 1st was an induction/epidural, 2nd was not either. Hands'n'knees (with LOTS of counter pressure, thanks, dh!) is the best for comfort & will encourage babe to turn. In the Amish community, there is a saying, "Scrub your kitchen floor on your hands & knees every day for an easier birth." It's true. Anything you can do prenatally on your hands & knees will help encourage your baby to turn. Climbing the stairs 2 at a time (who can even manage 1 at a time right now?), getting into a bath (temp as hot as you can stand it) on your hands & knees can also encourage babe to turn. In labor, the birth ball, hands & knees w/ counterpressure & the double-hip squeeze help a LOT! You can do a posterior birth again w/out meds. Just need a lot of warm water, something interesting to look at on the floor () and a STRONG partner. Good luck!
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Thank you all for your stories and suggestions. I will make every effort to turn this baby before labour.
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