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SuzanneS's Avatar SuzanneS 07:34 PM 07-22-2005
Hi I'm new here.

My name is Suzanne, I have 2 kids a boy 8 and a girl 5. My husband is in the army. I am about 8 weeks pregnant. Due on March 4th but the way I felt I think I'm actually due a few days sooner but hey what is a few days right. Anyway can't wait to get to know you all.

Erin_82's Avatar Erin_82 07:57 PM 07-22-2005
Hi Suzanne! Welcome to the board

Have you told your little ones that a new baby is coming? I remember when my mom told me about my little brother. I was so excited.
Mommay's Avatar Mommay 08:29 PM 07-22-2005
Welcome. Hope to get to know you better too.