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hi all....just got back from my 36 week appointment and baby ivyrose is breech....apparently they have suspected it for weeks and just decided to confirm and tell me today......they talked about ecv but i am not too sure based on what i saw online.......so i will try some of the tips i have seen online to turn her....anyway....just in case we end up having to do a scheduled c-section, i would love to hear some positive c-section stories.....nice easy recoveries....or at least not horrible ones......my recovery with my ds literally took minutes and i was back to myself......so that is really what i was hoping for, but know that cant be the case with a c-section (course it is not always the case vaginally either)....anyway i am rambling and just looking for some positive stories - i can deal with not having the vaginal birth this time, i am still breastfeeding my ds so i am pretty sure we will be ok on the breastfeeding front.....just curious about the actual recovery stuff....thanks.

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Don't have a happy c-section story, but did want to say there is still time for baby to turn. On a side note, I would have been really frustrated if they waited until 36 weeks to tell me....we talk about baby's position at each of my appointments.

There have been several other threads on getting baby's to turn (search this form or MDC forums in general), but here's some info to get you started....I would definitely try some of these before having a version.

Spinning Babies

Webster Technique

(go here to do a zipcode search for a chriopractor in your area certified to do the Webster Technique http://www.icpa4kids.com/find_pediat...iropractor.htm)

Addt'l Info About Webster Technique:
"The late Larry Webster, D.C., of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, developed a technique which enabled chiropractors to release stress on the pregnant woman's pelvis and cause relaxation to the uterus and surrounding ligaments. The relaxed uterus would make it easier for a breech baby to turn naturally. The technique is known as the Webster Breech Technique. "

"The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported in the July/August 2002 issue that 82% of doctors using the Webster Technique reported success. Further, the results from the study suggest that it may be beneficial to perform the Webster Technique in the 8th month of pregnancy."

One Midwife's Collection of Breech Turning Techniques:

Other Natural Techniques for Encouraging Breech Babies to Turn:
"The following two techniques often suggested by Physical Therapist, Penny Simkin, are things you can try at home for free, with no risks involved.

The Breech Tilt: Raise hips 12' or 30cm off the floor using large, solid pillows three times daily for 10-15 minutes each time. This is best done on an empty stomach,and at a time when your baby is active. Concentrate on your baby and not tensing your body, especially in the abdomen area."

Using Music:
"We know that babies can hear sounds outside the womb, so many women have used music or taped recordings of their voice to try to get their baby to move towards the "noise!" Headphones placed on the lower part of your abdomen, playing either music or your voice, has encouraged babies to move towards the sounds and out of the breech position."

"There are also homeopathic remedies that women have found to very successful in breech situations. Contact your local holistic practitioner about the use of Moxibustion (acupuncture treatment using moxa/charcoal, no needles) or Pulsatilla in turning breech babies naturally."
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Look into a chiropractor who can do the Webster technique, that's what turned my baby! Do it first thing in the morning! It worked in just 2 sessions. There's a success rate of 82 - 97% and there's no risk to mama or baby.

Sorry though, I don't really have any positive c-section stories for you (can you tell with the fact that I'm trying for a VBAC?) but I'd really try anything I could to avoid a c-section if you've got another one to look after. If all else fails, just have a good support network to help you out during your recovery Best of luck mama!!

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I agree; don't be sure that your baby won't turn. But if she doesn't, you can still have a happy birth and recover quickly from a section. I've had four (and please don't call me names or think I'm just a bad person), and after my first, I was up and around a week later. They get easier to recover from, but you won't need to know that. Just talk to that child and tell her she needs to turn around for her momma. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know what happens.
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you mama, but in case a c/s becomes necessary...

-Wait to go into labor on your own...your babe could still turn, but even if that doesn't happen, waiting for natural labor is best. There's no rush.

-discuss options with your dr and find out what hopsital policy is about having people with you. My own hospital only allowed one person in the OR with me total (so my doula wasn't able to come in even after my dh left with dd), but some allow one person at a time so a doula might be able to stay with you while your dh went with your babe.

-Get the nurses on your side...they know this isn't the delivery you wanted and they can do a lot to help you through the experience. Make sure they know you want to nurse and that you want the little one with you much as possible (for example, have the babe bathed in your recovery room, have an LC in the recovery room to assist you, etc). You probably wont be allowed out of bed for 24 hours (and will have a catheter in place) so having someone in the room with you or having sympathetic nurses is important. The beds at my hospital were too narrow for co-sleeping (and it was against policy) so it was cruicial that dh was there to bring dd to me, change her diaper, etc.

-line up some serious post partum support. I recovered quickly, but it was still several weeks before I felt anything near normal, and for the first 5-7 days I was in a lot of pain. I envy women who got along on tylenol!

-buy some stool softener and some adult gas drops (you can use infant gas drops but you need to take a ton. adult tablets are less expensive)...it'll really help with the post-op gas and constipation.

And really...although I never want to have another c/s, it wasn't that bad. The nurses were amazingly supportive and sympathetic, the spinal provided total pain relief (after almost 19 hours of natural active labor, the pain relief actually had me pretty giddy), and the recovery process wasn't bump free but it still went pretty smoothly.

One thing I'd suggest (based on other mamas I know who had c/s and toddlers) is DON'T DO TO MUCH! Doctors recommend not lifting anything heavier than your newborn for the first week, and not doing any serious lifting for the first month. It's hard, but try to follow that advice! Adhesions are no fun, and doing too much to soon can increase your chances for adhesions. Some exercise books (like Bounce Back after the Baby...written by a woman who had a medically necessary c/s with twins...or Lose your Mummy Tummy) have sections that deal specifically with c/s recovery and scar massage. They might be worth looking at before the babe arrives.

Good luck mama...I hope that little one turns!

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I can't find my book right now, but I think Birthing From Within has a section on "Gentle Cesarean Birth" in it. If you do find you need one, just like with any other birth there are things you can do to prepare yourself, birth plan/preferences, etc. There's still tons of time for baby to turn and some great ideas have been mentioned. Definitely try some/all. And if it happens that baby doesn't turn and you choose to schedule a cesarean, that's really better in some ways than having an emergency one you didn't plan on. You have time to adjust and visualize how you want it to be rather than being swept into it unprepared. Best of luck!! Sending you turn-baby vibes!

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My son was breech until the last week, but I had an emergency c-section because his blood pressure was dropping (they think the cord was over his shoulder). My recover was pretty fast. I was walking within half a day and it felt good to get up. As a PP wrote, you'll really need to take it easy at first. Also, don't take too much pain medication! You really want to be able to feel what hurts so you stop doing it. If you are doing exercises, practice your squats!
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First, everything the PPs said about turning that baby around.

But second, from someone that's had an emergency c-section, it is not that bad. It really isn't. Sure, natural birth is always preferable, but sometimes things happen that we can't control. I don't want to play down the emotional issues that can result from a c-section, but the bottom line is that your baby is healthy and happy, just upside-down.

If you have to have a c-section or a vaginal delivery, you'll recover and you'll love your baby and your baby will love you, and you'll be holding that sweet little thing in your arms no matter how it came out.
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I had an unplanned c/s. Abigail was vertex on Tuesday and when my water broke on Thursday she was transverse. It wasn't that bad. The actual delivery was painless. The recovery was harder than my vag deliveries, but that is to be expected.

My advise: get up and get moving ASAP! I was out of bed walking an hour and half after surgery. Our hospital policy is we must get the mom out of bed (at least up to sit in a chair) by 8 hrs after delivery. Don't do aerobics or anything , but do try to walk in the hall early and often. It will keep you from getting constipated and having painful gas.

Also, take the pain meds. Don't try and be super brave. Pain will make it harder to nurse and can even delay having your milk come in. If you can, wait to have the section until labor starts as you will have an easier time with milk production. Laboring a bit gets the juices flowing.

And make sure dh knows exactly what you want and what is important to you. I was dopey from the pain meds and couldn't advocate for the things I wanted very well. Dh was just overwhelmed. We've discussed things this time and he is more prepared in case the VBAC is unsuccessful.

Good luck and lots of vibes.

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I am 10 days past my c-section and it was a good experience. I had emerg c-sections for my first 2 kids and while the recovery was fairly easy physically, emotionally it wasn't. I tried for a HBAC with my daughter and it didn't happen. This time I was planning a VBA2C in hospital and I was totally psyched for it. I KNEW I could do this. But then at 35 weeks I developed hypertension which quickly got worse and my baby had to be born. They couldn't induce after 2 c-sections so Eliana was born at 36 weeks by c-section. My experience this time was awesome. It wasn't an emergency (it was urgent but we had a day's notice) so it was a lot more peaceful. Everyone was really respectful and lighthearted and I was so psyched to see my baby. I knew there was no other option for her to be born safely so I just accepted it. I remember laying there knowing she was almost out and laughing with the anesthiologist. My DH asked him what drugs he had given me (jokingly) because I was so giddy and the anest. said nothing. My DH stood up to take pictures of her as she came out. I had never gotten that before or even to see them covered in all the goop so those pictures are priceless to me. She started screaming when only her head was out! It was really funny. They took her over and had to check her thoroughly because of being premature but other than a bit of oxygen needed she was fine. My midwife was there as a support person (they have privileges at the hospital) and she and DH brought Eliana over to me and held her up by my head so I could hold her. She was so adorable and I kept kissing her. They didn't wipe the vernix off per my request (we gave her a bath the next day) so she was all goopy but I was happy. Then they had to take her to the nursery to check her more thoroughly and midwife and DH went to do that. I know being separated at all really upsets some people but I knew DH was with her and I was too excited to care. They stitched me back up and took me to recovery room. About 20 minutes later the midwife and DH brought her to me to nurse and the attendants in the recovery room helped move me to my side (I was still numb) so I could nurse her. It was so nice! I have nothing but good feelings about my experience. Everyone was so nice and respectful and the hospital was very mother/baby friendly. They even put her in bed with me because they said she'd breathe better that way. We were back in our room about 2 hours after she was born and I stayed for 2.5 days (she was born at 10 pm at night). Recovery wise it is going great. Definately get up and move around as soon as possible. I had her at 10 pm and wasn't in a room until 12 am so I didn't get up until mid-morning the next day. Take whatever painkillers they offer you - they won't give you anything that isn't safe for the baby and you will heal so much better and get your milk in quicker if you aren't in pain. I was walking around and going to the bathroom by myself by about 12 hours after she was born. Since 3 days post-op I have only been using tylenol and advil (motrin) for pain relief and taking homeopathic arnica. I definately recommend the arnica, it really helps. I am 10 days post-op now and except for some twinging pains here or there I feel pretty much back to normal. So hopefully you won't need a c-section but if you do it doesn't have to be a time of mourning. It is what you make of it. Good luck!

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I'm going to echo the idea to let your body go into labor, no matter what. Babies turn, even in labor, so why not wait and see? Especially with all the wonderful information given to help baby turn.

You might find this thread interesting too http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=400030. Being breech doesn't mean a c/sec is safer.

If a c/sec is required, I found this article interesting. Admittedly, I don't like the term "natural cesarean", but the idea of a gentle one is very comforting. http://www.guardian.co.uk/family/sto...656246,00.html

Good luck!
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I had to have a c-section because of a stubborn little breech girl on the 18th of this month. I did begin labor first-which I was SO grateful for. We have a strong, healthy little girl, and that is the best feeling! I am still greiving about not being able to have the natural homebirth that we had planned, but having our little girl to hold and love makes that recede.
You asked about recovery-my experience with pain meds has been a little different from most of the stories I read. I felt so much better as soon as I was weaned from the epidural to morphine. Then, I stopped taking the morphine after 16 hours also, and felt much better again with the elimination of the morphine. I only took Motrin for a few days after that. I do agree that if you are too numb, you might do too much and hinder your healing.
Except for the tiredness that comes with a newborn, I feel great. Of course, my incision is still healing, but this has not been as bad as I feared.
I wish you the best of luck!
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