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Stayathomemommy's Avatar Stayathomemommy 12:41 AM 03-09-2006
well i was having a side/back ache two days ago that with some rest went away. then came back yesterday even worse. i noticed blood in my urine so when the side pain got really bad i called the midwife and she had me go into labor and delivery for a urinalisis. meantime they put me in a hospital gown (yuck!) and hooked me up to monitors (double yuck!) i was having contractions a bunch by that time. the pain and the stress of being in the hospital probably. anyway there was no bacteria in my urine so that ruled out a UTI they did a renal ultrasound on my kidney and found them to be extremely inflamed but it didnt detect a stone. they think it was either there and the u/s didnt pick it up or it was in the process of passing. the pain was so bad i would have rather been in labor!! (well if it wernt for the fact i am only 34 weeks) so they discussed pain releaf and stopping the contractions with tributaline. i declined the tributaline because they said i wasnt more then 1cm which i am pretty sure i have been at for a month or so. i figured if i could just go lay down at home and get the pain taken care of the contractions would stop. they wanted me to take morphine, which i know nothing about, i asked for a lesser drug and they gave me demoral. i wasnt sure about that either and felt so bad taking one but i didnt know how i would get through the night.

Anyway 5 hours later i went home, the demoral never worked except to make me start vomiting all night. i refused to take anymore so i was up, exsausted, starving and in bad pain all night. i managed to drift off for an hour or so. this morning my husband went to work and my saint of a mother came and took care of me and the kiddos all day. i slept from 9am-4pm on and off and finally the pain is a dull ache. WHAT DRAMA!!!! I have no clue if the stone has passed or if in a couple days the pain will be back. Prayers would be so helpful!!

Anyone delt with kidney stones before?? dont know what to watch for or to expect.

2+twins's Avatar 2+twins 02:23 AM 03-09-2006
My dh had 2 kidney stones (at a time) about a year & a half ago, so I can tell you about that. The way it happened for him was that he started getting an ache in his back I guess and kinda thought something was wrong but tried not to think too much about it. Within an hour or so he was doubled over in pain and eventually on the ground begging the idiot at the car dealership to call an ambulance. They found blood in his urine and confirmed that there were 2 small stones in there. They doped him up for pain and he did eventually pass both stones but I don't think he ever saw either one. They said to look for something the size of a grain of sand! He couldn't believe that something so small could cause so much pain. The bulk of the pain seemed to be from the stones trip down the tubes between the bladder and the urethra (ureters maybe?). He didn't notice when he actually passed the stones - the pain just kinda went away. He did forbid me from having any more kids when that happened though (HA!) just b/c if the pain is anything like that then he didn't want me going through it. Sweet in a way I guess. I'm sorry you've had to deal with this, especially at a time like this!
Titus2fam's Avatar Titus2fam 07:57 AM 03-09-2006
(((((Stayathomemommy))))) I am sooo sorry you had to go through this! I understand the pain, frustration, and worry after my appendix ruptured (~although I was all too happy to get morphine at the time.) I hope it's over! PLEASE keep us posted! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
newbelly2006's Avatar newbelly2006 10:45 AM 03-09-2006
OH I do understand your pain. I passed a couple of gallstones at 37 weeks pregnant 3.5 years ago. Each attack was so much worse than my 18 hour posterior labor with DS. They told me at the time that I could take some Anexia (oral pain meds) and other than that, beg the baby to come out. When I delivered, they had an anesthesiologist on hand the whole time because no one had any idea whether the stress of lbaor would provoke another attack or not (it didn't). I had surgery to remove the gallbladder 2 weeks post delivery.

I know you don't want the pain meds, but don't be a hero. Take what you need to get through. The last thing you need right now is to go into this birth--be it at home or at the hospital--fatigued and in pain.

I hope that the stone is gone and all that lies before you now is the birth you want. Fingers crossed that you make it to 37 weeks!
pfamilygal's Avatar pfamilygal 01:46 PM 03-09-2006
I've had kidney stones every pregnancy. Only 2 this time, so woo hoo! Yes, they suck. Don't be a hero. Take the meds they give you and drink, drink, drink. They can give you nausea meds if you need them. Don't let yourself get dehydrated or you will end up in labor. Plus it will take even longer to pass the stone. I passed a 4 mm stone about 6 wks ago. It totally ticks you off to see how tiny the stones are, but you have to remember that they are crystals, so they are sharp and scratch the heck out of your ureters. Also, the diameter of your ureter is half a mm. So a 2-3 mm stone is still 4-6 times the diameter of the ureter. Oy! Hang in there.
nighten's Avatar nighten 02:16 PM 03-09-2006
Holy crap -- that sucks! I hope you're feeling better. I've never had kidney stones but I've heard they're horrible. Bless your heart!
tayndrewsmama's Avatar tayndrewsmama 02:25 PM 03-09-2006
I saw this on the New Post list. I had what they refered to as "piles" of kidney stones when I was 6 months pregnant with ds. I had to have surgery for them. I know it's not ideal, but has anyone considered that?? Be very careful to observe anything that feels odd. As mentioned before, drink TONS of water too!! I couldn't possibly see how anyone could get through this without the pain meds though. That was the only time I was ever in so much pain that I was throwing up, except for migraines.

I think if the pain is subsiding, you may have passed it, OR it could just be resting in one place. You don't feel the severe pain unless it's actively moving.

: I hope you feel better soon!!!
Stayathomemommy's Avatar Stayathomemommy 06:22 PM 03-09-2006
thanks for all the posts. the pain has subsided so i am hoping hoping that it means the stone is gone!! it better not have just stopped half way down! oh brother! but at least i know i will live through it. time, sleep and a lot of water seem to be doing the trick and the contractions are back to normal BH now.

dont you agree that pregnant woman just shouldnt have to get sick. it should be a rule! when we are pregnant we have enough going on.

thank you all for your posts and info on kidney stones.
tayndrewsmama's Avatar tayndrewsmama 06:31 PM 03-09-2006
Originally Posted by Stayathomemommy
dont you agree that pregnant woman just shouldnt have to get sick. it should be a rule! when we are pregnant we have enough going on.
I completely agree with you!!! However, it seems to me that there are some other forces at work out there don't always agree. The only reason we stopped at two is because I have colitis and another pregnancy for me has the potential to be deadly. Although that totally stinks, I am forever greatful for the two I have.