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April 2006 > How many weeks when you dropped?
kate.first.babe's Avatar kate.first.babe 10:28 PM 03-29-2006
I had my 36 week visit today and I was thinking maybe I had dropped. I carry fairly low so I wasn't totally sure, but I pee a lot lately and I'm feeling all sorts of interesting things down there. My Dr. said the head was down, but not yet engaged. So, I guess I have still more new lovely sensations to look forward to. Anyway, just curious, what's the normal time to drop?

nighten's Avatar nighten 10:52 PM 03-29-2006
Some women drop when labor hits (especially if this is a subsequent pg I think). Some drop weeks in advance -- I dropped weeks ago and yet here I am still fat ginormous and miserable, so I'm not sure it really means anything, when you drop.