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Rachel Rose McRae N. 8 100.00%
Catarina (or Katarina) Rose McRae N. 21 100.00%
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April 2006 > Another poll for names....
JefsJen's Avatar JefsJen 09:10 PM 03-24-2006
We are having our first girl, after 3 boys. Now I have a problem with picking a name that DH and I actually agree on. We had one for years, since we never used it. But I am very tired of it and it is too common for my tastes these days. are my new picks.

Please tell me what you honestly think. Since my DH is no help and I might just end up naming her all by myself.

Girl Named Sandoz's Avatar Girl Named Sandoz 09:20 PM 03-24-2006

My name is Katharina (pronounced like Katarina, the h is silent in German) and I it! I get many compliments on my name
JefsJen's Avatar JefsJen 10:23 PM 03-24-2006
SMOOTH, thanks!
FreeSpiritMama's Avatar FreeSpiritMama 08:45 AM 03-25-2006
Katarina beautiful name
Hollycrand's Avatar Hollycrand 05:20 PM 03-25-2006
Catarina is such a beautiful name, and such a beautiful spelling...

(if you look at my signature, you'll see that our dd's name is CATARINA).
Everybody spells it incorrectly (with a K, or with an 'e'), but it really is a beautiful name.
Nice opportunities for nicknames too: I was favouring Katie until dd started calling herself 'Nina'. It has stuck, so Nina it is!

I like the second name too...we've chosen the same second name 'Rose' for our little one as well!
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 06:01 PM 03-25-2006
I would definitey go w/ Katarina! I know an awesome, awesome mama named Katarina. The name is so beautiful.
nonniecita's Avatar nonniecita 06:43 PM 03-25-2006
Okay, I like Rachel Rose (Rachel was my grandmother's name so I may be partial.) I kinda wish I'd named my dd Rachel. I think it comes off the tongue better.
JefsJen's Avatar JefsJen 02:37 AM 03-26-2006
LOL thanks girls. But guess what? DH told me that her name IS Rachel Rose McRae. No changing it. LOL I like Catarina...but, what can I do. My dad bought and painted the letters to hang over her crib...and they spell RACHEL. So I guess after all that work, I will have to leave it like it is. Fine by me, really. I am the one that wants to put the Rose in there. My fav aunt's name is Rosanne and I thought it would be a nice thing to do for her. Don't you?

I appreciate all of your opinions. (hugs)