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We've been on pins and needles for so long about both our jobs, I'm used to it, but I'm also used to not hearing anything REAL.

Just did.

Our plans to move after Baby is born just got bumped up from "oh, maybe late summer or fall or something" to... "um, as soon as possible after the baby is born..."

Anyhow-- as soon as I heard that, I of course started major cramping.

Ack! Off to smell some wine.....

Really, it's happy news, but at the same time... moving with a 1-3 month old? Ack.
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Well, it did suck to move when ds was a 1-4 weeks old (we closed on the house with him in the infant car seat on the table). My mom packed up a bunch of stuff for us, and it took me a year to find my extra razor refills (they were in the bathroom in our apartment, they ended up in a candle-filled box in our basement here in the house). So while she did really help at the time, I had no clue where anything was.

But, that was also before he learned to latch properly (I pumped and pumped so he only got breastmilk till he latched, but it still wasn't fun) *and* I hadn't discovered the wonderful world of slings/mei tais/etc. If I'd been able to stick him in a sling with a boob right there it probably would've been lots easier.

Besides, won't your mom be around right after the baby's born? Could you put her to work packing up extraneous things?


Wife to an amazing hubby, mother hen to four chicken3.gif 
(If you're curious, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010, and yes, it's a busy house)
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gnar gnar! moving is always a PITA! Sending you lots of love & energy <3

Wife to my of 10 years, SAHM to my 2 beautiful homebirthed girls Sydney (4/29/2006) Kennedy (3/21/2010) & 1 super Newfoundland
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You can do it. It won't be fun, but it's managable.

We knew we were moving to Europe in mid-Sept for my DH's studies. We had no neither family nor friends there. All of our stateside stuff needed to be placed in storage, house packed up and separated into what we were carrying with us and what staying. DS was born on August 1. On August 14 I had gall bladder surgery for gallstones discovered at 37 weeks preggo. On August 21 DS (yes, 3 weeks old) and I flew to stay with my folks while DH packed the house and flew on to Germany with our cat. 2 weeks later DS at 5 weeks old, myself, and our 80 pound dog boarded a plane ALONE in Boston bound for Berlin, Germany. DH met us on the other side of customs.

For a very long time our friends used our adventure as a yardstick, as in; "Well at least I'm not moving across the ocean to a foreign country where I don't know anyone, barely speak the language, with a brand new baby, a cat and a dog. Whew!"

You'll survive, I promise. And someday you'll feel good about how much you were able to accomplish because it was what needed to be done.
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Hugs. I'm sure it's overwhelming to think about, but once you break it down into tasks to be done you'll get right through them one at a time.
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chiming in from may - we moved into our house when DD was 2 months old and I have to say it was easy - easier than it will be this summer when she's 4 LOL! She slept for the most part.

But moving is a PAIN anyway. God luck to you!
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good luck with the move, we moved from utah to chicago when my ds was about 5 wks old. we drove my car from there it was just me and my mom, at the tmie hubby was in the air force so he had to go off to texas, we had packed our apt up and left all of our stuff in utah so that when dh got done with his training in texas he was gonna bring the stuff to IL

babies are pretty easy to move with they sleep alot, of course you may not feel too up to it though

good luck!!
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moosemommy You can do it! Do you have friends and family around that can help you pack? If you have some extra nesting energy right now (I know I do ) maybe you could go through any areas that have extra clutter or are disorganized to make the actual moving process easier. Maybe you could make a list of what basic items you need to have available and pack those separately, then deal with the unpacking of everything els until you feel more ready. With a good sling/carrier for holding your little one and some help packing you can definitely make it through it ok. Just think of it as an adventure I'm sorry you are having this stress right now!

mama to a sweet girl , & 4 silly boys

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I'm not sure which is worse really, moving while pregnant or moving with a little one.

My good friend is 4 months pregnant and had ONE MONTH NOTICE (from DH's job) to move all of her and her DH's stuff into storage, garage sales, etc. because they are moving to INDONESIA for his job.

She had to figure out how to send the cats there, basically get rid of all her stuff, give away her pet bunnies, and has to change doctors/hospital/etc. in the middle of the pregnancy. she can only take 2 suitcases.

Because Jakarta has issues with blood safety, she will have to have her baby in Singapore. This means a 1 hr. flight and overnight stay for each prenatal appt, and her staying in singapore (without DH) for the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy! It really SUCKS. Stepmom is coming to stay with her during that time, but I just can't imagine that situation. Its their first baby, and she feels so overwhelmed with everything. That would be like me leaving NOW for 6 weeks without DH. I can't imagine that as we are spending so much bonding time right now at birth class, hypnobirthing class, and at home getting ready for the little one.

I think in her case, moving after the baby makes more sense. She's a trooper though, and I know it will all work out.


mama to Milena Anjali (4/26/06) and Vincent Asher (4/13/09) ~ married to the love of my life since 2002.
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OHMY! That is *insane*. Wow. Hugs to her!!!!! Suddenly, I feel *just fine*.

Yes! mom is coming for the birth. good point. She may be put to work painting her room while she's here.

A packing party is something DH had already suggested..... I've never moved with STUFF (when we moved here from Chicago after college, we sold all our college crap-- part of the morphing process! ). I bet MIL, who is a PRO mover will come help too. It's one of those things, though, that USUALLY, I would manage and take care of, while DH does his thing..... this time, he's gonna be in charge! Which, now that I think about it.... most likely DOES mean MIL coming to help.

I *wish* I had ANY nesting energy!!! I realized that my mws are gonna want to see the car seat in the car next week..... guess I'd better wash the cover and think about making DH install it.....

Thanks gals! You all rock.
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