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I was looking at reviews of baby gear on another site, and I came across this device called the BabyPlus. It's an audio system that you wear on your belly for two hours every day, and it plays sounds that are supposed to provide stimulation and learning opportunities for babies while in the womb. According to the testimonials, using this device leads to calmer, happier babies that learn faster and can handle transatlantic flights with ease
When I showed my DH the description, he said it would be better to let the baby rest for a few months! I see his point.
Notwithstanding overpriced gimmicks such as the BabyPlus, do you think it's a good idea to provide prenatal stimulation? Wouldn't tapping on my belly and having me and DH talk and sing into my belly be just as good (if not better) than the BabyPlus? What about strapping headphones to my belly?

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Well, first off, the baby can't hear yet, so it woudl FOR SURE be a waste of money! (I thinkit's not til the 6th or 7th month that they can hear? Someone correct me if I'm wrong here...) Second, I think it is plain silly! I think that there is just WAY to much emphasis put on having our kids excell. Yes, we DO want the best for your kids, but I just think that kids are pushed WAY too hard these days and I feel sorry for them! They can't really be KIDS anymore! I DID listen to Mozart in my car while I was pregnant, but hey, I am a Mozart freak and pretty much listen to him anyway! LOL

Just my opinion - take it for what it's worth!! LOL


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Just a word of caution, if baby starts really flipping around in there that is not always a good thing. When I was pregnant with my son, anytime I put headphones on my belly he would go beserk rolling all around and kicking me. I thought it was cool until I mentioned it to my midwife and she said that could be a problem and cause the cord to get tangled. I know it is probably a long shot, but it made sense to me.
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you gotta wonder how loud something like music on your belly is to the baby too? how about if you are making the poor kid deaf!! there is no need for prenatal stimulation. they are working really hard at growing and connecting nurons for goodness sake. i think things like calming music have a good affect because it relaxes Momma not because it does anything extra special for the baby.

fun ways to stimulate or interact with baby is poking your belly and watching him/her poke you back. i cant wait to be that far along.

my vote is waist of money. and has anyone seen that video of a baby in utero that is crying because of the ultrasound?? it was so sad!

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I say waste of money. Just talk to & love your baby. Think happy thoughts. I'm sure that's stimulation enough for those in-utero. Otherwise we would have come with a plug for headsets.

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Yeah - too loud in there would be a bad thing I would think.

Though one thing I have heard that is interesting...if you have a song you sing while you are pregnant, it is supposed to do wonders for calming a fussy babe after birth. Apparently they will recognize it. I thought that was an awesome idea - a good trick to have in your bag. I am planning on picking out a piece of classical to listen to every day, since I don't sing so much. But just listening to it on the stereo - no headphones on the belly.

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My kids have both recognized music that they heard in utero once they were out, but I never strapped headphones to my belly. The fact is, the baby can only hear certain frequencies while they're in the womb, and the thing that it can hear most clearly is mamma's voice. If you really want your kid to hear music, sing to him!

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24 weeks is when it is believed that baby's can hear in utero.

I second everyone... talk to your baby, read to your baby. Some music exposure is good, especially, in my opinion, if it moves you and makes you feel good. But a system?
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I've read that they can hear as early as 20 weeks, and I've also heard recordings that were made in the womb and it's amazing how clear music is! They were playing Beethoven, and it was just slightly muffled, but clearly recognizable. Speech sounds like Charlie Brown's mom. You don't need headphones on your belly, just listen to music yourself.

By the way, as a music teacher, I encourage everyone to sing to their babies. No matter how badly you think you sing!!! "Musical talent" is overrated. The key to musical ability is simply early childhood experiences with music and nursery rhymes (i.e. singing/dancing with parents or community), which many Caucasian children (in my experience teaching) don't get.

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