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Stayathomemommy's Avatar Stayathomemommy 12:46 AM 12-02-2005
Seems like emotions are starting to flare around here! On the boards i mean. but hey they are here at my house too. my hubby wont discuss much about baby just listens and then thats the end of the conversation. he tells me how he is excited about the baby and always asks how his son is doing in there but when i bring up names, circumcision, ect... he listens and then acts a lot like a brick wall!! my crazy hormones do not help because i just keep pushing.

do any of your DH's do their own research about baby issues?? i know my DH will research for a month and talk non stop about the new hunting pants he really wants. but if i bring up circ more then a couple of times then i am just annoying?? AHH!!!

Sadiebug's Avatar Sadiebug 12:58 AM 12-02-2005
I wouldn't say I'm getting short tempered, but with every sappy commercial I start to cry like a baby.(no pun intended lol) Since its the holidays its very hard to not make my mascara run most days. Its horriable and my husbnad justs laughs at me and then i have to laugh too because I know its just silly.
AllisonK's Avatar AllisonK 01:43 AM 12-02-2005
Me too! I am normally pretty emotional, I don't try to hide anything. But lately it is so much worse. I cry at the stupidest things and then I cry because I am crying and it is silly.
I agree that some of the threads have been pretty hormonal too.
adinal's Avatar adinal 02:31 AM 12-02-2005

I hve a quick reaction time these days. I am trying to phrase everything very very gently so as not to similarly piss off those with an equally quick reaction time. But it is only very specific things that piss me off currently - and they are the same thing that get me when I am not pg...just not as fast or as bad.

DH doesn't research anything on his own - fortunately he trust me to do so - so no worries there.

And of course I am paranoid.. I think everyone means I have been short tempered and hormonal! Which is true, so I guess it isn't paranoia...
nighten's Avatar nighten 03:40 AM 12-02-2005
Oh I've been awful! It's mainly just overreacting in general -- bad, good, whatever. I'm an emotional megaphone these days. And the guilt following times of lashing out or mouthing off...oh dear. It ain't pretty.

DH doesn't do any research and that secretly upsets me a little sometimes -- he trusts me to only I wish he would be a little more motivated on his own.

But he's probably afraid I'll chew his head off if he finds info that I disagree with *laughs* Poor thing. He's the only one to escape most of my moodiness.

I did tell him that he'd have to not just read but learn the info in the birthing book. And ever so often I just sort of move it a little on the table. That seems to help.

Have you tried printing out research on circ and leaving it where he'll see it? Not the subtlest of tactics but it might work. I think men don't get the whole really having a baby thing until it's crowning....
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 06:50 PM 12-05-2005
This is me all over. Everything makes me fly into a rage or burst into tears. I hate myself today, I just can't take it.
hairpin's Avatar hairpin 07:02 PM 12-05-2005
Oh no, Rynna... Maybe a fluffy bubble bath would be good? Some days we're just hormonal and there's not much you can do but ride the wave. Things will get better though.

nighten's Avatar nighten 01:39 AM 12-06-2005
*gives Rynna a hug*

It was a bad day for me too. It's over now though Tomorrow will be better!
Genia's Avatar Genia 11:27 AM 12-06-2005

New to the list and to in general. Very glad to have been directed here. VERY glad to hear you all commenting on emotional/hormonal waves. Usually I'm really even tempered - not lately. haven't been able to deal with stress. It's like the real me is watching the pregnant me and shaking her head saying "get a hold of yourself, girl!" I know it was like this last time too but its little consolation when every time my partner is in a bad mood I'm SURE that our marriage is doomed. A little extreme to say the least...

2+twins's Avatar 2+twins 02:03 PM 12-06-2005
I'm queen of emotions these days as well. My older dd's bday was the other day and I had this nice little mother-daughter day all planned out. I was gonna take her to the mall to one of those little girl stores where they do your hair & makeup (yes, way to advanced for my 5 yo but she always points it out and I had promised I'd take her for her bday) and then shop for her xmas dress. So that morning arrives and I tell her that we're going to do that and first she says she wants me to stay home with younger dd and she wants daddy to take her (ouch!) and then she goes on to say that she doesn't want to go at all, that they'll make her hair "freak out" (I don't know where she gets this stuff) and they'll make her look really weird. Nothing I said helped and eventually I said, while trying to conceal my tears, that if she didn't want to go then she didn't have to. Dh was still asleep in bed so I ran back to him, jumped in bed and started sobbing. Of course the girls followed me in and I didn't want to make it seem like this day was all about *me* so I asked him to get them out so I could be alone for awhile. So finally I compose myself and come back out to make her happy bday breakfast, which is traditionally pancakes w/blueberries & whipped cream on top. We're short of pancake mix though (which I didn't realize when I bought everything else for it the night before) and dd hears this. She says she doesn't want pancakes then - she'll just have waffles. I'm like, "we still need to run to the store to buy the mix" and she says then she just wants cereal and yogurt. Again I break into tears and have to leave the room. I felt horribly rejected. I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't pg I wouldn't have been so hurt by her typical child-like behavior. So I went to the mall alone, crying on and off the whole way there. I'm a dork.

On the dh thing - my dh never researches anything. I do it and tell him how I want to do things. We've had small disagreements here or there, but I don't think he's up for fighting for his unresearched stance b/c I've always gotten my way w/o much effort at all. Circ was an issue when I was pg with my first and we didn't find out she was a girl until she was born. But basically we took Bradley classes, I learned about it there, said I wouldn't be doing that, he gave the typical "he'll look different" arguement, but it wouldn't have gone further than that. Like I said, I just don't think he's up for the fight.
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 07:01 AM 12-07-2005
Well, today was definately better. Not fabulous, but better. I read an article at my mom's house from a crappy magazine which I normally wouldn't touch, and I sobbed like a baby. This crying thing is almost as bad as the mean-mommy thing.
BetsyPage's Avatar BetsyPage 10:33 PM 12-07-2005
I'm extremely hormonal. "not so big" problems seem overwhelming and paralyzing for a minute, then suddenly "oh I can handle them, no big deal." Doesn't take much to get my crying, either happy or sad. Thankfully dh is very understanding, and will reassure me, don't worry, I know it's because you're pregnant.