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mysticmomma's Avatar mysticmomma 10:23 PM 08-03-2005
At exactly 14 dpo my progesterone levels are 10.2. Normal for 1st trimester is at least 11.2. Should I be worried? I've had 2 mc and spotted in all of my pregnancies (including my live birth). Thoughts?

adinal's Avatar adinal 10:43 PM 08-03-2005
Just jumping in here...not pregnant or anything.

You might want to see if your doc will supplement. It can't hurt, and it might help.

Usually they are just vaginal suppositories, so pretty low invasiveness.
txgal's Avatar txgal 12:08 AM 08-04-2005
I agree with the PP, see if your doc will supplement. I used the vaginal suppositories with my first pregnancy and will again if needed. I go to the doctor on Monday. From what I have read the suppositories are basically the same as what your body should be producing anyway, so they are safe. You may read lots of stuff about dangers of progesterone supplements in pregnancy, but my understanding is that refers to synthetic forms. You will have to get the real thing from a special pharmacy and it will have to be refrigerated and made on the spot.