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Well, I started off the new year with a bang (or two!). Dh and I went to Amarillo, where my family lives, to see them for probably the last time before the babies came. I had just found out I was having twins two weeks before, and I was getting more uncomfortable, and didn't want to make the four-hour drive again. We spent New Year's Eve hanging out with family, just watching movies.

Minutes after midnight, I was about to go to the bathroom when I felt a trickle. I KNEW I had not just wet myself. I went to the bathroom and smelled the fluid. It was not urine, as far as I could tell. I yelled at my husband to come in, and told him what was happening. I called one of my midwives, who told me she thought it was possible that I had a small tear in the amniotic sack. Since there wasn't much fluid, and no other symptoms, she thought it might repair itself, and told me to lie down and try to relax. I laid down and rested a little, but kept having to get up and go to the bathroom. Almost everytime I went, fluid would come out of my vagina - not much, but it was starting to scare me. It was tinged a bit pink. We called the mw back, and she had us call the other mw to let her know what was happening. She also told me to try to sleep, unless I started having cramps/contractions, or any other symptoms. She told me to not leave town for a few more days, and to stay in bed.

My husband and his sister put me to bed and covered me up. They brought me towels to lie on, and a robe for when I needed to get up. My SIL lit candles, had some aromatherapy going, and made it very nice and cozy in there. They both did Reiki on me for awhile. I kept having to go to the bathroom, and was peeing and pooping, which were supposed to be good signs. Sometimes I wouldn't leak anymore, and I started to think that I might be okay. Then I would start dozing off, and right when I was starting to dream, I would get a pain in my back. I ignored it at first, but it kept happening, and then the pains were coming from my lower abdomen, too. Finally, after a couple of hours (I think; I lost track of a few hours while this was happening), I told my husband that I needed to get to the hospital. He called the mw, and she said to take me right away. She was thinking we might be able to get a magnesium shot to stop the contractions. At this point, I wasn't even sure if that's what I was having, because I never had any Braxton-Hicks or anything like that. It didn't hurt much, so I wasn't sure what was happening.

The sun was coming up at 6:30 A.M. as dh and SIL drove me the 20 minutes to the hospital. I was really scared, because I'm not a fan of hospitals, and I was afraid I was going to end up giving birth there at only 31 weeks. When I got out of the car, I felt ALOT of water gush out, and I knew what was going to happen.

They put me in a room, in a gown, and started testing me and putting the monitors on me. It turned out that I was indeed having contractions (Duh!), and they were getting closer and stronger. My husband wanted us to try something to stop them , but I told him I just knew the babies were coming. We were offered a mag shot, but after discussing it together and with our mws, we decided against it. I laid in the hospital bed, and between contractions I thought about these little babies that were coming too soon, and how my dreams of a gentle waterbirth were pretty much up in smoke. This was my worst fear - that I would end up in the hospital, and that I would have a c-section. I also worried about my babies, and wondered if they would be alright.

The labor wasn't bad for a little while, but it got more and more intense. The pain was getting to where it was just unbearable. I had told the nurses I didn't want an epidural, but I was seriously starting to re-think my decision : . I didn't want dh near me, which ended up hurting his feelings (I don't think the Bradley Method works that great when you have a bunch of monitors on you, and you are lying down, because I wanted EVERYBODY away from me). I was using visualization techniques and deep breathing, which did work alot of the time, but there were times I thought I might die. I know that sounds melodramatic as hell, but I was only seven months pregnant, and I didn't know what was wrong with me or the babies that they would be trying to come out this soon. I was cold and hot, shaking, nauseous, etc. I thought, maybe I'm in transition, in which case, I can handle the pain. I asked two nurses, and they said it wasn't likely because I hadn't been in labor long and I had only been at a 1 when they checked. I started freaking out then. I asked the nurse to get me an anesthesiologist. I felt bad about it, but I hurt so much I couldn't stand it. She said she would, but she never did. She kept telling me how great I was doing, and was very encouraging. Dh came in and I told him I wanted an epi. He told the nurse "No, she doesn't. She's just emotional. Don't get her one." I had made him promise me that he wouldn't let me get one no matter what, earlier in my pregnancy . He kept telling me I didn't need it, that I was just in transition. I was arguing back at him that I HAD to have one, and that I wasn't in transition . I told him the nurses said I still had a long time to go . Finally, I threw up a couple of times. An OB came in and checked me and said, "Youre' a 9; it's time to start pushing!" I immediately cheered up and said, "That's the best news I've heard all day!"

They took me to an operating room, in case I had to have an emergency c-section, of course. It was freezing in there, and I could not stop shaking. It was very surreal. I think I pushed for about twenty minutes and a little past 2:00 P.M., the first baby came out. She was a girl. The neonatal team whisked her away, and I didn't get to see her. Dh went with them to NICU. I guess I should've been more upset, but I had another baby to worry about. The room was full of doctors, nurses, and another neonatal team waiting for the second baby. We waited and waited...the doctors and nurses chatted with me. The neonatal team left. Finally it was just me and a nurse. They managed to get me warm by putting a "bear hug" on me - a sheet that was blown up with hot air. At least I wasn't shaking any more. The doctors and nurses kept coming back to check on me. They were amazed. The second baby just decided that her roomy new surroundings were to her liking, and she wasn't going anywhere! Two doctors said they had never seen a twin take so long to come out. They knew I really didn't want a c-section, and since I managed to push the first one out, they didn't push things. After about 5 hours, a couple of doctors talked to me about the possibility of having a c-section. They wanted to give me more time, though, so we decided (Drs., dh, and I) that if the baby didn't come out within another couple of hours that we might have to resort to a c-section. To make a long story a little bit shorter, I had the c-section. By that point, I was okay with it. We had another girl! We didn't know what one of the babies was going to be, so it was a total surprise.

I didn't get to see my girls until 4:00 A.M. because of the surgery. My mom and I stayed up until then so I could be wheeled to NICU to meet them. I could hardly get out of the bed! I knew a surgery would do that to me, though.

I felt very empowered by these births, considering that my worst fears had come true (hospitalization and c-section). I felt like everything happened the way it was supposed to, and I still feel that way. Turns out the NICU my girls are in is the best in the region. They are getting excellent care, and are doing very well considering they are two months premature. They were each just over 4 lbs. In fact, there has been alot of debate over how old they actually are, because some of the staff feels they are too big to be 31 weeks, and some staff feels that they are too under developed to be older. The girls are known for being rowdy and rambunctious already! The nurses seem to like them, though. Some of the nurses specifically request to work with them.

After about four days, and much debate and brainstorming, we named them Furie Sioux (baby #1, 'Sprout'), and Fenix Eden (Baby #2, 'Sprig'). We thought they should have good, strong names for their big, strong personalities to grow into.

I am disappointed in some ways that I didn't get the birth experience I wanted (although it came close to it in the beginning, thanks to SIL), but like I mentioned, I think it all happened for a reason. My family all lives here, and if we had the babies closer to home, they wouldn't get to see them much. They have been very supportive, and see the girls almost everyday. They give me rides to the hospital when I need (dh has had to go home to check on things), and make sure I have food and anything else I need. One sister used to work at this very NICU. It made her a PITA while I was still pregnant, because she worried about them being premature , but now it's cool, because she knows what's going on in there, and explains things to me when I don't understand. She also appreciates the little things more, like when Fenix was moved from a respirator to a cpap, and to a cannula in two days. Nobody else knows what that means!

Also, I figured that since I had had midwives, I would be treated like an irresponsible nutcase, but it really wasn't like that. There were a couple of snarky comments, but mostly I have been treated very well by everybody. A few of the staff have even told me that they had considered homebirths.

This hospital really supports breastfeeding, and gave me a pumping kit that works with an electric pump, or as a manual pump. They also gave me a really cool insulated bag for transporting my milk to NICU (too bad it is from Similac : ). I never was even offered any formula samples. My babies got my colostrum today for the first time. I was SO happy...I have been gloating about it and showing off my bags of milk evey chance I get (No, not THOSE bags of milk! ).

Anyway, my babies seem to be improving daily, and everybody talks about how well they are doing. I am recovering really quickly, too. I have no episotomy to heal from, no tears, hemmorhoids, constipation, hardly any bleeding, etc. My incision is healing nicely, and doesn't bother me much. I am up and moving almost completely normally, and have had a minimum of pain killers. I'm not really all that depressed, considering I have to live here for a couple of months, not seeing my pets and being away from home. At first, I cried everytime I thought of my fur babies (Still do sometimes ), but I'm feeling better. I spend all of my time at NICU, which should be depressing, but things are going so well that it's really not. I miss my babies at night when I go home to my SIL's house, though. I miss being pregnant, and having those girls in my belly, oddly enough. I envy all of you for still being pregnant, since I didn't get to have the complete experience. But it's kind of cool to have my babies here, KWIM?

Sorry this is such a long story, but I didn't know how to make it any shorter. I just wanted to share with you . I wish for all of you a long and safe pregnancy and beautiful birth experience, however it happens. I hope things turn out as well for you all as they have for me.
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yippee, i'm so excited for you!!!
love your name choices, very cool.
hope you get some rest/sleep...
happy energy,
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Awe, Congratulations on your 2 baby girls!

I am from Amarillo and have a nicu baby too.
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Excuse me while I collect myself... I'm just gonna blame it on the hormones

Congrats!! I was wondering where you had been off to, I figured you must just be busy preparing for two little ones instead of one... guess I was half right

I can't wait to hear more updates! Take care of yourself, mama!

Dawn, mama to D (3.06) & N (9.07) C (11.09) & Still-in-shock surprise due in Aug!
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Congrats! While it may not have been what you imagined, the support of nearby family and a great hospital can make up for a lot!

Enjoy your two new bundles!
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Popping in from January's group to say many many congratulations to you! I'm happy to hear you had an empowered birth, no matter where and how it took place. Kudos to you!! Welcome to the world to Furie and Fenix (I absolutely LOVE the names!). Happy and blessed babymoon times can have two babymoons you know. Celerbate one in the NICU and one when they come home I hope that you have a good recovery and that your little girls are home in your arms soon!!

Namaste, Tara
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Congratulations on your babies! My daughter was born at 34 weeks due to PPROM also last January. In fact she just turned a year a few days ago. It's SO nostalgic for me to think back to those NICU times. Thank goodness you have support around you. This time might be hard without your babies but in a few months when they are chubby on mama's milk and healthy and without machines(we told everyone that "sara is going wireless!") you are going to look back with wonder on your little miracles. Preemies truly are miracles, no matter the gestational age. All the struggles that they go through are amazing milestones. Just tolerating their first feed or moving on to room air or moving from the isolette into an open air crib and maintaining temp or putting on clothing for the first time is huge. Celebrate each milestone and take TONS of pictures. My only regret from that time is not taking more pictures, we hardly have any. And now she's a 19lb 1 year old girl with no trace evidence of her prematurity and how truly sick she was even at 34weeks. It's hard to think back and remember her being so little! CONGRATULATIONS!



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Welcome, happy birthday, yippee, congratulations to our newest march babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Thanks so much for posting!

Best wishes for your little girls to be able to go home with you soon - it sounds like they are already doing great.
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Congrats surprise twin girls! Wild ride, huh? Finding out you are having twins 2 weeks before they are born. Wow. What a start to a new year, sweetie!

Congrats on your gorgeous babes and I hope they'll be in your home with the fur babes soon! Our fur babes were SO protective of our son when he arrived. It was so sweet and touching! If he was restless/gassy they'd come lie up beside him and purrrrrr until he fell asleep. Best memories, *siiigh* I miss our furbabes. oops, going off on a tangent, sorry mama, congrats again!

Mum to DS (8yrs), DD (6yrs), and DS(3.5yrs). kid.gif

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Wow congratulations! It's great to hear you and your new : : are doing so well. Your story is a pleasure to read.

Alicia + James = Gabriel (9), Uriah (7), Ayla (5), Noah (3), Azriel (1), and due Oct. 2011

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Wow! Congratulations super mom! I say that b/c you did the full spectrum natural vaginal delivery and c-section. You're amazing! I am glad to hear your girls are doing so well, I remember my time in the NICU vividly so I hope you are taking care of YOURSELF as well as those babies.

My son was born at 29 weeks and he was 3lbs. 12oz. there were quite a few that found that crazily big, but my midwife made a point that sometimes premature babies have a growth spurt before they are born (my son gained about 300g in 2 weeks!), b/c they "know" they're heading out. Who knows? We don't know why they are born prematurely most of the time, so lots of ? there.

Hang in there, mama, and keep up that pumping! You're doing great!

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Oh mama, good for you! Your story is amazing! So glad to hear you are feeling okay, and your babies are getting the care they need. Blessings to you and your family! And CONGRATS on your baby girls!

Homeschooling mama to DD 3/28/06 reading.gif,  DS 2/27/10 coolshine.gif, Belle the Orange Dog 03/11, and DD babygirl.gif 10/03/2013.
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Congrats nepenthesea!!!!!!! What an amazing mama you are!!!!
I'm SOOOOOO glad your little darlings are doing well and WOW! they were big!!!
I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE their names!!!!!! Beautiful !

Take it easy & give yourself a gigantic pat on the back & keep us posted!!

Homeschoolin' Mama chicken3.gifto Dd1 2/3/00, Dd2 1/13/03, Ds1 3/11/06 & Ds2 11/18/10!!
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First the surprise of twins, and now this! WOW! Congratulations and welcome to your beautiful girls! Let your family spoil all of you. You deserve it.

Christine , wife of Ron , mama to Tony (4-25-03) and Maria (3-19-06) :
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Congrats on the birth of your twin girls. That must be crazy to have them in your arms only 2 weeks after finding out you are having them. Glad to hear that you are all doing well and that you feel empowered by your brith experience!! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of them. Take care of yourself.
Best Wishes, Jessie

Jessie (29) mom to Emma (2002), Anthony (2004), Elizabeth (2006) and Ava (2008) and someone new 2010
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ditto on what Tine said- WOW double whammy of surprises! (Literally!)
Congrats, glad all sounds like it is going well, and please don't forget to update us!

many hugs to you and your to new sweeties!!!!

Kelly, mama to DD energy.gif : (3-30-06) and DS bouncy.gif 7/28/09) ....and gummi, due 3-30-13! (large sch....praying.gif)

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Holy smokes!

WOW! Over 4 pounds EACH???? That's truly, truly incredible. What a blessing!!

I am SO, SO glad that you feel empowered about your birth. You should! A vaginal birth, plus a c-section? First the surprise twin story, and now this crazy (but wonderful) birth story...combine all that with the strength of their spirits and the power of their names, and I think this is the beginning of a wild, wonderful ride for you and your dh. These girls have started out, and seem to thrive, on one lovely surprise after another. What incredible babies!

Congratulations, too, on your success with pumping and getting b/f started. I picture you, in just a few short weeks, at home with your two girls, cuddled up and doing so well. I'm glad you have the support you need, and I'm so glad everything's going well.

Welcome Fenix! Welcome Furie!

RedOak ~ Momma to DS (8) , DS (4) , DD (3) , & DD 9/10 ~
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Congratulations to you!!!!! How crazy to have just found out you're having twins....and now here they are. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing your birth story. I'm so glad you are feeling good and the girls sound like they are doing very well. It's great to hear that you feel empowered by the births. I can't imagine a natural delivery PLUS a c-section. Hoping you all get to go home soon!
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Congratulations! You have been thru so much in the way of surprises that I am impressed with how well you are dealing with it all. With strength like that in their mother, your girls are going to be strong, powerful women.
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I hope you all get home soon.
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He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.  ~Albert Einstein
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I was just about to create the Birth Announcements sticky for our due date club . . . and now I have THREE babies to put on it!
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Congratulations!!! So happy to hear you and your new family members are doing well. Thanks for sharing your birth story!!
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Happy Birthday Fenix and Furie!!
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Congratulations!! While it's too bad they came early - it sounds like they are doing great!! Their weights are awesome!
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Oh! Congratulations on your little girls!! I'm glad you all seem to be healthy and healing.
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Congratulations! I hope you all get to go home soon. Your story really is amazing. Many of the fears you had are the same ones I have, and it's reassuring to know that you could handle it so well!
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congrats! so glad that the girls are doing so well! hope you will all be home together soon!
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Congratulations! Welcome, babies!

Melissa crochetsmilie.gif, wife to Tom geek.gif, mom to The Baron modifiedartist.gif, the Bean superhero.gif, Little Bear diaper.gif, and Baby Beaver babyboy.gif
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Congrats!! Happy birthday to your new baby girls!! Wow, I am from Amarillo, and did my L&D rotation there That's where all of my family is from, also. I'm glad your family is getting the chance to see them, also!
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