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You would think since this is my fourth pregnancy that I would of remembered to take my engagement ring and wedding band off before I got to puffy.... well no!

For over a week, I tried everything to get my rings off. First thing in the morning, cooling my hand in very cold water, lots of lotion,grease,oil and was going to try binding down my finger with a silk ribbon (kind of like a corset KWIM?) but I fiddled with my finger so much that it got inflamed and my rings wouldn't budge! (this happened last friday)
I stopped by the fire station (a minute away from my house) but they were worried of hurting me while cutting it off, so I went to the jewellers.

It's a weird thing to be sitting in the middle of a jewelry store, surrounded by couples picking out their engagement rings, while getting mine cut off my puffy pregnant finger! I wanted to cry, but I reasoned myself to not be such a baby infront of all these happy (un-pufffy) couples, so I cried once I was out of the store with my deformed rings in a little plastic baggie.

Well, at least I can laugh about it now...a week later!

Hope nobody else has to get their rings cut off!
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Awwww . I got mine off just in time. My finger is still dented and I havent had it on in almost 2 weeks.
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When I saw my mw yesterday she wanted to know how the ring was fitting and told me to keep an eagle eye on it b/c it could go from fitting one day to stuck the next. So far so good...part of me thinks I should be proactive and just put it on a chain now while it's not an issue. The contrary side of my nature says it looks pretty on my hand and I just want to wear it! Guess I'll have to come back here and post one of these : if it ends up stuck

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PinkPixie, I had my rings cut off on Wednesday. I also tried all the things you did, including Windex. I soaked my hand in ice water, blah blah blah. Nothing worked, and I found my hands extra swollen on Wednesday. It wasn't hurting me, but I figured I had better get it removed before it did start to cut off my circulation.

I wasn't sad about it until I saw the rings afterward. I know they can be repaired, but it still makes me sad that I cannot even wear them around my neck.
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Oh, that's terrible . I took mine off in the *first trimester* because I already was swelling and obviously retaining water.. and I was totally terrified of this happening. I'm *amazed* there are still people out there at this time with their rings on! Perhaps you got lucky with the water retention. (well, the ones that didn't need to get them cut off )

I'll be so happy to put them back on after the fact. I really miss wearing my ring, more than I thought.
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I think mine are going that way too, glad to hear I'm not the only one though!
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Mine have been totally fine until this morning when I woke up and my band's a little snug, so I think am gonna take it off this afternoon. It's an antique set -- I don't want to have to get it cut. Eep!

DH bought me a pretty diamond band as a thank you and I'm sorry you had to be the one to carry the bean present, and it's a tiny bit bigger sized than my wedding set, and has been tucked behind my band, but it's still loose enough to be comfy so I'm gonna wear it instead. He's an absolute gem.

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Oh, you poor ladies! I feel so bad for you! My DH works in a freezer, so his ring kept sliding off and mine needed repaired, so I took his over. Now it was too tight and it made me itchy for some reason? But he surprised me. I checked our answering machine and he had mine repaired And sized up to fit me now. I feel naked w/o a ring. He told me he would size it back down when I'm ready. Hes so sweet!
My mom had her rings cut off in her pg w/ me. She showed me the mark where my dad welded it back together, so cute.

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I had a panic-y moment the other day when I was having a HARD time getting them off. However, I mostly am not having a problem. It can TOTALLY sneak up on you though, so I'm wondering if I shouldn't follow the signs of them getting really stuck once, and stop wearing them for the time being....

but I feel weird being out in public huge pregnant with no ring.... not that there's anything wrong with being a single mother, but I just feel so connected to my rings, etc.

its hard to think of not wearing them.....

I always take mine off at night now for this reason though.....


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Damn, when I read your post I decided to take mine off, and I can't get my wedding band off!!! So I'm *hoping* my hands won't swell any more so I can just leave it on... It would really suck to have to have it cut off, but I suppose I would survive.

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I took mine off about two weeks ago when I had a hard time getting off. Put it on a chain. I would be heartbroken if I had to cut it off - DH and I designed ours, they are one of a kind, and the jeweler who made them is back in Colorado - so I couldn't get it fixed. So I have had it around my neck for a little bit, which is good - cause with the move and the painting and all my fingers are a bit swollen.

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Thanks so much for posting this, my rings had started to feel a bit tight but I hadn't acted and I took them off after reading your post... they barely came off! It's very strange not wearing them, I don't like it, but my fingers are so swollen! I didn't have any swelling with DS, I don't like this swelling at all, my ankles are also swollen. Blah.
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