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April 2006 > Weight Gain So Far????
Tracyn's Avatar Tracyn 05:11 PM 10-12-2005
I've had 2 prenatal appts (at 6weeks and at 10 weeks), and my next one is next week at almost 15 weeks.

From appt 1 to appt 2 I put on less than 2 pounds, but now I think I;ll make it to appt #3 with almost 5 MORE pounds.

What is your weight gain (if you don't mind sharing).

I am pretty fit, but by no means underweight (started at 5'5" and 123# at appt #1). Just curious. I still exercise at least 5 days a week, but with DS still nursing and being PG, I feel like i am eating day and night!? And, maybe too much?!

I'm not obsessed with NOT gaining weight (I gained 30 with DS), but it just seems like a disproportional amount.

Although I've gotten all of my maternity stuff out, I am not ready to wear them (size-wise). My 'regular' clothes don't fit like they used to, but I'm in that dreadful stage of 'not showing but looking bloated'.


adinal's Avatar adinal 05:14 PM 10-12-2005
Well, my first appointment at 7 weeks I weighed 162, my second appointment (all of four days later) I weighed 154, and then the last appointment (at 10 weeks) I was back up to 162. So I am hoping that I have gained some weight when I have my next appointment next week. I was on Metformin, which supresses my appetite quite a bit - so I am sure that was some of me not gaining. But since I didn't stop that until 12 weeks completed - I may have gone all the way through the first trimester without gaining weight. :LOL we will see!
Titus2fam's Avatar Titus2fam 06:43 PM 10-12-2005
I am very heavy and had worked REALLY HARD until the dizziness hit so hard. I hadn't gained anything, but I'm now up five pounds. (((((HUGS))))) sandi
wencit's Avatar wencit 06:50 PM 10-12-2005
I think I've gained about 8 pounds so far (16 weeks). My OB wanted me to gain roughly 10 pounds by the 20 week mark, so I think I should be OK, give or take a couple of pounds. I'm trying not to stress about gaining too much weight, but it is difficult at times!
aprilushka's Avatar aprilushka 07:02 PM 10-12-2005
4 pounds so far I think, more or less.
burke-a-bee's Avatar burke-a-bee 08:19 PM 10-12-2005
I started out at 5'5" 112 lbs.
Well at my last appointment (10 weeks), I had gained 12 lbs. But I had an appointment yesterday (15 weeks) and I had put on 2 more pounds. The first 12 weeks I ate whatever didn't make me feel sick and stayed in bed alot. Now I'm over it and am exercising regularly so I'm putting on less weight. Not intentionally. I was actually very surprised because I wake up twice a night for a snack and eat throughout the day. My measurements still put me at 1 to 1 1/2 weeks ahead so I'm not too worried.
Black Orchid 09:20 PM 10-12-2005
I have lost about 10 lbs. However, I am a bit overweight because I never lost the babyweight from my DD. I am 5'10 and I weigh about 180. I was about 190 when I found out I was pregnant. My "normal" weight is about 140... at least that was my WW goal.

I used to be extremely fit. I ran marathons and worked out daily before my DD. She was never a good sleeper and this pregnancy is kicking my butt with nausea, so I haven't been able to work out on the eliptical at all. I cannot wait until the 2nd tri!

Also, I'm following the Brewer's Diet for this pregnancy to keep from gaining as much as I did with my DD (80 lbs!!!!) Its helping me a lot so far!
Faithsmom's Avatar Faithsmom 10:03 PM 10-12-2005
So far I have lost 12 lbs. ... There is not much that appeals to me food wise even though I am vomiting way less now that I am 15 weeks. Everything smells gross and looks gross to me. I had hypermesis w/ DD and lost about the same amount of weight as w/ this pg even though my nausea wasn't as intense w/ this pg. Go figure. I am a bit overweight, so I'm not worried about it. My midwife didn't mention the 9 lb. weight loss since my last appt. so I'm assuming if she was concerned she would have said so.

I have been drinking a few "Instant Breakfast" powdered shakes w/ 1% milk a day to try and make up for the nutrients I am not getting through other food sources. I am still nursing DD (which I'm not sure if I actually have any milk left in there) so I think it's important to try and get protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals from somewhere. I'm really disliking any form of meat lately so I'm trying to get protein from other sources. Anyone else feel this way? If I actually cook the meat myself, I can't eat it. All I see is the raw meat on my pate. If someone else cooks it (not in my house, I can't SEE it at all) I can eat a bit. Strange....
PheobNFam's Avatar PheobNFam 11:15 PM 10-12-2005
I'm down 7 lbs since week 6 (I'm just about 14weeks now).
It's fine though. I haven't been sick. I've been eating pretty healthily. I do intend to eat a bit more often though. But i also started out with some extra baby weight I never lost from the last kiddo. So, I'm not lacking in the "extra pounds" area. :LOL
girl138's Avatar girl138 03:46 AM 10-13-2005
i'm 12 weeks now and up three pounds..

with Jordana I gained 40 pounds and I felt very comfortable with that, so I don't worry about weight much. I was back at my pre pregnancy weight within two months so I laugh at the reccomended 25-30.... i would probably always be hungry if i tried to stick to that.

my 12 week belly pic
lmonter's Avatar lmonter 05:50 AM 10-13-2005
Originally Posted by Tracyn
What is your weight gain (if you don't mind sharing).
-2 pounds.
I started at 188, I'm now 186 at almost 12 weeks.
I've been attempting to get to the gym at least 3 times a week (out of the 4 days I can go), but lately it's only been 2 times a week because something comes up. Ds is still nursing as well, and I have a hard enough time finding something that sounds yummy that I haven't even come close to gorging on anything. Although I'm planning to make puppy chow tomorrow, and it'll probably only last a few days at most.
With ds I started at 192 and went down to 184 by around 12ish weeks I think.

I'm already in maternity underwear, maternity jeans and nice stretchy fleece pants that are a size bigger than normal (mostly for the gym). Still wearing my regular bras and shirts though.
pfamilygal's Avatar pfamilygal 01:18 PM 10-13-2005
Down six - but I'm fat so it's okay. :LOL
KKmama's Avatar KKmama 02:21 PM 10-13-2005
I'm down at least 7 pounds still, I think. (Hyperemesis.) I'm pretty thin to begin with, but I'm not worried, because I know once I start feeling better, I'll have no problem gaining.

With ds2, I gained ~8 lbs. in a very short period of time during the first tri (when I was eating absolutely nothing, just like now). It felt like water (I felt puffy), and a skinny-mini childless OB at my clinic harassed me about it (I harassed right back).

With both boys, I gained at least 35 lbs, had large babies, sweated off an ungodly amount of water in the week or so after the birth, had only a few pounds left to lose ~2 weeks PP, and lost it all by 5 months. At this point, I kind of figure my body will do what it's going to do, no matter what "they" tell me it's supposed to do.

I know it can be hard to just go with the flow, but I think many of us (I'm raising my hand) do not have textbook lovely pregnancies with tiny little bumps on skinny little bodies. I think I look pretty good when I'm not pregnant, though, and I have great kids. Even though I don't particularly like being pregnant, I have a lot of respect for what my body can do now.
kyle98sean02's Avatar kyle98sean02 02:22 PM 10-13-2005
Ive lost 6 lbs since my first appointment, but I dont know what I weighed when I first got pregnant for a total. I think I would be down a few more if the zofran didnt have me so constipated all the time though. Nothing sounds good though and I have so many food aversions to anything meat or dairy its hard to find something to eat. I need to work harder though. You know I couldnt lose weight for anything before I was pregnant and now I cant gain it. Its kind of ironic. Its been a loooong time since I have been under 140.
KKmama's Avatar KKmama 02:34 PM 10-13-2005
Heather, I'm back on the Zofran (after a failed attempt with Phenergan), and I could have said EXACTLY THE SAME THING about it. I can't have dairy or eggs (Z is still nursing, and he can't have them), and I'm veg, and nothing sounds good. I think we should all have a big party when we all feel better...
liam's mom's Avatar liam's mom 03:04 PM 10-13-2005
i started off ~30lbs overweight. At my 11 week appt I had lost 7 lbs. My OB wasn't concerned at all, since baby is doing fine. I just had no appetite whatsoever, and when I did eat I had no desire for sweets. I have been eating much better than before pregnancy--my cravings are for healthy things at least three quarters of the time.

However, I am 13 weeks this weekend and my appetite is starting to return. So I don't anticipate staying at this weight much longer. I'm just going to keep eating as well as I can, and eating when I'm hungry, and going with that.
joliemama's Avatar joliemama 04:12 PM 10-13-2005
well right now, i'm 13 and 1/2 weeks ... i started off at my 1st apt. at 7 weeks, like most. 5'4" and at aprox. 125lbs. my at home scale said that i fluctuated between 123lbs and 118lbs. i went back at 10 weeks and i was about 119lbs. on my 12 week visit, i was 126lbs. so i really don't know. it's the nausea and everything ... very confusing. haha i didn't realize how wierd my weight has been until i wrote this all out lol.
mommabear's Avatar mommabear 07:36 PM 10-13-2005
I'm 5'8" and started off at 135lbs. Then I cut my hair (it was quite long) and lost 2 lbs. overnight -- I am totally not exaggerating! I am now around 134, but I am actually surprised -- I thought I was eating enough calorie dense food that I would have seen more of an increase by now; although, I have been quite nauseous and feeling averse to a lot until this point.

With ds I gained a total of 40 lbs, although I started off underweight (about 127), but lost all but the last 5 fairly quickly. I guess I don't really know what to expect. This time I have done almost no exercise (except a bit of yoga) due to my fatigue and concerns about m/c (my last pg I was walking really heavily, and although unrelated to my m/c it has stuck in my head, yk?). I started up at the gym last week with walking at a decent, but not fast, pace on the treadmill. With ds I was doing step classes and teaching yoga through the first trimester, so go figure!

Anyway, I am actually kind of curious about what my body is going to do this time (my own little science experiment!). I am trying to eat nutritiously (with a bit of room for sanity-saver indulgences!), and will take the exercise where my body wants to, but other than that, I am trying not to freak out too much with the impending weight gain. I would like to gain a bit less this time around (closer to 30-35lbs.) but will not get rigid with food or compulsive with exercise. I hope!
ecomommy's Avatar ecomommy 09:33 PM 10-13-2005
2.5 pounds as of Monday (11 weeks). ANd I'm actually quite proud of myself because for both of my other pregnancies I gained 12 pounds in the first trimester! And 45 and 50 pounds total! I really, really, really don't want to go through having to lose so much weight again. I had almost gotten done to pre-2nd pregnancy weight before getting pregnant this time! BUt I'm not trying to diet or anything. I'm eating very healthy and I think that's also helped m/s this time. I'm trying not to obsess about weight gain. I'm aiming for around 30 pounds this time.
magmamaof3's Avatar magmamaof3 11:33 PM 10-13-2005
14 weeks and 3 days and I have gained 6 lbs Which I am so happy about because in my past 3 pregnancys I would have already gained about 15 to 20lbs. I usually gain 60 to 80 lbs when I am pregnant..........not sure why....... I always get screamed at by my husband, ob, midwifes for not eating and yet I gain so much. I recently found out the I have thyroid problems and was told that that may have been the reason for the extreme weight gain so with the synthroid I am taking I am hoping I will be able to keep my weight under control this time around.
azzuranotte's Avatar azzuranotte 05:57 PM 10-14-2005
33lbs between me and DH in 12 weeks. He's got 30, I've got 3.
mommabear's Avatar mommabear 08:22 PM 10-14-2005
Originally Posted by azzuranotte
33lbs between me and DH in 12 weeks. He's got 30, I've got 3.

eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 04:01 AM 10-15-2005
I'm at about negative 27, but I'm a fat person. I tend to lose weight steadily until about 18 weeks, then gain it back slowly until the end. This time, for the first time ever I gained weight between implantation and the onset of severe morning sickness-- a solid 12 pounds, maybe more (I can't remember right now). I lost it all and then some, and now I'm down to my pre-BeanBean weight of 220. :LOL
hairpin's Avatar hairpin 07:49 AM 10-15-2005
Yikes... I've gained about 13 pounds. I ate so much during the first trimester cause it was the only thing that kept me from being sick.

I'm trying to eat less now, but I'll probably have to learn some more discipline.
she's Avatar she 02:33 PM 10-15-2005
@ 12 weeks, I've gained ~10lbs, which I'm happy with since I started out underweight. I've now got my butt back, which is nice, I can fill out my jeans again...

gained ~35 lbs with DD
ktkb's Avatar ktkb 08:39 PM 10-16-2005
At 14w4d was up 8lbs. Yikes! And I don't even feel like I am eating all that much, although some days it feels like 50% of that is peanut butter.

But I started out underweight. Now I am -2 lbs from where I started with pg #1. OB is happy...I am sure he wouldn't object if I put on 40 lbs--if 30 (plus an additional 10) came off in 2 months nursing ONE, I assume nursing TWO would be, um, interesting in that regard. :LOL
thirdchild's Avatar thirdchild 09:54 PM 10-16-2005
I have put on about 4 lbs so far (I am 15 weeks as of tomorrow). I didn't gain anything the first 12 weeks but now I'm starting to put on. with my other two children I gained 50 lbs (52lb for my second) and I really, really hope not to do that this time, since I am 20 lbs over what I was with my son! But as long as I'm eating right (or semi-right! LOL) and trying to get some exercise in if I put on 50 lbs I guess that's life
FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 10:16 PM 10-16-2005
I'm 5'6" and at 8 weeks I was 125lbs and then was up to 127lbs by week 12. I lost a little while nausea hit. I feel like I will probably gain about 6lbs more by my next appt. at 17 wks atleast. I'm not worried about too much weight, I eat really healthy and am active on my farm. My midwife actually wants me to gain a good amount of weight (40lbs) so that I don't become too thin when I nurse. :LOL We'll see what happens. I might surprise myself. I've never been heavier than 146lbs.

aweynsayl's Avatar aweynsayl 05:51 PM 10-17-2005
I gained 10 lbs RIGHT away.... but I really think I was below where my body really prefers being anyway, and used the baby as an excuse to get there....


After that, I gained like 3 lbs at my next one... my 16 weeker is today, so I'll let you know tonight!
ZenMamaJen's Avatar ZenMamaJen 01:00 AM 10-18-2005
Too much...how discouraging.

But I'm hoping it will slow down, as I'm eating better and feel like exercising again. Nothing big, just walking with dd and one of our dogs.
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