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Tine's Avatar Tine 08:40 PM 11-01-2005
Hi, mamas.

Just a quick note to let you (especially those of you who reassured me over the past couple of weeks, when I still hadn't felt my baby move) know that baby's getting pretty wiggly now. In fact, yesterday the baby kicked DS! (He was sitting on my lap while we read a book, and baby kicked at the side of my belly, which DS's hip was touching. DS felt it!)

Our 19-week ultrasound is on Thursday. 2 days and counting till we know (hopefully) whether it's a girl or a boy. The suspense is killing me.

If you can spare me any prayers/good juju/happy thoughts for ultrasound visions of a healthy baby, I'd sure appreciate them!

Mariposa's Avatar Mariposa 09:46 PM 11-01-2005
yeah!! mine is a little wiggle worm as well. i even can feel it from the outside if i am really trying. isn't it great!
rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 10:17 PM 11-01-2005
Isn't it great?? I have to wait till next Thurs. (the 10th) for my US!! It's making me CRAZYYYYY!!!!...
melamama's Avatar melamama 11:40 PM 11-01-2005
that's great!

How cool about your ds being in the right place at the right time! I know my dd can't wait for that.
Birth Junky's Avatar Birth Junky 03:52 PM 11-02-2005
I've got a little wiggle-worm in there as well, but unfortunately I am still the only one who can feel it. (DH keeps trying, though!)

At yesterday's appointment with the midwife (19 weeks), she said my uterus is just where it should be for 19 weeks, and reassured me that my belly WILL pop soon . . . and that once it does, people on the outside should be able to feel the little tadpole moving around in there.
corhorvath's Avatar corhorvath 03:54 PM 11-02-2005
Congratulations on the wiggle worm! It is so stressful to not feel a thing and that little baby moving is an awesome relief. Have fun at your us! Mine's on the 16th and I can hardly wait!
marchmommy's Avatar marchmommy 01:49 PM 11-03-2005
My little karate baby kicks me like she's trying to escape but freezes if we try to feel it from the outside. So we tricked her! I sat on my knees and my bf put his hand underneath my bulge-kinda like he is cradling my belly from the bottom, and she went along kicking like crazy and he felt every single one!! Maybe i'm weird, but feel free to try it!! It's soooooo emotional/amazing when they can share that with you!!!
AppleCrisp's Avatar AppleCrisp 02:07 PM 11-03-2005
My baby isn't wiggly at all. I get maybe two or three slight movements a day but that's about it, at almost 22 weeks. I tried everything - spicy, sugar, juice, sour, but nothing wakes the critter up. Hopefully my ultrasound next week will reveal what's going on in there. Maybe I have a placenta that is more toward the front, because I never get any specific kicks, just a general sensation of something moving around.
Birth Junky's Avatar Birth Junky 03:50 PM 11-03-2005
Originally Posted by ahwuko
My baby isn't wiggly at all. I get maybe two or three slight movements a day but that's about it, at almost 22 weeks.
Ahwuko, don't feel bad . . . my baby is wiggly WHEN it moves, but it is certainly not daily (or even regular!); just dramatic when it happens. I too am looking forward to the time when I feel regular daily kicks, but so far I'm not there.

It's like with me and the belly not showing yet; I just keep telling myself that patience is an important skill for motherhood, so I am working on learning it now (while I still have the chance!).
Megs Mom's Avatar Megs Mom 04:05 PM 11-03-2005
I could do w/o all my wiggles - keeping me awake at night!
3-30-06 in seattle's Avatar 3-30-06 in seattle 01:02 AM 11-05-2005
i haven't felt anything yet... i'm in my 19th week and am excited to feel it...i'm waiting patiently.
you're lucky!!!!!
AppleCrisp's Avatar AppleCrisp 11:29 AM 11-05-2005
I'm getting a little more wiggly now than last week. I saw it move last night. But still not "kicks", more a sensation of something big shifting around, so I wonder if he likes to have his butt facing out and the kicks are going inward.
kellykins's Avatar kellykins 03:01 AM 11-06-2005
Im getting more wigglies every day! Yesterday morning, when I woke up, so did she. dh was already awake and got to feel her moving for the first time! What a way to start a Friday morning!